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BBF Trainer-c

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Title: The Trainer's Path.
Author: Trainer-c

“Alright, let’s make this battle the best one we possibly can guys…” The trainer whispered as he entered the impressive yet familiar arena.

“So, C. You ready for this match? This will be our first battle since I left for the Hoenn region.”

“Oh I’m ready, Sam. I should ask if you are ready to see how much I’ve learned in your absence.”

“Shellder, you’re up!” C. called as he flung the Poke Ball and a Shellder boldly emerged landing in the arena.

“Ooo, a Shellder? I didn’t see you as the type to train one of those.” Sam teased before tossing her Poke Ball. “Come on out, Snover!” A Snover with an adamant look in its eye appears on the field, causing hail to rain over the entire arena.

“Alright Shellder lets start things off with Toxic, and follow with Ice Shard!” Shellder begins to glow with a purple hue as it prepares the toxins then suddenly freezes them and fires the frozen shards of poison towards Snover.

“Whoa! Snover, dodge and counter with Mud Slap!” Snover leaps to the side using its arm to scrape the ground flinging a ball of mud into Shellder’s eyes obscuring its vision, at the same time a few of the Ice Shards manage to hit Snover causing it to be poisoned.

“Pretty clever tactic, but Snover and I still have plenty of fight left in us.” Sam explains before giving her next command.

“Snover! Use Icy Wind and then give ‘em a taste of your Wood Hammer!”

C. quickly follows with his own command. “Shellder! Iron Defense!”

Shellder withdraws into its shell as Snover launches an arctic blast causing ice to form on its shell lowering Shellder’s mobility. Snover is surrounded by a green glow as it charges Shellder preparing to attack.

C. shouts “Use Substitute, and Follow with Double Edge!” and with a poof Shellder vanishes leaving a Substitute it in its place. Snover’s arm Slams into the substitute and it breaks while Shellder reappears, and flings its body full force towards Snover.

Sam yells out “Seed Bomb!” and Snover fires a massive seed which slams into the approaching Shellder and explodes sending both Pokémon hurling back towards their trainers and into the ground. The damage sustained by both combatants is obvious as Snover suffers the effects of worsening toxic poisoning, and Shellder is relentlessly pelted by the hailstorm. The Pokémon return to attacking positions.

“Okay, Shellder. This is it. Use Double Edge!” Shellder obeys its trainer and flings itself at Snover.

“Snover Use Icy Wind to slow their momentum and then use Seed Bomb, full power!” Snover hits Shellder full-blast with Icy Wind, and quickly follows by firing off a Seed Bomb into the air.

“Shellder! Ice Shard!” Shellder fires the chunks of ice down the center of the Icy Wind attack, where they hit their mark and knock Snover to the ground. At the same time, Snover’s Seed Bomb descends from the sky landing on Shellder. “No! Shellder!” C. shouted. “I think this round is a draw.” Sam states as the mist obscuring the field clears to reveal Shellder unconscious and Snover just hanging on before the final round of Toxic damage causes it to pass out as well.

Both trainers recall their Pokémon.

“Now let’s get to it!” C. said as he chose his next Poke Ball. “Flygon! Help me out!” the ball opens and a Flygon emerges and lands in the center of the field yawning mildly. Sam smiles, and tosses her next Poke Ball “Jumpluff! I choose you!” Jumpluff is released from the Poke Ball and floats onto the field giving a modest bow.

“I get the first move this time.” Sam announced before giving her commands. “Jumpluff! Sleep powder!” Jumpluff leaps into the air and unleashes a cloud of sleep powder. “Flygon! Use your Dragon Pulse!” Flygon blasts a pulse of energy into the cloud of sleep powder.

“Ha! That’s just what I expected you to do!” Sam taunts. “Now, Jumpluff! Use Energy Ball” Jumpluff fires the swirling ball of green energy, and it collides with the Dragon Pulse knocking the attack into Flygon causing it to fall to the ground. “Flygon! Are you alright?” Flygon gives a cry of affirmation as it stands, and then takes to the air.

“Okay. Flygon, we won’t let them trick us again! Get in close!” Flygon moves in on Jumpluff. “Jumpluff! Hidden Power!” Jumpluff takes aim at Flygon, when suddenly, C. shouts. “Flygon! Dive and come up right under Jumpluff and then use Flamethrower!” Flygon dives the moment before the Hidden Power is launched. It then climbs right below Jumpluff and shoots a stream of flames towards the floating Pokémon.

“Arrg! Jumpluff! Dodge it!” Jumpluff faces straight ahead and quickly fires an Energy Ball attack letting the recoil from the attack to push it backwards, but not quickly enough to avoid being hit by the lion’s share of the Flamethrower.

“Jumpluff! Stagger your attacks to keep Flygon at a distance. Then use Sleep Powder!” Jumpluff alternates between Energy Ball and Hidden Power as it fires one attack after another at Flygon pushing it back. Once Flygon is at a distance, Jumpluff spins as it releases clouds of Sleep Powder creating a defensive shroud with the attack.

“You won’t get in close a second time C. Flygon can’t see where we will attack from within the cloud” Sam grinned. “Flygon! Draco Meteor!” Flygon begins to glow and darts skyward reaching dizzying heights, then lets out a cry. A swarm of meteorites enter from the atmosphere and descend towards the barrier of Sleep Powder.

“Jumpluff, get out of there!” Jumpluff dodges as much of the attack as it can, but still ends up taking severe damage from the attack and passes out. “Yahoo! You did it, Flygon!” C. cheers as Flygon descends and flies towards its trainer.

Sam recalls her Jumpluff. “You were amazing out there today. I’m proud of you.” She chooses her last Poke Ball. “Come on out, Meganium!” The ball opens and Meganium leaps into the field and watches the grass having a similar mildness to it as Flygon. “Flygon keep to the skies and hit Meganium with Dragon Pulse!”

Flygon stays airborne and launches Dragon Pulse towards Meganium. “Meganium use Light Screen, and follow with Leaf Storm!” Meganium creates a screen which the incoming Dragon Pulse collides into, and is reflected away, sending the attack harmlessly crashing into the ground. Meganium follows with a fierce cry as a sudden gust of wind blows over the battle field, Meganium begins glow, then fires a swirling typhoon of leaves the barrage hits Flygon almost knocking it out of the air.

“Flygon! Climb out of the range of that attack and then use U-Turn!” Flygon ascends until the storm of leaves can no longer reach it, then dives towards Meganium at great speed. “Meganium Dodge!” Sam yells. Meganium makes a leap in its best attempt to escape the ever approaching attack, but Flygon hits its mark, sending Meganium backwards from the force of the collision. Flygon then vanishes returning to its Poke Ball.

“You’ve set things up nicely, Flygon. Now go finish this, Magnezone!” C. throws his Poke Ball and a Magnezone appears in the air over the field. The Magnet Pokémon floats towards its trainer rather naively missing the fact that it is in a battle. “Okay, Magnezone. Just one more opponent and we win this.” Magnezone gives an affirming beep, and turns its focus to the battle.

“Flygon, or Magnezone, it doesn’t matter. Cause Meganium and I will beat you just the same. Meganium, show them your Return attack!”

Meganium charges towards Magnezone gathering speed with each step.

“Use Flash Cannon to slow Meganium down!” Magnezone shines glaringly as the sunlight reflects off of its metallic body. Meganium is blinded by the sudden flash of light, as Magnezone harness the glare into a round ball of light and fires it at a lowered height just along the ground towards Meganium’s front legs.

“Meganium jump!” Sam quickly shouts. Meganium hears its trainer and leaps into the air, and the Flash Cannon attack passes just under Meganium.

“Discharge!” Magnezone flashes and discharges large bolts of electricity, which strike Meganium while it is in the air. Because of its position in mid-air Meganium’s Light Screen is only half-effective at deflecting the bolts. Meganium begins to recover its sight and comes down crashing into Magnezone to finish its Return attack. The collision sends both Magnezone and Meganium flying back from the recoil.

“Wow, C. I’ve got to hand it to you, that Flash Cannon could have been dangerous.” Sam says. “I was impressed with how in sync you were with Meganium even while it was blinded.” C. replied.

“Back to business. Magnezone! Metal Sound!” Magnezone starts to vibrate emitting the sounds of metal objects clanging and scraping causing Meganium to freeze in place, as it struggles against the sounds.

“Meganium use Light Screen, and follow with Return!” Meganium manages to create a fresh barrier which cuts the noise from the Metal Sound, then Meganium charges towards Magnezone at full speed, keeping the light screen in front of it as a shield.

“Magnezone! Thunder Wave!” Magnezone charges its entire body with electricity as Meganium crashes into it at full force, sending Magnezone crashing into the ground.

Sam gives a smile, and shouts. “Earthquake!” “No! Magnezone! Get up!” Meganium stands upon its hind legs then quickly brings its forelegs slamming into the ground, causing a shockwave to travel through the ground hitting Magnezone for critical damage before it can get airborne. Magezone passes out.

“Magnezone, come on back.”C. Recalls the fallen Pokemon. “Flygon! One more time!” Flygon re-emerges from its Poke Ball onto the field.

“Flygon has to be tired now.” Sam commented. “Meganium can’t be in great shape either.” C. replied. “Go! Meganium! Pin Flygon your Return!”

“Flygon! Go in above Meganium and use Dragon Pulse!” Meganium runs at Flygon, but Flygon takes to the air and closes in on Meganium from above, preparing to attack.

“Meganium! Stop and reverse direction!” Sam yells. Meganium comes to a halt and changes direction, causing Flygon to fly right past it.

“Flygon! Come back around and get Meganium!” Flygon begins to turn in the air, but Sam shouts. “Use Leaf Storm!” “Flygon! Draco Meteor!” Flygon lets out a roar summoning a swarm of meteors to come hurling towards Meganium. Flygon is hit by the Leaf Storm, and knocked off its balance, as Meganium is hit by the large meteors.

“Now’s our chance! Dive towards Meganium and rotate your body while using Flamethrower!”

Sam notices that Meganium is glowing with a strong green aura as Overgrow kicks in. “Meganium! Leaf Storm! Full power!”

Meganium unleashes a massive Leaf Storm as Flygon launches a spinning Flamethrower, the attacks collide and Flygon and Meganium keep pushing.

“Don’t give up Meganium!” Sam shouts. “We’re almost there Flygon! Just a little more! Use Quick Attack!”

Flygon stops its Flamethower and darts under the Leaf Storm and rams into Meganium at full speed. The Leaf Storm slowly fades as Meganium passes out, and falls to the ground.

“Meganium, return.” Sam recalls Meganium. “You gave an outstanding performance today, and I couldn’t be prouder of you.” C. runs onto the field and hugs Flygon. “You really pulled it off! I knew you guys could do it!” Tonight we are all gonna celebrate! C. Walks over to Sam and extends his hand.

“You sure gave me one heck of a battle. One of the greatest I’ve ever had.” Sam shakes C’s hand. “Yeah. The last time I was pushed this far in battle I was at the Hoenn Battle Frontier.” “You and your Pokemon will come celebrate with us, right?” C. Asked hopefully. “Sure. Why not, you won the battle so you have earned that much, right?” Sam teased.