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BBF WolfMan

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Title: Taking the Challenge on the Snow Day
Author: WolfMan

Mike entered the Pokemon Battlefield in a grumpy mood as usual. The Audience were pretty quiet when Mike went onto the battlefield that was designed for students who had received Pokemon inside their training. “OK today is the time for me to win, today is the day” he said to himself. Mike is a Pokemon trainer 18 years old. He is not the most polite person you could know but he was a good trainer at heart.

“Would you all be quiet” asked a voice from the other side of the stadium. The sunlight was quite bright in the sky but there was still snow lying on the ground. The other trainer as Mike knew him as put his hands on his hips and then said to Mike from across the battlefield, “Mike I appreciate you coming over all this way to Hoenn to help train the sudents with this battle and I am sure that all the adults will enjoy it as well” he said as he removed his sun glasses. Jim was a very intelligent teacher and specialised in Pokemon and their types and attacks.

“Don’t get too carried away I did this so that I could challenge you, and challenge you I will” said Mike. The Audience riled themselves up by shouting “fight, fight, fight” in a mixture of voices coming students from ten to sixteen years old and some adults who were teachers and some teenagers who were also trainers.

Mike flipped the Pokeball in his hands for a few seconds before saying “OK Lets start this thing, I was very disappointed when you became a Teacher here since I never got the chance to beat you in the Indigo League but this will be my chance to change that” he said through clenched teeth. Mike was not in reality angry but he did have a sour resentment of Jim simply because he was always a better trainer than he was for a very long time. Jim stood at the other side of the field for a minute as he pulled a Pokeball out of his pocket. He seemed to be thinking deeply for a second before he said “I see Mike, I had no idea that our old rivalry had affected you so much”. He finally set the Pokeball in his hand.

“Ok then lets start the battle” roared Jim to Serena, a young woman named Serena. Serena held up her hand and then bowed her head. “Ladies, Gentleman and Children of all ages the Hoenn Academy proudly brings you this exhibition match between our own beloved teacher Jim…” she paused as quite a few members of the student body cheered for him. Jim put up his hand to quieten them down a bit. Serena continued for a second and then said “….and a trainer from the Kanto Region named Mike” she said. Mike did not bother to do anything to the booing audience since he had expected this kind of reaction. Jim however was not taking any of the nonsense as he roared out to the crowd “show some respect to visitors of this school or else you will have me to deal with”. A few seconds after he was done he nodded to Serena to continue. “This will be a three on three match and there will be no time limit, as per the rules only Mike will be allowed to substitute Pokemon from the request made by Jim earlier today” she concluded.

Mike shook his fist in anger, it wasn’t that he did not appreciate the gesture of respect from Jim but he wanted this to be a fair match all the way with neither of them getting unfair advantages over the other. If you think that this is going to make you look good or that I am going to fall for this then you are dead wrong Jim, if you are not going to switch then I won’t thought Mike to himself as he looked at Serena for the indication to start the match. As he expected Serena shouted “Let this battle begin now”. He knew that this might be one of his last chances for a long time to beat him and he was going to take full advantage. “Go Tauros” roared Mike as he felt the Pokeball go out of his hand and his the ground in the Pokemon battlefield. Mike held his breath as out came his Pokemon Tauros, a giant wild bull Pokemon. Tauros stamped the ground and snorted slightly. It looked physically ready to battle and to dish out some damage. A couple of the teachers in the audience took notes and photos of it. “I figured that you would use a power Pokemon, Mike you never changed” he said as he too tossed a Pokeball into the stadium. “I choose you Hitmonlee” shouted Jim as out came a brown Pokemon with some serious looking legs. “Hitmonnnn”.

“OK Tauros use Horn Attack” roared Mike as Tauros snorted and then charged into Hitmonlee with a fury that seemed to resemble that of Mike. Jim waited for a second or two as the crown sharply inhaled at what seemed like the same time. “Pure Power is nothing here, Hitmonlee jump away into the air and then come back down for a Jump Kick” said Jim quite calmly. Hitmonlee nodded and then waiting until the last second jumped out the way sending Tauros into a halt a short distance away. Mike looked up to the sky where the sun blinded him for a second. Hitmonlee came down and with a kick that seemed to hit like a fighting Pokemon should. Tauros flew a couple of feet as it was hit by the giant kick of Hitmonlee. Mike felt stupid now. Tauros might have the advantage of speed but Hitmonlee has the advantage of agility and also jumping power. “Taorus are you OK to keep on” asked Mike as he looked to Tauros. Tauros let out another growl and then stamped his feet. Mike nodded and then shouted “Tauros use your Take-Down attack” roared Mike as Tauros dashed off into Hitmonlee again. This time Mike was sure that Tauros would hit the target as he did because for some odd reason Jim had made no attention to try and dodge. As Tauros was about to ram into Hitmonlee Jim said “Hitmonlee use your Counter attack”. As he did Hitmonlee stiffened and then suddenly put up a white forcefield in front of him. Tauros rammed into it and into Hitmonlee who took some considerable damage but as he did Tauros also took some damage from some unseen force. Mike looked in horror as Tauros fell a few feet from him.

Jim smiled and then said “Nice work Hitmonlee I wouldn’t expect anything less from you” he said as the fighting Pokemon looked ready for more. Mike had already recalled Tauros and as he got another Pokeball out he muttered so that only Jim could hear “I am not going down without a fight, this has not ended yet” and threw the ball and out came none other than Arcanine. Arcanine let out a fierce growl and looked ready. Jim did not look concerned. He crushed a grain of snow under his foot and then said “Hitmonlee ready now use High Jump Kick” he roared. Hitmonlee launched himself into the air and then proceeded to try and kick Arcanine with his large feet. Mike seen this coming from last time and then order Arcanine with “Arcanine move with Extreme Speed and then on the way back into a Flame Wheel”. Arcanine waited until the last second and then moving at a blur went in a large circle and on the way back turned into a ball of fire hit into Hitmonlee with it. Hitmonlee finally shook himself free of the flames and then fell into the ground in defeat. Jim then ran over to Hitmonlee and whispered to him “You did well with yourself Hitmonlee return”. In a flash of red energy Hitmonlee was back in the ball.

“This is turning into a good battle and it would not be very good for me to beat you all in one turn, go Ninetales” said Jim. Mike looked horrified as the white nine tailed fox Pokemon appeared on the field. He had seen it in battle and it would be vicious and what made it tougher was it was also a fire Pokemon although a female one. “Arcanine we have to end this quickly use your Take Down” said Mike not wanting to waste a beat. Swiftly as before Arcanine was off in a flash toward Ninetales. “Ninetales avoid that and then strike back with Confuse Ray” said Jim as he crossed his arms. “Nine…” said Ninetales as she dodged Arcanine’s vicious blow. She then turned graceful as a dancer and shot out a wave of rainbow colored light from her body. Arcanine turned just in time to get hit by it. He waved his head a few times and then proceeded to run into the wall that was on the other side of the stadium that made up a part of the Academy. Mike quickly recalled the confused dog Pokemon and then stared at it without really seeing. Arcanine was one of his best Pokemon and it was hard to see it lose to Ninetales. “If you want then you can give up now” said Jim smiling very slyly. Mike was not ready to give up and got out one last Pokeball. “You’re my last nope buddy, go ahead Kai” said Mike as he threw the Pokeball and out came a Charizard. It was no normal Charizard it was Black and Red all over. Jim moved his glasses and then said “I see you were able to get your Charmander to evolve and a nickname….” He did not finish. “Ninetales use Confuse Ray” said Jim as Ninetales shot out the same rainbow colored beam as before. “I don’t think so, Kai fly up” said Mike as Kai took off from the ground and hovered above them all. “Kai use your Dragon Rage” said Mike as Kai shot out a ball of blazing red at Ninetales. Ninetales was hit by it from not having time to respond from the last attack. It erupted in a haze of smoke.

Jim looked very concerned for Ninetales now and had a snarl on his face as if this battle had awakened something inside him. “Ninetales….” He said as when the smoke cleared Kai had landed and Ninetales was on the ground knocked out. Jim recalled her and then looked at his last Pokeball with a fierce scowl. “OK then if you bring out your starter then I shall bring out mine” said Jim as he threw it and shouted “Come on out Swampert”. Mike felt his mouth drop as the large water Pokemon came out. It was a water type Kai’s greatest weaknes. “Kai fly now” said Mike as Kai growled and took off. Swampert looked up and then said “Swamppp”. Jim also looked up and then said “Use Water Gun”. Fast as lightning Swampert fired up a blast of water from his mouth up at Kai and hit him dead centre. Kai hit the ground with a large crash. The crowd had been quiet all the way through but they burst out cheering now. “Kai use your Flamethrower” said Mike as Kai opened his mouth and shot out a burst of flames. They hit Swampert but for some reason he was unharmed. Mike was not surprised at this but said to Kai “up into the air and then come back down for the Iron Tail” he said. Kai flew up as fast as he could with his remaining energy and then came back down as he was about to slam his tail into Swampert. Jim smiled and then said “Double or nothing Iron Tail” and with that Swampert also lit up his tail in metal and both of them collided. Kai flew back up and into the air again but this time was careful not to stay in one place. “Kai I think it is time to finish this Dragon Rage” said Mike as Kai once again opened his maw and shot out a fireball of immense power.

“Not going to happen” said Jim as Swampert shot out a blast of mud from his mouth. It was not powerful enough for damage but the attack was much quicker than Kai’s and the Dragon Rage exploded close to Kai. “Kai you have to get up” said Mike. Kai fell to the ground once again. Jim moved his glasses and then said “Finishing time, Swampert use Surf”. Swampert suddenly conjured up a large wave from seemingly out of nowhere that rushed into Kai at full force. When the wave had came away from the battlefield Kai was revealed to have been knocked out by it. Jim smiled widely as he put up his hand and recalled Swampert as the crowd cheered from him. “Nice work Kai, thanks” said Mike as he also recalled Kai and fell to his knees. He looked at the ground for a few seconds before he seen a hand in front of him offering him a hand to help him up and to his surprise it was Jim. Mike shoved the hand away and got up himself which got an angry stare from Jim. Mike let his face turn from angry to a sort of smile before extending his hand and saying “Thank you for a good battle”. Jim turned to a smile and said “thank you for it also, I hope to battle again” he said as he took Mike’s hand.

Both trainers left the battlefield to be cheered by the crowd. Mike said to himself This is not the last time we battle I shall win next time….