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BBF Dimond15

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Title: My one
Author: Dimond15

“The battle between Gary from Palletown and the challenger from Palletown may start!” Yelled the referee. We were outside Oak's lab, on the dirt, and now we had finally started.

“Go Blastoise!” Shouted Gary. The red light flowed out of the pokeball and took the shape of of the infamous Blastoise. I know who to send out! I thought.

“Luxray, let's do this!” Luxray flew through the ball, and howled. He reminded me of a wolf. We had the advantage, water was weak fighting an electric pokemon. “Let's start! Luxray, thunderbolt!” Once more, Luxray howled and then the clouds started fading from snow white to rock gray. ZOOM! A bolt of lightning flew out of the sky and struck Blastoise in the arm. The creature moaned. “No, dodge!” Gary shrieked. Just as another beam of light was about to hit, the pokemon leaped out of the way, landing on its feat. “Good, now use water pulse!” The creature pulled its head back, then forward releasing a jet of water headed straight for Luxray! Luxray widened his eyes.

“Get out of the way!” I commanded my pokemon. Luxray crouched then flew up in the air, a little too late.

“Luxra-a-a-a-y!” screeched Luxray as the water stroked it's front right leg. It hopped back down. We have the advantage, but this Blastoise was incredibly strong. I gritted my teeth.

“Iron tail now!” I pointed toward my creature.

“Hydro pump now!” Gary said. Blastoise took a step back, then, shot forward, a tidal wave released from it's pumps. Luxray sped forward. I knew how he felt. Scared. Afraid of what was in front of him. Slowly, his tail turned from onyx to chrome. His pace quickened. Then, a moment before the wave would have smashed into him, he leaped into the air, into a ball flipping. His tail collided with it. Though the move wasn't strong enough.

“Arooooh!” Luxray fell back. He was battered and bleeding. His fur was now a quarter blood red. With blood. It was also soaked with water. Just then, Luxray's front paws went into a crouch. He was about to be KO'd!

“No Lux!” I yelled. “Don't do this! You've been building on this for more than a year! You can win!” Then, Luxray sped off, probably about to use giga impact! Though that would drain most of his health. If Blastoise wasn't knocked out by then, Gary would have the monopoly with my weak and tired pokemon.

“Water pulse!” Muttered Gary. Blastoise fired. No, I thought.

“Dodge it!” I called to my pocket monster. Though Luxray just stood there. Then he got hit. He flew back, still not even making a noise. I hung my head. It was the only thing to do. Suddenly, I heard a strange noise like...bees buzzing. I looked up to Luxray. He was surrounded by lightning coming from the ground. I knew what was happening. His ability, rivalry.

“Luxray,” I said softly, “execute the plan.” He nodded and, fur wet from the hydro pump and water pulse, started running toward Blastoise.

Gary crossed his arms along his chest. “Is that all you got? Water pulse.” Blastoise laid it's head back then leaned forward and spat the move.

“Luxray, dodge to the left!” Luxray quickly, still running, took a turn to the left, narrowly escaping the water. “Now! Do it!” I screeched.

“Aoooooooooooooooooooooh!” He howled. I stepped back, smiling. The plan was about to work. Suddenly, a huge sound blocked out everything. It was thunder. Then the move hit my opponent's pokemon, just before Luxray would've tackled him. Which he did right after. Blaistoise flew back at least two decameters, Luxray's head pile-driving into it's stomach. Then it's back crashed against a tree. Hard. It was burned, beat up, winded, and now, KO'd.

The referee held up his flag in his right hand, “Blastoise is now longer able to battle. The challenger wins!”

“Yes!” I thought out loud. I had done what I thought I couldn't! I beat Gary Oak! Then my cheering quickly died. Gary was still smiling. I put my hands down.

“Very good, very good.” Gary muttered. Suddenly his hands flew into the air next to his ear holding a pokeball. His smile was scaring me now. “But not good enough! Let's move, Electrivire!” He swung the pokeball out. Electrivire? What was that pokemon? I brought out my pokedex just before I saw it was one of the strongest pokemon I've ever seen. Electrivire, the pokedex said, The Thunderbolt pokemon. It pushes the two tips of it's tails against a foe, then lets loose up to 20,000 volts of power. It was at least 6 feet tall! The pokemon's hair blew around in the summer wind. This was going to be tough.

“Luxray, return!” Luxray slipped back into his ball. “Go for it,” I have to make the right decision! “Go for it, Infernape!” The fire primate seemed to leap out of it's ball where it was cooped up and out onto the battle field. It's fire gleamed red. Electrivire's tails were moving around, prepared to shock some ape.

“We're gonna do it!” I lifted my fist into the air, punching the invisible opponent in front of me. “Use fire blast!” Infernape did a running start, then flipped into the air, releasing a bolt of fire toward the thunderbolt pokemon.

“Electrivire, dodge it!” Gary threw his arm to the right. Following his duties, the pokemon leaped into the air to it's right. “Now use giga impact!” It landed, than in an attempted to fulfill it's duties, Electrivire started to run at Infernape. What to do, what to do?! I thought, looking around for something to help, then I got it!

“Infernape! Use giga impact!” Unsure if to do it, he looked back at me. I nodded. He did back. Then turned to his enemy. Infernape started running as well, gaining speed. The air around him was bright green and red, along with Electrivire. Then I widened my eyes when the two pokemon hit.

BOOM!!! Smoke pillowed from the explosion site. I put my arm up to defend myself, which didn't work. I was pushed back, but firmly stood my ground. When the smoke and dust cleared, I looked over the events. Then I looked at Infernape.

He was on the ground, his eyes swirly, KO'd. “No...” I whispered under my breath. Though when I looked at Electrivire, I smiled. He was out cold! Then the ref put both hands at his sides. “Both pokemon are unable to battle. Round 2 is a tie between Gary and the challenger.” I sat back along a tree and gave a sigh. I was winning. Gary had to win the final battle just to tie. If I win, I win the match.

“Infernape,” I held out my pokeball. “return. Now go,” I lifted another ball. “Floatzel.” Floatzel slid out of the pokeball and onto the dirt. It was usually a bad idea to send a pokemon out first so you could determine what to use, but this was my last pokemon.

“And go,” said Gary, “Golem.” Golem flew out of Gary's ball and onto the battlefront. I had the advantage! Water beats rock every time! This would be easy. “Golem use self-destruct!” Yelled Gary. What?! I thought. Self-destruct would knock out Golem? Does he not think he has a chance or what? Golem spun around three times then just plan exploded. Floatzel screeched. He flew back. No Floatzel! Then I looked up the ref was holding out the flags down to his knees.

“Both pokemon are unable to battle. With two ties and one win, the winner is the challenger from Palletown!” He raised the flag to me. My eyes widened. I had won? I had truly won?! Gary came over and shook my hand.

“You're an amazing trainer. You've made your pokemon strong. You've become strong with them.” With that he left toward the lab. I fell to my knees. I needed to find a pokemon center. My guys were out and plain out exhausted.

“That, was the best battle ever!!” I screeched. Now, I truly think I am the best pokemon trainer ever.

Little did I know, Ash Ketchem was watching the battle. He had been the ref. “Let's go!” He shouted. I looked up, then fell to the ground. Now I was out.