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BBF Xhandin

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Title: The Silver Ball Battle Confront
Author: Xhandin

I was there, in the Stark Mountain, when I saw a Pokémon Trainer chasing another trainer. The chased one stopped. The other one stopped too, and start yelling, saying something like “there is no way to run now”; and “give me back that thing you have stolen”. So, they started battling, I think that was to resolve their problem.

And then, they started. I got, by hearing all the talk that the guy that was chasing the other was named Axel, and the other was named Irvine. By the way, Axel first called Magnezone, and Irvine called Lickilicky. Magnezone started with Swift, but Lickilicky have used Slam and spared the attack. Lickilicky go to Magnezone with Rollout, but Magnezone used Double Team, and Lickilicky missed the attack. Then, after the Double Team, he returns, still with Rollout. So, Axel has a great idea: he ordered Magnezone to use Flash Cannon immediately in front of the Lickilicky, causing the floor all destructed, and then, this caused that Lickilicky have roll in the direction of the floor all destructed. Then, utilizing that the Lickilicky was out of control, Magnezone uses Thunderbolt. But Irvine‘s response was more quick: he ordered Lickilicky to use Power Whip to impulse him to avoid Thunderbolt, and then, he utilized Power Whip to attack Magnezone. Axel did a smart response: he ordered Magnezone to raise its defense using Iron Defense. Then, Magnezone support the attack, and hold the whip with its arms. And then, with the whip on its arms, Magnezone used Thunderbolt, and electrocuted Lickilicky by the whip. But, Irvine ordered Lickilicky to swing the whip and hit Magnezone in a rock, even in Lickilicky being electrocuted. By the two attacks that both Pokémon have received, that round ends in a draw.

Now, for the second round, the things were different. The battle has come in a different stage, a stage that meant that the battle just has started.

Axel called Aggron, the powerful Rock/Steel type Pokémon, and Irvine called Hippowdon. That Hippowdon was a bit different of the common. His teeth have a silver color. Hippowdon started with Thunder Fang, and Aggron counters it with Headbutt. Aggron have been hurt more than Hippowdon. Irvine, utilizing that Aggron were hurt, he ordered Hippowdon to use Earthquake. Axel did a quick response for this, and ordered Aggron to use Earthquake too. The two sides were hurt now.

Now, Axel ordered Aggron to use that technique. Then, I thought that must be a powerful attack. Aggron used Water Pulse. Irvine ordered Hippowdon to use Dig to avoid the attack. But, after Hippowdon have avoided the attack, Axel called Aggron back, saying “your job is done Aggron, come back”. So, I have thought what that mean, what Axel was planning for that Hippowdon. Aggron can’t beat that Pokémon, which Hippowdon was a really powerful Pokémon, different from, by example, the Lickilicky.

For now, Axel called Mr. Mime. Irvine keeps up with Hippowdon. But, Hippowdon was still underground. If Hippowdon hit Mr. Mime with Dig, Mr. Mime may have serious problems.

Then, Hippowdon emerges from underground, but Mr. Mime uses Protect and the attack of Hippowdon doesn’t hurt him. And then, Hippowdon uses Double-Edge. Mr. Mime used Psybeam to counter it, but he is hit by Double-Edge. Hippowdon now uses Sandstorm, and a lot of sand went in the direction of Mr. Mime. But, Mr. Mime used Psychic, and controlled the sand. Hippowdon goes with Ice Fang now, but Mr. Mime used all that sand that he was controlling with Psychic to serve as a shield, and get protected of the Ice Fang of Hippowdon. But now, Irvine has a great response to that shield of sand, by using Body Slam in the top of the shield. The amazing weight of Hippowdon easily penetrates the shield and hit Mr. Mime. Mr. Mime was under Hippowdon, and he was weak. But, Axel has a great idea for that situation: he ordered Mr. Mime to use Substitute, and then, he got off the Body Slam of Hippowdon.

Mr. Mime was weak, but that was the time that Axel applied his secret tactic: the floor was all cleaved, due to Hippowdon’s consecutives earthquakes. Then, when Aggron used Water Pulse, a lot of water was between cleaves. So, Mr. Mime controlled with Psychic all the water, and made a new shield: a water shield. For now, Hippowdon can’t use contact moves, because, Ground types Pokémon are weak to water. But, Irvine had n idea for this too: he ordered Hippowdon to use Earthquake. I think that the tactic of Axel has failed, but, he has another idea for this case: he ordered Mr. Mime to put all water back to the floor, and then, when Hippowdon uses Earthquake, all water hit him due to the impact. But, Mr. Mime was hit by the Earthquake after all, and gets fainted. But, Hippowdon fainted too, and all the effort wasn’t useless.

But now, Axel was in trouble. His Aggron has battled, but the other Irvine’s Pokémon hasn’t! And Aggron was really weak. This final round may be really hard for Axel.

Axel sent out Aggron, and Irvine sent his last Pokémon too: he sent a Porygon-Z. Axel started ordering Aggron to use Flash Cannon. Irvine ordered Porygon-Z to use Protect, and then, to use Thunderbolt. But, Axel said to Aggron don’t move. It sounds really weird, but Aggron used Metal Burst on Porygon-Z, that is a counter attack. But now, Aggron is weaker than before, and Porygon-Z can still battle without problems. Porygon-Z now uses Zap Cannon, and Aggron uses Iron Tail to counter it. Then, Porygon-Z uses Ice Beam really quickly, that Aggron even can dodge. If it hits, may be the end of the battle. But, Axel has a wonderful idea for that time: he ordered Aggron to use Flash Cannon on the floor, which was still with water. All that water came up, and stopped Ice Beam, and the water was frost. Then, Axel continued with his response, and Aggron used Iron Tail on the frost water, which broke in thousands of pieces, and a lot of them have strike in Porygon-Z, and so, Porygon-Z can’t do a quick response because of this. Still with Iron Tail, Aggron hit Porygon-Z with a directly and powerful Iron Tail. Now then, Porygon-Z can’t battle more. The winner of the battle was Axel, with an outstanding tactic.

Then, the battle was over. Irvine had to give back the stolen thing that was of Axel. But, he didn’t want to give back nothing: he calls a Salamence, and run away. Unfortunately, Axel had no more Pokémon with him, and Irvine could escape easily. By seeing this, I’ve came and talked to him. I asked what was that “stolen thing”. He answered that Irvine stole him a rare object: a Silver Ball. He explained me that, a Silver Ball is a kind of Poké Ball that boosts the power of any Pokémon that is caught with it. He explained too that Hippowdon was the caught one with that ball. And then, after this, he said bye-bye, and gone walking off. I wish he can get that ball from Irvine someday.