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Title: Battle to the Finish
Author: E-MAN

It was finally time for that battle, the battle that I’ve been waiting for all my life. A lot of people my hope to battle the champion of their region others my hope to fight with just the stronger trainer they can find; but I have someone else my best friend.

I was in the school pokemon field facing the strong wind currents that were hitting my face. I could see my best friend Juan staring at me with his oval glasses, he had wore his lucky red shirt today; I think he didn’t washed it much.

“So, Ellery, you ready for our battle” Juan smirked I knew that he was sure he was going to win he always managed to do so.

“Heck yeah I’m, you better be ready cause I ain’t losing this one” I clenched my fist. This really made me look cool together with my white shirt, it also made people notice the eagle on my shirt.

The bell sounded off which meant the battle was about to start; we both jumped up and threw our pokeballs. “Go gallade” my faithful gallade landed on the floor doing its usual battle stand and preparing to cut through everything. “Gallade eh, in that case I’ll use my dusknoir” Juan threw his own pokeball letting out his sinister durknoir. “Okay gallade go psycho cut” I threw my hand as fast as I could so that gallade could do what I ordered. “Dusknoir, shadow ball” Juan played with his glasses staring at the battle.

Gallade ran over to dusknoir at an incredible speed; his swords started glowing in a dark purple as they started cutting dusknoir. Unfortunately dusknoir waited till the last moment to let out a big black ball of energy, he threw it at gallade and sent my loyal partner flying to the other side of the field.

I stared at gallade’s body, it was twitching in pain but it got up. “Gallade use your leaf blade” gallade started disappearing and appearing at a great speed, faster than I’ve ever seen. Gallade’s blades glew in a clear green as it slashed dusknoir again; this time dusknoir couldn’t make a counter attack.

Juan smirked again, he looked very confident even though he knew I had the upper hand on this battle. “I’ll win Ellery, just like every time we’ve competed with each other; I will win for sure” Juan looked at me. “Now dusknoir use your hypnosis” Juan put his hand in front of dursknoir’s face and the shadow moved down on gallade, it let out some sonic blue waves and gallade fell sleep.

I kept staring at my now sleep gallade; I couldn’t wake him up. “Dusknoir use your dream eater” dusknoir started absorbing shadows our of my gallade, it was like watching someone punish a person, my gallade fell to the floor; I couldn’t watched so I restored it immediately. “Good job gallade you deserve a rest” I looked at Juan; he returned his dusknoir since the round was over he had won the first round. “Good luck battling me on the second round, go garchomp” Juan threw out his great dragon pokemon garchomp; next to his starter empoleon, garchomp was one of Juan’s best pokemon cause of its very picky personality. “I will win no matter what, go electavire” I threw my second round pokemon my strong electavire a pokemon that had helped me for a long time in my adventures.

“Now go electavire use thunderbolt” I screamed with so much rage I couldn’t let electavire lose this battle, electavire fired a bunch of electric lightning at garchomp; garchomp flinched a little bit at electavire’s attack. “That won’t work and you know it garchomp dragon rush.” As soon as Juan said that garchomp leapt up and surrounded its buddy with a purple and yellow light it then went down to strike my electavire. “Electavire go and use thunder punch” electavire ran to garchomp its fist glowing with a pulsating thunder it hit garchomp straight on and sent it flying.

“Now iron tail!” I yelled at the top of my voice; this battle was about to end that I was sure of. “I don’t think so go garchomp use dragon rush” garchomp did the same thing it did earlier and it crashed with electavire’s glowing tail; there was a great explosion that blinded me completely.

“I can’t see anything” I heard Juan said while he was trying to get some smoke out of his eyes. “There they are” I pointed at electavire and garchomp; they were both gasping for air and after a harsh minute of waiting garchomp fell down to the floor.

“I won this round Juan” I jumped to the air and returned my electavire so that it could take a good rest. “Now my third choice will be charizard” I threw my pokeball; it had hold of my most precious pokemon of all, my great starter charizard; it was the pokemon I chose when I started and now it was about to help me win this one too. “Charizard a battle of the starters it is, go empoleon” he threw his own starter’s pokeball and empoleon came out doing a king’s stand. “Okay charizard let’s go win this last battle” Charizard roared to the sky and empoleon danced in circles all around.

“Now charizard go and use flamethrower” charizard obeyed my command and it fired a great stream of fire at empoleon; even though empoleon was a water type Juan didn’t knew that empoleon would still be affected cause it was a steel type. “Ellery, that was a great strategy, but I will have to treat you with everything I got, just like I always do and like I did to protect you from all those bullies” Juan said reminding me about all those times he protected me. “

That’s right, but I will show you that I’m still stronger” I put my foot down and prepare to make my attack. “Go charizard use your blastburnnnnnnnnnnn!” I yelled with no worries, Juan also got a head starts. “Go empoleon use your hydro cannon.”

Charizard flew to the air and it started charging red energy in its body, it felt like seeing a sun setting in. Empoleon also started charging energy except this one was blue. When they were both ready, they prepared to fire their ultimate attack. Charizard fired a huge raging red beam at empoleon. Empoleon opened its wings and it fired a huge whirlpool of water at the blastburn, they both crashed together and kept going.

Both blast kept going with a super strong energy, I don’t know why but I felt like Juan was the champion I was suppose to battle; like if he was the one I was destined to prove myself for. Finally both blast exploded sending me and Juan flying out of the field and into the walls.

I saw Juan trying to get up but he was hurt and couldn’t. I started waking to his side of the field ignoring the cloud of smoke in front of me. Everyone gasped when they saw the cloud disappearing but I didn’t put much attention.

When Juan saw me he looked like he had seen a ghost. “Why are you doing this, we’re rivals,” he barely said looking at me with his sad eyes. “Yeah; but we’re friends and we fought to the finish without giving up, you were my greatest opponent yet” I gave him my hand so that he could lift himself up. “Thanks man” he grabbed my hand and I got him up.

When I finally turned around I saw charizard was kneeling down on the field in front of a fallen empoleon. As for my surprise charizard did the same thing I did for Juan. “See, now let’s go; you’ll buy the ice cream” I smiled at him and we both started walking like the best friends we were.

In the end I won the battle everyone always waits for; but this battle didn’t just thought me a good lesson on battling but also on how to be a friend.