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BBF yazannaouri

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Author: yazannaouri

Yazan finally came out of the caves on Iron Island, after spending two days looking for the treasure he has sought for so long. He released his Togetic from its pokeball and looked in its eyes. “We finally did it Togii!” Togii noticed the Shiny Stone in Yazan’s hands and his face lit up with joy. Togii touched the stone and both started glowing, while Yazan watched happily as his starter Pokémon reached its final stage.

Noticing the bright light, Carmen got off the boat coming from Canalave City, and looked to see Yazan sitting by the shore watching his Togetic evolve into Togekiss.

“So, you finally did it?”

“Carmen! I’ve been in the caves for two days looking for a Shiny Stone, and I finally found it.”

“That’s great. Togii will be a lot stronger now. You know what? I would like to test how strong your Togii is. Plus we haven’t battled in a long time”

“Huh! You know Togii could have taken out all your Pokémon even before evolving! You wanna make it a three-on-three battle?”

“Sure. I’ll even go first. Go Ambipom.”

“So your Aipom finally evolved too. That’s not going to make much of a difference though.”

“You’re way overconfident.”

“Togii you’re up.” Togii spread his newly developed wings and flew into the air, circling above Ambipom. “I know we haven’t practiced your new moves, but I’m sure you will use them perfectly. Use your Air Slash.” A ball of wind swirled and gathered around Togii’s wings. He swung his wings and the blast of wind moved with amazing speed towards Ambipom.

“Ambipom use your Agility to dodge” Yelled Carmen. Ambipom’s body glowed as it picked up speed and dodged Togii’s Air Slash. “Now use your Thunderbolt.” Electricity started flowing around Ambipom’s body until it launched the attack into the air towards Togii. Togii tried to dodge by flying away, but newly evolved and unaccustomed to his new weight, Thunderbolt landed a direct hit. “Togii hold on, you can do it!” Togii shook off the effect of the Thunderbolt attack, and was still determined to fight. “I knew you could do it! Time to try Aura Sphere now.”

Togii put his wings together and a blue green ball started forming between them. When the ball grew big enough, Togii launched it at Ambipom. “Ambipom, agility again!” Ambipom sped though the grass trying to dodge Togii’s Aura Sphere.

A smirk formed on Yazan’s face. “It’s not going to work this time.” Togii’s Aura Sphere changed direction and chased Ambipom into the grass. The ball of energy was too fast for Ambipom to outrun, and it landed on its back causing major damage.

“Aura Sphere does not miss, Carmen. You should spend some more time with your pretty pink pokedex.” Ambipom fell to the ground unable to fight after receiving the blow of the super effective hit.

Carmen returned Ambipom to its pokeball and said “Well you would have saved yourself two days of looking in the caves if you spent more time with your own pokedex. A Pokémon like Ambipom with the Pick Up ability could have found you a Shiny Stone or a Dawn Stone on the ground. Say welcome to my newly evolved Kirlia. Go Gallade!”

Carmen released her Gallade into the air, and Gallade landed onto the battle field with a strong thud, and stood tall staring at Togii.

“Togii, use Flamethrower!” A jet of red hot flames escaped Togii’s mouth aiming for Gallade. Gallade, being too proud to move away, was engulfed in Togii’s flames. Suddenly, a strong Psycho Cut attack cut through the flames and Gallade was in the air, bulleting through the column of flames towards Togii. Togii was taken by surprise, and Gallade’s Psycho Cut landed on its mark. Togii tumbled to the ground, and tried to get up, still unwilling to give up. “Togii use your Grass Knot!” Shouted Yazan.

However this time Carmen was ready to give the correct orders. “Gallade use Teleport to dodge Grass Knot, and then use your Close Combat.” The grass on the ground started moving around Gallade’s feet to immobilize it; however Gallade disappeared leaving the grass to tie itself in a knot. Gallade reappeared close to Togii, and started landing successive hits of its Close Combat. Togii fell to the ground unable to battle anymore.

Yazan returned Togii to its pokeball telling him that he did a great job. “It’s time for my second Pokémon; go Wobbuffet.” Yazan’s Wobbuffet appeared on the battle ground. The sight of her lipstick caused Carmen to laugh harder than she ever did before. “Hehehe, Gallade don’t be swayed by its shiny lipstick, we’re going to return that punching bag to its pokeball with one hit. Use your Leaf Blade.”

Gallade’s hands were surrounded with a green glow, as it charged towards Wobbuffet. “Wobbuffet, Counter it.” Wobbuffet’s body shone red and Gallade was hurled backwards as soon as it touched it.

Gallade stood up trying to shake away the force of its own attack, but Yazan did not wait for it to recover. “Wobbuffet use your Destiny Bond.” A black shadow formed around Wobbuffet, and leapt to surround Gallade.

Carmen did not know what that shadow was intended to do, but she didn’t like what just happened. “Gallade return to your pokeball, you’ll come back to the fight when you recover.” A red beam shot from Carmen’s pokeball and hit Gallade, however something went wrong and Gallade did not return to its pokeball.

“You seriously need to study better if you want me to battle you again! Wobbuffet’s ability; Shadow Tag, prevents you from switching Pokémon. Your Gallade will stay here until either one of our Pokémon is knocked out.”

Carmen, undeniably impressed by Yazan’s strategy, instructed Gallade to use its Psycho Cut on Wobbuffet to take it out. Yazan, not knowing that Psycho Cut is a physical attack, ordered Wobbuffet to use her Mirror Coat. Gallade’s attack went right through Wobbuffet’s red coat and sent her flying backwards through the grass, taking her out of the battle.

“Who needs to spend time with his pokedex now?” gloated Carmen over her victory. However, to her dismay, the black shadow that surrounded Gallade a minute ago reappeared, and Gallade fell to the ground unable to fight anymore. “This is the effect of the Destiny Bond Wobbuffet used before. It looks like we’re both down to our last Pokémon.”

Both trainers returned their Pokémon to the pokeballs, and prepared to send their last Pokémon to the battle field. Yazan picked up his Premium Ball and threw it in the air. The seal on the pokeball activated and flames shot out in every direction. Out of the flames shot Charizard in the air and landed on the battle field, roaring so loudly that a couple of Pidgey flew away from the tree nearby.

Carmen threw her own sealed pokeball to the field. Empoleon appeared from the center of the swirling bubbles and spread its steel wings, popping all of them with a single move. The two Pokémon stared at each other with fire in their eyes, ready to take each other on.

“Charizard, use your Flamethrower!” The flame on Charizard’s tail grew bigger, and tremendous jets of fire escaped from its mouth directed at Empoleon.

At the same time Carmen shouted “Empoleon use Ice Beam.” And a sparkling frozen beam shot out of Empoleon’s beak towards its opponent.

The two attacks collided in the center of the battle field with enough power to force Yazan and Carmen to cover their faces. The Pokémon did not wait for orders from their trainers, and dove at each other with amazing speed. “Charizard fly into the air, and prepare for a Seismic Toss.” Carmen retaliated by giving an order to Empoleon, “Jump into the water and use Surf, Empoleon.”

Empoleon dove into the sea. The water bended to Empoleon’s will, forming a giant wave aimed for Charizard. Charizard circled in the air and dove bravely towards the attacking wave. Submerged by the cool sea water, Charizard’s situation was not looking good. Suddenly, Empoleon’s wave splashed open and Charizard emerged, moving through the sky with Empoleon in its arms. Charizard circled in the sky and moved towards the ground, dropping Empoleon fiercely and finishing its Seismic Toss.

The trainers waited for the dust to settle around them, to observe the result of their battle. To their surprise, both Pokémon were getting up to continue their battle. Happy with the strength and endurance of their partners, each trainer started giving new orders. “Empoleon, use Flash Cannon.” A blinding ball of white energy formed in front of Empoleon’s open beak, and shot towards Charizard.

“Charizard, use your Blast Burn now!” Charizard opened its mouth and flames started seeping out of its mouth. The flames swirled and formed a huge ball of fire in front of his mouth. Once the fire ball was completed, Charizard hurled it at Empoleon with amazing power. The fireball engulfed Empoleon’s Flash Cannon Shot and continued towards its mark. The Blast Burn shot hit Empoleon and the ground around the Pokémon was engulfed with swirling flames, covering Empoleon from the sight of his trainer as well as Yazan.

Charizard fell to its knees, exhausted from performing such a powerful attack, trying to keep an eye on his opponent to tell if its attack was successful. The flames around Empoleon finally died, leaving the Pokémon on the ground unable to battle anymore.

Yazan jumped out with joy and ran towards his partner to celebrate their well deserved win. Carmen returned her Empoleon to its pokeball telling it what an awesome battle it fought. She went to Yazan’s side to congratulate him and his Charizard. “Congrats Bro. You sure have improved since we left home a year ago.”

Yazan gloated “I sure have! I’m going to call mom and tell her I beat you.”

Just as he finished the sentence, they heard something that sounded like a jet above them. A small shiny Sphere fell from the sky, and landed unharmed on Yazan’s bag. Yazan picked up the sphere, as they looked up and saw two objects, one red and one blue, flying north. The two objects stopped in midair, in what looked like a little discussion between them.

“Can you see that? We have to go follow them!! But Charizard is tired; I need to take it to the Pokémon center first.”

Carmen looked through her bag, and took out two items. “These are Full Restore. Give this to your Charizard” said Carmen, as she gave the second one to her Empoleon.

Yazan jumped on Charizard’s back and they flew towards the two objects in midair, while Carmen swam in the same direction on Empoleon's back.

To the siblings’ surprise, the two flying objects parted and went into opposite directions with blinding speed. “Ok, let’s go to the east, that’s where the red one went” said Yazan. Carmen protested “I don’t want to! I want to follow the blue one!”

“Fine, you follow the blue one; I’ll follow the red one. We’ll meet back home, and I will beat you again with my brand new mysterious Pokémon.”

“Again with the overconfidence”

“See ya Sis. Take care of yourself” said Yazan, smiling at his sister.

“You too. Stay out of Trouble.” Carmen replied, as the two siblings went into opposite directions, each following his unique Pokémon adventure.