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BBF KyuuketsukiX

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Title: Versus Vincent
Author: KyuuketsukiX

“On the left side, we have Naven of Ecruteak City!” The referee lifted his green flag to signal my presence as my side of the somewhat glared board lit up; picture, name and all. The crowd roared, but caught on a little late due to the unknowing of my hometown.

“And taking up the right, we are proud to present our very own, Vincent of Canalave City right here in Sinnoh. The stadium bellowed with excitement, due to everyone pretty much knowing where Canalave City is. Just like with me, the referee mirrored the way he announced me; with the flag and the board flashing his permanent entry picture, name, and completing the equilibrium of the board.

“This will be a 3 on 3 match. The first one to win 2 matches is the victor,” Recited the ref. “BEGIN!”

“Good luck!” Vincent uttered. “This wont be an easy battle; I assure you that.

I was so scared to mess up my cool. My stomach was in the biggest knot and my mouth felt like paper it was so dry.

Ok, cool down. Just respond, make it look like you have all the confidence in the world, and start this damn battle.

“Good luck to you too; I will battle my, great my voice cracked, hardest.” I replied.

“Go get em’ Armaldo!”

“Take em’ down Kirlia!”

We both flung our pokeballs into the air as the bright, white stream of light released our waiting friends. There stood his Armaldo and here stood my Kirlia.

“Ready when you are!” I cried with a smirk. He just smiled back, unnerved by my self assured emotion.

“Ok, Armaldo, use Waterpulse!” Armaldo roared as clear blue waves shimmered and encircled the pokemon, fanning out towards the ends of the field.

“Get ready Kirlia, use Barrier!” Kirlia threw out a palm and framed a solid glassy window, which easily blocked the on coming waves. Too easy, I thought. He must be testing my abilities, why would he use such a mediocre level of power.

“Well then, if that is all you have, Kirlia, Psybeam!” Kirlia exploded with an array of concentrated force, smacking Armaldo dead on in the face.

Yes! Oh! Wait! The Armaldo rocked back into place with not even a scratch on its armor.

“Heh, Armaldo, Dig!” The giant pokemon leaped into the air and with ease, burrowed under ground. Kirlia and I were oblivious to its whereabouts in the field. Suddenly, the ground broke open and the dark, blue pokemon snaked out and barraged Kirlia with its claws. Kirlia fell through the air, recovered on the ground and skidded back into place.

“Now, Rock Throw!” Armaldo nodded and jutted its claw into the soft dirt, lifting up a chunk of rubble.

“Throw!” Armaldo tossed the heap of dirt towards our side.

“Kirlia, Teleport.” Kirlia blurred, and in an instant, disappeared, rendering the rock unable to hit its destined target. Kirlia returned and lightly fell to its feet. As the smoke cleared, Armaldo was no where in sight.


Just as we were trying to recollect the situation, Armaldo blew out of the ground once more in attempts to attack.

“Kirlia, fall back!” the trusty pokemon fell back as Armaldo tried to uppercut Kirlia for a continuous beating. As Armaldo was bewildered by the course of events, Kirlia gave it a good kick to the abdomen, knocking it a decent distance so that we could recover with no interruption.

“Kirlia, now use Shadowball!” he gave a flick of the arm and formed an orb of what looked like a void of darkness. “Kirlia run for Armaldo!” As Kirlia shuttled for the oversized crayfish, Vincent beckoned his forefront.

“Armaldo, X-Scissor!” Armaldo crossed its arms, and made what looked like the sharpening of a knife sort of move as a thick glowing “X” bounded across the ground. Kirlia stopped and threw its readying Shadowball for the pokemon, only to meet the persistent X-Scissor in the middle. Neither would let up, until the Shadowball dissipated and the X-Scissor proved victorious!

This is bad! Kirlia was caught off guard and pushed back with little effort; the rock sandwiching it between the attack and its self. Kirlia slumped to the floor, but was still holding on.

“Kirlia! Come on, you can do it!” He really isn’t going to go easy!

“Now, finish it!” one more X-Scissor started across the way. I was scared for Kirlia and for the next battle!

“Oh! No, No! Why now, why couldn’t you be more careful!” I fervidly gazed over to the audience to see 2 men fighting; bickering as they watched a gleaming stone fly through the air and skid right in front of Kirlia. Kirlia gazed up and tiredly reached for the rock as a blinding aura encased him and started to morph his figure. The X-Scissor crashed and smoke blew over the arena. I could barely see as me and Vincent shielded our faces. When it cleared, I could make out what seemed to be a warrior. And there he stood.

“Gallade!” the crowd and Vincent fell silent as my smile crept to the corners of my face while I stared at my new friend. It must have been a Dawn Stone! How lucky am I! The men were so distraught over the loss and my opponent quickly returned from his shock to the battle.

“Armaldo, Rock Throw!” Armaldo once again, chucked the heap of dirt across the stadium.

“Gallade, get it out of here.” Gallade fluidly brushed off the large rock as if it were a pebble. “You have adjusted well to your new body!” I yelled.

“Hmm, Armaldo leap into the air and then Rock Throw!” Armaldo mustered up its largest one yet and rocketed into the clear sky. “Gallade, Psychocut!” With the Boulder heading for Gallade like a meteor, our new attack shot through the air and cleanly sliced open the powerful dirt clump in 2.

“Now Gallade, Teleport and finish it with Leafblade!” Rendered useless, Armaldo couldn’t attack and was subjected to a quick teleport and a blade of the grass element slamming it with a crash into the turf below.

“Armaldo is unable to battle, Gallade is the winner!” the crowed cheered as I smiled at Gallade and Vincent called back his defeated pokemon.

“Alrighty then, its time for you to meet a fighter of my own!” Vincent sifted through his pokeballs and vigorously tossed it for the stadium. Out cried a Toxicroak; a shiny one nonetheless.

I was definitely confident now, I felt at ease in the battle.

“Ok, come back Gallade. Go Milot-

Just as I was about to call out Milotic, another one of my pokeballs shifted and let out a crack. There laid my Swinub.

No! Of all the times to make your entrance, it has to be now! I looked around to see what had become of this spectacle, and to my embarrassment was the whole stadium erupting into laughter!

“Well, this should be easy!” Vincent assumed. “Toxicroak, Dark Pulse!” His Toxicroak lifted its arms and produced a spinning vortex of dark energy. After it was finished collecting its power, Toxicroak flung its arms forward, releasing the bundle of foggy aura for my defenseless Swinub.

“Err, Swinub Ice Beam!” Swinub opened its miniscule mouth, only to produce a thread of chilly waves.

Ice beam is not good enough yet! This is so embarrassing! I wish I was never here!! While I was too busy talking to myself the Dark Pulse zoomed across completely and utterly splitting the cold breeze away and buffeted Swinub; whirling it past me, and slamming it into the wall of the stadium seats.

“Swinub is unable to battle! Toxicroak is the victor!” The crowd snickered and guffawed at my poor performance. Toxicroak and Vincent stood proud all the while yawning at such a boring display of skill.

“It’s okay!” he chuckled. “There still is the last round, this will determine everything!” I nodded and reached for the last pokeball.

Here we go! Just one more and I know YOU can do it!

“Go Gengar!” There stood my starter from Ecruteak, Gengar. Smiling with confidence more then ever, Gengar jumped up and down and chuckled its eerie little laugh.

“Ah, a Gengar. Well then lets meet my Alakazam!” Vincent chucked his last pokemon's pokeball into the air and like a beacon from the sky fell Alakazam to its feet.

Lets see if I can win alone on skill rather than luck like the first round. Gengar stuck its tongue out and messed its eyes up, trying to distemper the Alakazam. Sadly it was working and Alakazam was getting all worked up because of it.

“Alakazam, Focus Blast!” Alakazam constructed a spheroid of blue light whilst it glowed with a powerful ambience. Alakazam then released its attack and shot it like a bullet for Gengar.

“Gengar, dodge!” Gengar lifted its bottom upwards creating an arc under it in a cartoonish manner as it laughed at Alakazam’s attempt to hurt it. Alakazam was furious now!

“Gengar, Thunderbolt!” Gengar sparked and eventually was brimming with electricity! With a swish of its arms, Gengar sent a pillar of lightening for Alakazam. Alakazam couldn’t avoid it and was put into a state of weak paralysis. Shaking it off, Alakazam rushed forward towards Gengar.

“Alakazam, Zen Headbutt.” Alakazam shook its head. Within a few moments, its cranium was enveloped in a thick coat of telekinetic power.

“Gengar look out!” But Alakazam was too fast, Gengar could only leap back to cushion the blow as the direct headbutt collided with the dusky body. Gengar flew back into the rock, but landed on it with his feet as a recovery method.

“Very impressive, yelled Vincent.” Now Alakazam! Ice punch!” snow whipped around the Alakazam’s hand, forming a chunk of ice for a nice heavy hit.

“Gengar, thunderbolt!” Gengar again unleashed a plethora of electricity, but Alakazam dodged this one, anticipating for another hit on Gengar. Gengar knew I didn’t know what to do so it luckily improvised. Gengar started to generate more electricity, but only in its arm.

“I see! Gengar, Thunder Punch!” just as soon as Alakazam met Genger, the latter was ready with its new fist. They just went at it non stop; knocking each others attacks out of the way; never landing a blow. The pokemon eventually jumped apart, knowing it was futile to continue.

“How interesting.” Vincent expressed.

“Oh I’ll show you interesting, Gengar! Lets try THAT combo” I retorted. Gengar chuckled.

“Gengar! Sludge Bomb!”

“Alakazam! Light Screen!” Alakazam; readied Light Screen, not knowing what was going to happen. Gengar shot the acidic waste at Alakazam, only having it bounce off and onto the ground. He was so sure it was a petty attempt.

“Look.” I replied. The field was covered in sludge and there was no where to avoid it.

“Alakazam don’t touch-

It was too late; Alakazam was slipping up all over the place.

“Now’s our chance, Get’em Gengar! Hypnosis!” Gengar popped up right in front of the confused Alakazam only to gaze into its eyes and be rewarded with a dose of sleepiness.

“No! Alakazam!” Vincent cried. But Alakazam was already asleep and subject to my combo.

“Finish it up Gengar! Shadowball Combo!” Gengar laughed and zoomed overhead of Alakazam. Taking a breath, Gengar started machine gunning out Shadowballs for the drowsy pokemon; stopping them from colliding with Alakazam until it was completely concealed.

“Collapse.” Gengar flicked its finger and the Shadowball dome caved in; consuming the field in dust and debris.

When the smoke cleared, the scene was uncovered and there laid an unconscious Alakazam and a giggling Gengar.

“Alakazam is unable to battle! Naven is the victor!” I was so overjoyed; speechless even to find myself the winner.

I think Vincent’s saying something to me. I was way too distracted to make out what he was saying. All I could think about is the warm sun and what was next to come in this unsuspecting league.