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Hi. I'm Pokedex493. You probably know me from my major contributions on Bulbapedia. I know I haven't did much uploading on the Archives, but that's because other users beat me to it. I'm going to keep trying, and whenever I upload one, I'll add it here.

History on Bulbagarden

I joined in 2010, in hopes that I could share my knowledge of Pokémon with people who don't know. Sometimes things would go wrong, sometimes things went right. At one point I thought about leaving Bulbagarden, but I changed my mind. I made new friends here, and someday I might meet some rivals. When Pokémon Black and White information started leaking, I was very excited about the game. On December of 2010, I got blocked from the userspace on Bulbapedia. On either January or February of 2011, I found an incomplete article I could complete. I'm still working on it, while trying to squeeze in some other articles to work on and pictures to upload in the archives.

My contributions


SSB Pikachu palette.png SSBM Pikachu palette.png File:SSBB Pikachu palette.jpg File:SSB Jigglypuff palette.jpg File:SSBM Jigglypuff palette.jpg File:SSBB Jigglypuff palette.jpg File:SSBM Mewtwo palette.jpg File:SSBM Pichu palette.jpg File:SSBB Lucario palette.jpg File:SSBB Pokemon Trainer palette.jpg

Future Pictures

  • Spanish Charmander Base Set Card
  • Spanish Charmeleon Base Set Card
  • Spanish Dratini Base Set Card
  • Spanish Rattata Card

These may not be added, but it is highly possible.