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BBF Sirsteve

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Title: Lost, then Found
Author: Sirsteve

It was an early morning for Sven. Despite the fact he was absolutely exhausted with the traveling he did up the frigid Mount Pole, he had to be up and ready: he had been searching for a certain someone for years now, and he was close. Real close. But he had a feeling that this was it. This was the day, and this was the area that he would find him, and be rid of the burden once and for all. His journeying led to this moment.

"You won't find him you know." A Nurse Joy called to Sven as he started to walk out. "He probably knows you're close, and he'll run away again". "Perhaps". Sven replied, turning around. "But I have to try. Giving up is for the weak. I'm far from it". He called his Honchkrow, who, after placing a red scarf he won in recent tournament around his neck, gave a small eager caw, then hopped on his shoulder. He turned around, and headed back outside in the snow.

A few hours of snow-trudging later, Sven noticed that the wind started to pick up, and the snow started falling more furiously. "I'm close..." he thought to himself, determination warming him in the cold. Suddenly, a flash of light appeared, and with it, an alarmed Jynx. The Jynx jumped suddenly as she disappeared in another flash of light. Sven had no time to ponder the whys, as another flash of light filled the air, this time indicating the arrival of... him...

"He" was an older gentleman. Bald (but with a long whit beard), a touch pudgy, and an apparent obsession with the color red as indicated by his curious garb. He still seemed to have an air of dignity about him, as he advanced closer and asked, almost exasperated "Why? Why do you come? You've caused me nothing less than utter dread since you learned of me." "I know its weird, but I've got something to settle with you". "No." he interrupted. "I, Kristoph, will protect my dignity in battle at least. 3 on 3. If I win, you are to leave me be forever. Should you win, I will... give in to whatever reason you've come for me." "I was hoping not to battle, but if you truly insist upon it, I'm prepared..." Each man grabbed his first Pokeball, in preperation of an arctic battle.

"Abamasnow!" Kristoph yelled, calling out his first. His materialization marked by even harder hail that began to fall. Sven called out his Charizard, battle hardened after many years of training to combat the beast. "CHARIZARD! USE FLAMETHROWER!" Sven had fought Abamasnow before, and usually, that was usually all it would need. But something was amiss. The intense flame melted the snow in the nearby radius of the Flamethrower, but Abamasnow was nowhere to be seen...

"USE ICE PUNCH!" A shocked Charizard was blungeoned by a large frozen fist in the back of the head. Not terrible effective, but now Sven came to the realization that he'd have to play this smarter. He must have concealed himself in the snow somehow. He realized the how quickly, when the forest to his right had a big, gaping Abamasnow shaped snow indent in it. Abamasnow had to be hiding in the forest. But the snow and hail made it different to tell where.

Normally, Sven would not resort to enviromental destruction, even in a barren land, but he figured burning that small section of trees would be the only way he would get out of it. "CHARIZARD! USE FIRE SPIN ON THAT CLUSTER OF TREES!" Charizard took a deep breath, as he prepared what was perhaps the biggest Fire Spin he ever unleashed. As he exhaled, flames danced around the section of trees, and melted the snow around them, even warming the air a bit, until finally enveloping a suprised Abamasnow who jumped out in terror. "GREAT! NOW GET UP THERE AND USE MEGA PUNCH TO SLAM HIM BACK ON THE GROUND!" Charizard began to fly up in trimuph, and proceeded to do as instructed. A hard punch in the face downward caused Abamasnow to fall back onto the snow in the open area where the two men stood. Abamasnow stood up in a daze. Charizard landed facing his bruised opponent. Abamasnow, gave one last glare to Charizard, before collapsing in exhaustion. "Good job" an almost monotone Kristoph called. "Take a rest". Abamasnow was recalled, the hail, with it. Honchkrow breathed a sigh of relief.

Kristoph prepared his next Pokemon. Sven and Charizard, partners for 10 years, stood and awaited for the next. "DELIBIRD! SHOW THEM WHAT YOU CAN DO!". A Delibird came out of its Pokeball. Much smaller than Charizard, and much less threatening that Abamasnow in appearance, Charizard couldn't help but give a snorting chuckle. Sven maintained his composure, but Honchkrow already was in the middle of a mocking caw. "HA!" Sven laughed. "A Delibird? That's your ace in the hole?" A downtrodden Kristoph began to speak. "No. I suppose with old age comes senelity. I have to give you your kudos however." Sven stood perplexed. "Delibird" The ice bird turned to his master with his call. "Don't you have... a PRESENT?" Delibird turned to Kristoh in confusion. "...for our friend Charizard?" Delibird nodded, walked over to Charizard who just stood there confused, and humbled as he was handed a dainty white box, tied with a long red ribbon. Charizard used his claw to cut the ribbon. He opened the lid to find a large prelit bomb inside. Charizard stood panicked waiting for an order, but by the time Sven realized what it was, it exploded, leaving Charizard in a collapsed state. For all intents and purposes, Charizard was unable to battle.

"That's pretty low, Kristoph" He seethed as he recalled Charizard. "Go with what works" He replied as he shrugged his shoulders. Sven suddenly regained focus. "GO ABSOL!" Absol appeared, white fur blowing in the wind. "USE NIGHTSLASH!" Absol leaped forward and lunged toward Delibird. "QUICK! GIVE ANOTHER PRESENT!" Delibird pulled out another box, similar to the last, and flung it at Absol. His NightSlash opened the box revealing a poffin, which Absol ate in mid air. As he landed, he exhaled, a small smoke puff leaving his mouth. "Hmph... Spicy kinds are his favorite" Sven smiled as he remarked this to himself. Kristoph interupted his musings "DELIBIRD! USE DRILL..." "ME FIRST!" Absol conjured a present which flew at Delibird. Inside it, a music box, which played a soothing melody that caused Delibird to blissfully fall to sleep. Delibird was quietly recalled.

Kristoph stared at Sven. He is clearly not a cruel trainer, and he has a degree of compassion, but yet he insited on hounding him. He didn't know why, but he had to find out. He reached for his final Pokeball. "It's been awhile since you had to battle, but BLITZEN! I NEED YOUR HELP!" A Stantler jumped out, bracing himself in a bucking position.

"ABSOL! USE BODY SLAM!" "BLITZEN! USE CONFUSE RAY!" A soothing beam came from its antlers as Absol fell into a daze. Suddenly enraged, he lunged toward the perched Honchkrow, who dodged quickly, then reperched. Absol, however, kept flying until he crashed into a tree. Absol collected himself, no longer confused, but that head-on collision with the tree was definetely the clincher, as he collapsed. Absol was recalled.

"ALRIGHT!" Sven yelled. "We're on the final leg". "GO LUCARIO!" Lucario jumped out and landed in the snow, focused and ready. "USE AURA SPHERE!" Lucario focused his energies as he unleashed his move. "DODGE! AND CHARGE IN FOR A TACKLE!" Blitzen jumped amazingly high, dodgeing the aura, then ran faster than a Rapidash as he prepared a tackle. Lucario stood still, just waiting for the prompt...

"LUCARIO! BRACE YOURSELF! GRAB THE HORNS!" A loud thud was heard as Lucario was bracing himself, hands clutched in the horns. "GET HIM OFF USING CONFUSE RAY!" "C'MON LUCARIO! FOCUS! WE'VE BEEN THROUGH WORSE THAN THIS!" Lucario resisted the ray's soothing sounds, and blocked antlers with his hands. Blitzen stood confused himself. "GREAT!" Sven called. "LET HIM OFF WITH A FLASH CANNON!" Lucario took a deep breath as it went off, temporarily blinding Blitzen as he flew back. He grounded himself and prepared to charge again. "AURA SPHERE!" Lucario unleashed another, and this time it collided with Blitzen, who temporarily reeled before finally collapsing in exhaustion. Blizen was recalled. Kristoph fell to his knees.

Lucario was recalled. Sven approached the man. Scared to death. "Now, we're gonna talk." Sven started sternly. "I don't care what you do to me anymore. I gave it my best." Kristoph said almost breathlessly. "I see you can't be reasoned with. So here is how it will work." Kristoph looked up at his victorious opponent. Sven nodded to Honchkrow, who pulled out a red stocking hat with white lacing on the brim. and dropped it in front of him. "You will put your hat back on, and prepare for Christmas. It's been way too long since you lost it, and your "list", which is still intact, Mr. Kringle, sir." Kristoph looked up at a smiling Sven, and placed his hat back on his head. He rose with a wink and a smile with his outfit once again completed, apologized to Sven for the decade of misunderstanding, and began to walk away. "Thanks for the Charmander, Santa!" Sven called as Kristoph walked away. He turned, extremely jubilant and handed Sven another wrapped box, labeled for him. Kristoph bellowed out one last merry laugh before disappearing again.

Later on at the Pokemon Center, Sven read the card included. "I know you wanted one of these... -Kris" He opened the box to find a Pokedex. Sven was elated to know that he still knew what he wanted after all that time, and he joyfully put it away before his rest. He had a long way down Mount Pole.