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====Ongoing tasks====
====Ongoing tasks====
*Moving files to proper filenames, the same as Junior Admins.
*Moving files to proper filenames, the same as Junior Admins.
*Getting rid of these: [[:Category:Advanced Generation screenshots]]
*Deleting unused files (mostly .jpgs)
*Deleting unused files (mostly .jpgs)
[[Category:Bulbagarden Archives|{{PAGENAME}}]]
[[Category:Bulbagarden Archives|{{PAGENAME}}]]
[[Category:Archives guidelines|{{PAGENAME}}]]
[[Category:Archives guidelines|{{PAGENAME}}]]

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The following is a to-do list for Bulbagarden Archives. Higher powers are allowed the tasks of those below them in power. If you have any suggestions or tasks to add, please bring them up on the talk page.

Regular users

  • Upload, upload, upload!

Current tasks

  • Upload animated menu sprites for Generation V: e.g. Ani649MS.png
  • The format for uploading is:


  • .gifs can be converted to animated .png using this tool

Ongoing tasks

  • Upload all Black and White images (e.g. File:Spr 5b 151.png, File:Spr b g5 135 s.png)
    • Upload over the current sprites to show Black and White unanimated images (e.g. File:081 s.png)
    • Upload all missing sprites
  • Upload png replacements of anime jpgs (do not forget to input the {{delete}} template into the file to notify administrators
  • Upload png replacements of manga jpgs
  • Upload transparent or flipped images as needed, or request them by inputting the {{Transparency needed}} template or {{Flip needed}} template, respectively, if you don't have them
  • Categorize, and add proper licensing to all files
  • Request better images that don't fit any of the above requirements through the {{bad image}} template
  • Request movement of images through the {{move}} template
  • Request deletion of images through the {{delete}} template. Ensure the said images on Bulbapedia and/or Bulbanews are properly fixed or removed before doing this.
  • Fix the images on the TCG such that they go in the proper category (this category is for non-card images, whereas this is for the cards only) by use of the correct licensing (non-card vs. this)
  • Upload TCG images properly (do not upload any Farfetch'd or Ho-Oh images due to non-alphanumeric characters, for others, remove the non-alphanumeric character in question)
  • Welcome users that have contributed in some way beneficial to the Archives with the {{welcome}} template (do not forget to put it in this format: {{subst:welcome}})

Junior admins

  • Move images (do not forget to remove the {{move}} template and ensure the images are properly fixed on Bulbapedia and/or Bulbanews

Ongoing tasks

  • Moving images to standard file naming notation, from .PNG to .png, etc
Using proper file names
Removing non-alphanumeric characters
Meaningful filenames


Ongoing tasks

  • Moving files to proper filenames, the same as Junior Admins.
  • Deleting unused files (mostly .jpgs)