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  • Fair use
    • i-Fairuse|General fair use
    • i-Fairuse-screenshot|Screenshot
    • i-CD|Scan from a Pokémon CD booklet or cover
    • i-Fairuse-logo|Logo
    • i-Fairuse-registered|Registered trademark
    • Pokémon anime artwork
      • i-Fairuse-anime|General Pokémon anime artwork
      • i-Fairuse-screenshot-anime|Screenshot from the Pokémon anime
    • Pokémon game artwork
      • i-Fairuse-game|General Pokémon game artwork
      • i-Fairuse-scan-game|Scan from a Pokémon game booklet or guide
      • i-Fairuse-screenshot-game|Screenshot from a Pokémon game
      • i-Fairuse-sprite-game|Sprite from a Pokémon game
    • i-Fairuse-magazine|Scan from a magazine
    • Pokémon manga artwork or scan
      • i-Fairuse-manga|Pokémon manga artwork or scan
      • i-Fairuse-manga-Electric|Artwork or scan from The Electric Tale of Pikachu
      • i-Fairuse-manga-PiPiPi|Artwork or scan from Pokémon PiPiPi Adventure
      • i-Fairuse-manga-CCP|Artwork or scan from Pokémon Chamo-Chamo ☆ Pretty ♪
      • i-Fairuse-manga-Special|Artwork or scan from Pokémon Special (Pokémon Adventures)
      • i-Fairuse-manga-Special-character|Artwork of a Pokémon Special character
    • Pokémon Trading Card Game artwork
      • i-Fairuse-tcg|Pokémon TCG card
      • i-Fairuse-carddb|Pokémon TCG card from the official Japanese database of card images
      • i-Fairuse-tcg-noncard|Pokémon TCG artwork (non-card)
    • Pokémon Trading Figure Game artwork
      • i-Fairuse-tfg|Pokémon TFG figure
      • i-Fairuse-tfg-nonfigure|Pokémon TFG artwork (non-figure)
  • Other
    • i-GFDL|GNU Free Documentation License
    • i-PD|Public domain / no rights reserved
    • i-Unknown|Unknown