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===Specific tasks===
===Specific tasks===
====Scheduled tasks====
====Scheduled tasks====
* Delete the following images as personal images if the [[bp:User:233david|owner]] doesn't reply before 15th Aug 2010 1:50AM:
** [[:File:Sapphire1.png]]
** [[:File:Sapphireshock.png]]
** [[:File:Sapphirenoguy.png]]
** [[:File:Rubysavesapphire.png]]
** [[:File:Sapphirecutelook.png]]
** [[:File:RubyConfess.png]]
** [[:File:Memoirtosapphire.png]]
** [[:File:Sapphireandrubytalk.png]]
** [[:File:Angrysapphire.png]]
** [[:File:Rubyshocked.png]]
** [[:File:Ruby1.png]]
====Episode screenshots====
====Episode screenshots====

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Urgent tasks

Pokémon Special -> Pokémon Adventures

Pokémon PiPiPi Adventure -> Magical Pokémon Journey


  • Colosseum face sprite project: missing shinies and Unown ACEFGJKLMNORTUVWX?
    • Recapture faces: (normals) none, (shinies) none *

Regular tasks

Specific tasks

Scheduled tasks


Episode screenshots

In total 0 images to go through.

When all AG episode categories are cleared, remove also the category Category:Advanced Generation screenshots.