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Category talk:Ken Sugimori Pokémon artwork

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Revision as of 02:23, 21 October 2010 by Ht14 (talk | contribs)
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The most recent CoroCoro has Sugimori art for a number of the new Pokemon not in here: Jalorda, Enbuoh, Daikenki, Haderia, Lepardas, Hatooboo, Kenhorou, Zeburaika, Gantoru, Kokoromori, Otamaru, Dageki, Kurumayu, Hahakomori, Fushide, Hoiiga, Waruvile, Darumakka, Ishizumai, Purotoga, Chillaccino, Yuniran. Not sure where it's legal to get the cleaned up artwork tho. MajinNecro69 02:15, 21 October 2010 (UTC)