Before uploading any images taken from Nintendo 3DS games, please take a moment to read this message.
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If you upload a new image make sure you name and categorize it properly. If in doubt, ask an admin or see our FAQ page.


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  • Did you use a descriptive but concise file name?
  • Did you make sure that the file name has no errors? Renaming media files is tedious.
  • Have you provided detailed information in the summary, including source information?
  • Have you added categories to your images so they can be found easily later on?
  • Have you tagged the images appropriately?
  • Are you going to use the image on a Bulbagarden project? Is the image relevant?
See also: Image use policy
Images of new Pokémon must have the approval of the Editor-in-Chief before they are uploaded.

To view or search previously uploaded images, go to the list of uploaded images. Uploads and deletions are logged on the upload log.

The preferred formats are .jpg for photographic images, .png for diagrams, sprites, icons, screenshots and other simpler images, and Ogg Vorbis for sounds. Lowercase extensions are imperative. Avoid .gifs for complex images as they have a limited colorspace.

To include the image in a page, use a link in the form [[File:name.jpg]] or [[File:name.png|alt text]] or [[File:name.ogg]] for sounds. These links can be used on other wiki sites that are set up to automatically retrieve media from Bulbagarden Archives.

Please remember, that before uploading anime screenshots you need to get permission from an administrator per the image reversion policy.

Other characters, especially multibyte characters such as Japanese text, may cause server errors. (e.g. Lt. Surge's ピカチュウ {Pikachu}.jpeg)