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BBF Cadellinman

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Title: The Final Showdown
Author: Cadellinman

The Crowd roared with anticipation as I reached the front of the arena. 8 Badges, and hundreds of miles of forests and mountains had finally brought me to this final showdown- The Pokémon League. My team had fought hard, and there were still three of them left standing after the Elite four. I raised my head to the cheering audience as I stepped onto the platform, and turned to face my enemy.

Now the only thing that lay between me and the realization of my dream was the champion, Steven, and his team of Pokémon. He glanced at the giant scoreboards above us, and eyed my team’s stats carefully. “It looks like you are down to three Pokémon” he acknowledged. I nodded, lowering my eyebrows with annoyance. He smiled coyly, and looked away.“I can beat you with just three of my own, kid.” I snarled with frustration. “Come on then!” my hand flew to my belt.

The commentator’s voice rang out across the arena. “LET THE MATCH BEGIN!!!!

I grabbed the first of my Poke balls and hurled it into the arena. “GO, Tyranitar!!” Steven’s face flashed with absolute dismay as a fully grown Tyranitar roared before him, nearly 8 feet tall. His calculating look glanced at the board above him, registering the types. He picked up a Pokéball, and almost half heartedly tossed it into the arena. He shouted “Go, Armaldo!” I winced as I realised- Tyranitar would be weak against any bug moves that Armaldo used.

“USE EARTHQUAKE!!” I yelled, and Tyranitar immediately jumped upwards, some 20ft into the air. The crowd’s eyes widened as Tyranitar spiralled and crashed downwards, his feet slamming into the arena floor. Cracks exploded into view, zigzagging towards Armaldo. He was knocked over by the sheer force of the blow, smashing his head against the sharp rocks behind him. With the dexterity of a dancer, Tyranitar flipped back up into a ready stance, his eyes constantly on his opponent.

Steven eyed the damage nervously. He quickly recovered his expression and snarled “FURY CUTTER!” Armaldo’s eyes narrowed and then, jumped forwards, sailing through the air towards Tyranitar. “Dodge it” I shouted with anxiety as he grew closer. Tyranitar turned sideways, and it appeared as though Armaldo had missed him, whooshing past him in a frenzy of claws. Delight spread across Tyrnaitar’s face, but then an enormous gash widened across his chest. He reeled over backwards, utterly spent. I recalled him with despair. Meer seconds later, my hand had already reached down for another Pokéball, and I yelled “GO, BLAZIKEN!!”

Like a Phoenix from the ashes, Blaziken soared into the air, landing gracefully in front of his opponent. Steven watched with contempt, and yelled “ROCK BLAST!!!”. Blaziken watched as an enormous boulder flew directly towards him, then, with complete control, jumped towards the attack. The crowd held their breath as he flew directly towards the rock, and burst straight through it, already readying his next move. He already knew what I was about to say- “BLAZE KICK!!” He spun in midair and smashed his foot into Armaldo’s neck, in a perfectly executed crescent kick. Staggering from the blow, Armaldo keeled over. Steven watched with awe. “Return, Armaldo.” He said, barely a whisper against the tide of cheers that erupted from the crowd. For the first time, I smiled. Perhaps this battle was winnable after all?

Steven watched the audience unblinkingly. His poker face faltered for just a moment as he turned to face me, and I saw his true colours- a boiling glare of hatred. He grabbed his second Pokéball, and threw it into the arena with a vengeance, and yelled “GO, CLAYDOL!!” A dark and ominous shape emerged from the Pokéball, its sights fixed firmly upon me. I quickly recalled Blaziken, and checked my Pokémon for any with type advantages. I picked up my Pokéball and hurled it into the arena. “GO, FLYGON!!”

Steven eyed down my Flygon. “CLAYDOL, USE HYPNOSIS!!” he yelled. Claydol began to float upwards, with the air crackling about it as it built up energy. Suddenly a swirling orb of darkness launched from his chest, arcing across the arena towards Flygon. Flygon took flight to try and avoid it, be he dropped like a stone, practically unconscious as the attack took its toll. He bounced across the arena, and lay quivering at Steven’s feet. Steven smirked. “NOW USE DREAM EATER!!” Claydol reached out towards the unconscious Flygon, and I felt a twist of anger as Flygon writhed on the ground.

It was torturingly tense. I watched with horror as Flygon’s health decreased with each passing round, and still he showed no sign of waking, finally, when it seemed like the battle was decided, Flygon shakily climbed to his feet. He was barely standing, but he had that determined look in his eyes that made me feel proud. “USE DRAGONBREATH!!” I yelled, and clenched my fists nervously. The crowd held their breath as Flygon drew himself up straight and prepared the move. Suddenly, his wings flared out behind him and an enormous stream of fire exploded forwards, completely engulfing Claydol. When the flames subsided, Claydol dropped down into the massive circle of scorch marks on the arena floor.

Steven was shaking with rage. How could a child possibly have this kind of power? He reached for his last Pokémon, and his eyes locked with mine. “You brought this upon yourself, kid.” He raised his hand and the crowd stared with shocked eyes. In his hand was a Masterball, and he held it delicately, as though he was afraid of it. “It has been years since I have had to resort to this.” He muttered, clenching the Masterball tightly. He launched it into the arena, and the crowed watched with awe as an enormous shape emerged from the Masterball. It uncurled itself, and roared with a sound that shook the very foundations of Hoenn. It was Kyogre.

People began screaming and running around. It was chaos. And there, in the centre of the confusion, Kyogre launched itself forwards, and without any input from Steven, fired a hydro pump at Flygon. Flygon dropped almost instantly, due to the sheer force of the attack. I recalled him and reached for my last Pokéball.

It didn’t look good- Blaziken was a fire type and so would be weak against Kyogre. Even if there was no type disadvantage, there weren’t many Pokémon that could stand up to a Legendary. “GO, BLAZIKEN!!” I roared and hurled the Pokéball into the arena. Blaziken emerged, and stared Kyogre full in the face, unblinking, unmoved by the fury that lay before him. Steven shouted “USE HYDRO PUMP!!” but Kyogre did not respond. Steven shouted and made threats, but still Kyogre would not obey him. Turning, Kyogre began to destroy the arena itself, and members of the audience fled, running for cover. The top box was quickly crushed, and Kyogre began to roar with rage. A strange sense of duty welled up inside me. I knew that Kyogre would go on to destroy Ever Grande City, and indeed all of the world if he was not stopped. I raised my hand.

“BLAZIKEN, USE FIREBLAST!!” Blaziken raised his claws, and flew upwards till he was level with the head of Kyogre. He then curled himself inwards as he prepared the attack, and millions of glowing embers flew towards him from everywhere. They gathered into an enormous, pulsating aura that engulfed Blaziken, with all the energy of a volcano. Suddenly, Blaziken unleashed his rage, stretching out his arms towards the sky. The glow condensed and, with the force of a hurricane, burst forwards towards Kyogre’s astonished face.

Kyogre was thrown backwards, screaming with rage and anger. He landed, skidding, on the far side of the arena, his body curled inwards with pain. He suddenly seemed to change as he lay there, some sense of honour and pride appeared on his features. He turned his massive head and looked me directly in the eye. In that stare, memories of an enforced servitude formed, and I saw how his soul had been tarnished by the rage of battle and combat. Deep with understanding, I watched him slowly rise into the air, and with one last look of pure wisdom, flew away from the battle. I watched him recede into the distance, flying off the island, far out into the eastern sea of Hoenn. Somewhere near Sootopolis, he flipped and dived downwards into the ocean. I realised that by being set free, he had regained his pride as a Legendary Pokémon.

Steven staggered to his feet, limped over, and looked around. The Arena had been completely destroyed by Kyogre’s wrath, and rubble and brick dust coated the arena floor. He turned to face me, and reached out to shake my hand. An awkward silence filled the arena, before I reached out and grasped his hand firmly. “Thank you, Cadellin. By defeating me here today, you have saved Hoenn form the wrath of Kyogre. It was wrong of me to meddle with the forces of nature, and I apologise for not taking you seriously.” I stared dumbfounded as he pointed towards a pair of dust coated doors at the far end of the arena. “Come, Cadellin! The Hall of Fame and beyond, your destiny awaits!”