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BBF Clarky13

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Title: Old Block
Author: Clarky13

Pearl stood atop the Battle Tower, with his father looming over him like a hawk. This was his final test to prove he was good enough for his father, the almighty Tower Tycoon Palmer. He had ventured far and wide, over the great icecaps of Lake Acuity, though the jagged, rocky cliffs of Stark Mountain, challenging all trainers he had met, while capturing all Pokémon that he had seen. The time had come for Pearl he thought, as he put his hand in his pocket and took out a rather small Poké Ball. His father had done so too, but instead he pulled out a different sort of Poké Ball, one that Pearl had never seen before. This Poké Ball had a purple colored top with an M shaped marking on the front.

The judge called out the rules, “Normal, three on three, single battle. The player who’s Pokémon are unable to battle is pronounced “defeated”. Are there any questions?”

Both trainers shook their heads.

“Well, with that in order. Let the battle begin!” cried the judge and he blew his whistle.

At that, Pearl and Palmer throw out their Poké Ball and cried out their Pokémon’s name. Of course, Pearl had chosen his favourite Pokémon, Empoleon. Empoleon had been his starter Pokémon and his favourite at that. It had been around with him since the beginning and had always been with him, even in the toughest of times. Pearl turned to look at his father’s Pokémon, it was like a giant sea serpent, with a small pointed head and a beautiful blue and pink tail. Its head had hair-like fins draping out from its sides and its tail had giant scales sticking out like a fan. The Pokémon, of course, was Milotic and its angry expression made it look powerful.

Pearl started to cry out a command, but Palmer was too quick for him and shouted, “Hydro Pump!”

A beam of water shot out of Milotic’s mouth and hit Empoleon, sending the poor Emperor Pokémon flying, nearly hitting Pearl by an inch.

“Drill Peck!” Pearl cried and the water Pokémon spun around in mid air, flying straight towards Milotic with an unmistakable hit, but Milotic was unaffected in any way. Pearl was shocked but his father explained, “Protect is a move that can defend the user from any attack.”

Desperate for another attempt, Pearl shouted, “Surf!” But it was no use, using a water move on a water Pokémon wasn’t a good idea. A wave of water swept over Milotic, but it wasn’t good enough, as Milotic had blasted through it with a crushing Hyper Beam, sweeping Empoleon off its feet and onto it back, where it lay there still.

“Empoleon is unable to battle!” the judge shouted, “Milotic wins!” Disappointment overcame Pearl as he called back his Pokémon, how could he win against his father in a state like this? Doubt had consumed him, as he pulled out his next Poké Ball from his pocket and throw it forward. A giant bird appeared from its beam and flew up high into the air.

“Ah, a Staraptor. A power addition to anyone party,” said Palmer. Feeling that this was the only support he had received from his father for a long time, made him fell that there was still hope in the battle. He shouted his command towards Staraptor and it lunged down at Milotic with all its might and determination, hitting it hard with a brilliant Brave Bird. Both Pokémon toppled over backwards, but only Milotic was knocked to the ground. It struggled to get back up again, but it couldn’t keep up its energy, smashing its head on the ground.

“Milotic is unable to battle!” the judge shouted, “Staraptor wins!” Pearl couldn’t keep in his joy and starting jumping in the air and praising his Pokémon’s job. Palmer, however, exchanged his Pokémon and called out another one.

“Don’t bother celebrating just yet, my son.” Palmer called, “This next Pokémon doesn’t match to the first.”

And again, Palmer pulled out another purple Poké Ball from his belt, releasing a purplish gelatinous blob to the field. Pearl knew all to well that this Pokémon was a Ditto, and it had caused him a bit of trouble on his way to Canalave City. Pearl had tried to catch the playful beast, but it disguised itself with one of Pearl’s Pokémon, making it too hard to catch. However, this Ditto didn’t look playful at all; its expression looked like it was ready for battle.

“Transform!” Palmer cried, and the little blob altered its form at once, mimicking Staraptor’s body perfectly. Pearl had to do something now, or the impersonating bird would strike.

“Fly!” both trainers shouted in unison and the two Pokémon flew up straight into the air. They flew into each other at full force and separated, then slamming back into each other again. Both Pokémon showed their anger for each other by attacking again and again.

“Now, Ditto, take him out with Take Down!” Palmer shouted at his copy Staraptor and the bird swooped down, tackling the real Staraptor. But Pearl shouted “Endeavor”, thinking under pressure. And with that, Staraptor braced itself before the attack, as the fake bird collided with Staraptor, knocking it to the ground. As Staraptor smashed to the ground, it lay there still for a moment with its eyes closed. Pearl hoped that his second Pokémon was gone, but then Staraptor opened it eyes and got back up. It had survived the attack and was ready to go again. Pearl smiled again, and shouted, “Fly again!”

Staraptor flew back up in the air again and dived straight back down again. But Palmer was prepared, telling his Pokémon to embrace itself using “Endeavor”. Both Pokémon brawled to the ground, rolling over each other, until they both fell to the floor, panting and puffing breathlessly. Harry and his father shouted at their Pokémon to stand up, but it was useless, both had fainted. Ditto, changed into back into its original state and collapsed onto the field.

“Both Pokémon are unable to battle!” the judge cried, “Both trainers are tied!”

Another wave of doubt ran over Pearl. If he knew his father, he was going to save the best to last. Once again, for the final time, he and his father told out another Poké Ball and exchanged it for there failed Pokémon. As one, they called out their last Pokémon to the field. Two dragon Pokémon appeared, either side of field, one being Pearl’s Garchomp and the other, Palmer’s Dragonite. Pearl looked amazed at he and his father’s equality, they had both summoned their strongest dragons to their battle. He could sense that his father wasn’t going to hold back now.

“Dragon Rush!” his father shouted, and in an instant Dragonite charged itself straight at Garchomp. But Pearl wasn’t going to let him catch him out while he was this close.

“Dig!” yelled Pearl, and the field was sprayed with dust and sand as Garchomp buried in the dirt, protecting itself from Dragonite harm. In a sudden, Garchomp appeared from the ground, attacking Dragonite from below, throwing the surprised Dragonite into the air.

Pearl continued his onslaught with a powerful Dragon Claw, marking the now earthbound Pokémon with a giant cut. The Dragonite had not looked in a worse state; it was lying on the ground with its eyes closed, struggling to get up.

With a note of triumph in his voice, Pearl shouted “Finish him off, Garchomp. Use Crunch!” Garchomp had started to attack, but Dragonite suddenly opened its eyes and began to charge a beam. Garchomp sprung into the air ready to assault, but an almighty blast of Hyper Beam pushed the attacking Pokémon back. Pearl spun around. There was Dragonite on its feet and full recovered. Shocked, but didn’t expect less from his dad, Pearl turned back to Garchomp who was getting back onto its feet. The battle was defiantly not over; both Pokémon still had enough fight left in them to last another while.

“Dragonite! Use Dragon Dance!” Palmer called. Pearl knew that his father was getting ready to use something big and Pearl wasn’t going to stand around and wait for this to happen.

“Dragon Rush!” I shouted, and Garchomp charged right at Dragonite, but Dragonite was too quick with boost from Dragon Dance and started to attack with its own Dragon Rush. Both Pokémon collided with each other, holding each other for a minute. They both then sprang back; the attack had cancelled each other. This was Pearl’s chance.

“Dragon Claw!” he shouted, and the Pokémon hesitated for a moment and then sprang to his command. Garchomp jumped straight up to Dragonite and started to swipe, but Dragonite grasp Garchomp’s hand and held it tight, suspending them both there in mid air.

“Draco Meteor!” Palmer said to his Pokémon, and Dragonite nodded, crying up into the sky. Huge Meteor suddenly showered from all direction into Garchomp, hitting him again and again, until suddenly, Dragonite let go of Garchomp’s arm, dropping him to the ground, creating a thunderous impact. The Pokémon lay there, silent.

“Garchomp is unable to battle!” the judge cryed, “Dragonite wins!”

Pearl was paralyzed to the ground. Sadness overcame him, and he dropped to the ground. He didn’t want to look at anything anymore, so looked straight at the dirt. Then a shadow slowly drew over him. He looked up. It was him, the Battle Tower Tychoon. The bright red sunset shone behind him, illuminating his great face. His eyes twinkled as they looked down on me.

“That was a great battle, son. Truly, you are best opponent I’ve ever come across in a long time. You don’t need my approval, you already got it the day you left to become a Pokémon trainer. Don’t give you hope now.”

Palmer held out his hand and Pearl took it, as it pulled him up. We looked at each other for a moment and then my father finally said, “Come on then. A new journey awaits, and remember, where ever you are, I’ll always be there beside you.”