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BBF Yoshimitsu27

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Title: Ongoing Rivalry
Author: Yoshimitsu27

Elliot grinned. He lived for this. The thrill of the battle. The knowledge that one false move could be the end of it all. The uncertainty of what the opponent would do next. It was intoxicating. It was what gave him his adrenaline. And he thrived on it. No matter who the opponent or what the stakes, he loved the battle. And everything that came with it. He pushed a few strands of his blonde hair from his face, and looked to the other side of the battlefield.

“Looks like we’re here again,” his opponent said, his words ringing across the arena.

“Did we ever leave this point, Ben?” Elliot replied. He ran a finger over one of the pokeballs at his waist.

“I guess not,” Ben agreed, grinning too. “We’ve always been like this.”

“This time’s different, though, Ben,” Elliot continued. “This time, I’m ready. I’m gonna win, no matter what.”

“We’ll just see about that,” Ben said, flicking his long, curly hair from his eyes and reaching for his belt. He snatched up the first of his pokeballs, throwing it as hard as he could into the arena. It cracked open, and with a bright flash of light, his pokemon was released. Sneasel, the cat pokemon. Elliot raised an eyebrow.

“That’s a new one,” he commented, grabbing one of his own pokeballs. He, too, threw his pokeball into the arena. With a second flash, Elliot’s pokemon was released. A Buneary. The rabbit pokemon hopped from side to side, curling and uncurling her ears as she readied herself.

“So’s that,” Ben replied. “Sneasel, let’s start things strong with an Ice Punch!”

Sneasel immediately obliged, bending his knees and springing forward, his movements swift as he closed the gap between himself and Buneary. Buneary did not need telling what to do - before Sneasel got close enough to launch his attack, Buneary had vanished. The rabbit was running around the arena with incredible speed, several images of her appearing, but soon skidded to a halt, stood a fair distance from Sneasel.

“An Agility, of course,” Elliot explained. “Buneary is fast. Show him a Bounce!”

Buneary nodded, and took a small running start before positively launching herself into the air as though she had been fired from a cannon, reaching a height that seemed impossible for such a small creature. She flipped in the air, tucking in her limbs to build up momentum, and dropping down faster than she had risen.

“A Bounce?” Ben asked.

“Watch and learn, Ben,” Elliot replied, nodding to the pokemon.

Sneasel dodged the attack, diving to the side. However, Buneary landed and immediately jumped again, drop-kicking the cat. Sneasel was sent skidding across the floor. He pulled himself to his feet, rubbing his side where Buneary had kicked him.

“Jump Kick. Your Sneasel’s gonna be feeling the effects of that one,” Elliot explained briefly, a grin plastered to his face.

“At four times damage, and caught off guard,” Ben muttered to himself. “Sneasel, Ice Beam! Stop Buneary from moving across the arena!”

Sneasel nodded, and jumped into the air, his palms held parallel as he focused. A glowing sphere of blue-white, ice element formed there as the cat summoned up his inner ice affinity, and with a powerful thrust he blasted the beam down. Tendrils of ice snaked across the arena, freezing everything they came into contact with. Buneary quickly jumped from side to side, dodging the ice as it came close, but her breath was coming out as steam. The arena was freezing solid.

“Ben, you need to attack, not just focus on getting advantages,” Elliot lectured. “Buneary! While Sneasel’s in the air, use Sky Uppercut!”

Buneary nodded. Despite the frozen arena, she was moving just as quickly and confidently as she was before, and shot across the arena. The affects of her Agility still lingering, she threw herself into the sky, her fist glowing brightly as she rapidly rose like a bird. In the air, there was no time to dodge, and Sneasel was hit with a powerful blow to his stomach. Because of the attack, he could not even right himself to land smoothly and crashed into the arena, unconscious.

“First round goes to me,” Elliot said, recalling Buneary. He quickly selected his next pokemon, and threw the pokeball into the arena. “Next one… Let’s go, Furret!”

Another flash of light, and Furret stood in the arena, his long figure poised and ready for battle.

“A Furret, huh?” Ben commented, recalling Sneasel. “Nice job Sneasel, you did your best. Okay, let’s go… Medicham!”

Ben threw his second pokeball. Again, a flash of light ended, revealing Ben’s second pokemon. Medicham stood, watching Furret closely for signs of attack.

“My turn first? Let’s start things out with a Slam attack, Furret!”

Furret immediately jumped into action. The ice, rather than slowing Furret down seemed to speed him up. He slid across the arena quickly, rapidly building up momentum, strengthening the Slam attack. Medicham, however, seemed to have other ideas. She stepped back on her glowing foot, and as soon as Furret got close enough, she kicked at the ferret pokemon swifting, hitting the pokemon’s jaw and throwing him back.

“Ouch, a kick to the teeth,” Elliot commented, wincing. “Furret, you okay? Hyper Voice it!”

Furret shook his head, trying to clear the stars he could see after that powerful kick. It had really hit hard, he was really feeling the effects. Any more hits like that, and he would be down for the count. Quickly, Furret drew himself to his tallest height. He opened his mouth and let out a ridiculously loud, banshee-like screech. Elliot and Ben immediately clapped their hands to their ears - the sound was painful to hear. Medicham was having similar issues, on her knees, head cradled in her hands as she tried to block out the sound.

“Medicham! Mind Reader and High Jump Kick!” Ben roared over the sound.

Medicham forced herself to look up, her eyes glowing as she peered into Furret’s mind, reading what he would do to dodge. Immediately, she stood up and sprinted at Furret, throwing herself high into the sky. As she knew he would, Furret dived to the right, but Medicham was already moving in that direction. She flipped in the air and brought her foot smashing down on the ferret’s head. Furret’s face was throw into the ground painfully, and she didn’t move, completely knocked out.

“Atcha…” Elliot said softly, clicking his fingers. “Return Furret, you did ace.”



“Never ask a pokemon to use Hyper Voice again,” Ben demanded, rubbing his temples. After recalling Medicham, he selected his third and final pokemon, throwing the pokeball. “Let’s show him how it’s done, Absol!”

With a bright blue flash this time, Absol appeared, rearing back on to his hind legs and swinging his head threateningly, the blade glinting in the light.

“I bet I know your first move,” Elliot commented, winking. “Okay, we’ll beat him this time. Let’s go, Ledian!”

Elliot threw his third and final pokeball, the ball opening with a green flash and a flurry of stars. Ledian appeared, her wings beating quickly to keep her in the air, swinging her arms as she readied her many punching techniques.

“Seals? Since when did you use Seals on your pokeballs?” Ben enquired.

“Since I realised that they look awesome,” Elliot replied.

“…Whatever. Absol, Perish Song!”

Absol nodded, and opened his mouth, singing a very melancholy tune that would not sound out of place at a funeral. Above the arena, a bell melted into view, with three glowing lights on it.

“Perish Song… You’re forcing the match to be over quickly. Alright Ledian, let’s do this. Agility!”

Ledian nodded, and suddenly her wings were working overtime. They moved so quickly, the bug pokemon did not appear to actually have any wings. Ledian started darting around the arena with alarmingly high speed, changing direction at the blink of an eye.

“Absol! Attack with Slash!”

Absol followed Ledian’s movements for a moment, then ran at her, swinging his head as he moved. As Ledian swerved in the air and changed direction, Absol dived at her, slashing with his head blade. Ledian quickly flew backwards, but the horn skimmed her torso, opening a shallow cut. Above them, the bell chimed, and the first light went out.

“Ledian! Get him with a Bug Buzz!”

There was a wealth of space above their heads, aside from the ball, so Ledian immediately flew directly upward. One he was comfortably out of Absol’s reach, he began beating his wings, but ever so slightly differently. This time, he was making a perculiar sound, the sound of a bee as it buzzed. The sound penetrated the ear drums of everyone around. Even though the trainers tried to cover their ears, the sound still hit them, and Elliot found himself with a massive headache. Absol glared up at the bug. Even though the sound was tearing up his eardrums and causing his head massive pain, he was already thinking of a way to stop it.

“Absol! Razor Wind!”

Absol jumped back, his horn glowing a violent blue as a strong wind rippled through the arena. The wind covered the sound of the buzz, but Absol was not finished. Jumping up, he sliced the air with his blade three times, each time releasing a visible blade of wind. Ledian moved quickly, swerving around the first, but the second was spinning as it approached her. As she tried to dodge, she ended up flying right into the attack, and was thrown backwards. The third blade hit with a similar effect.

The second chime, and the second light went out.

“Okay, let’s see if we can knock that thing out in this last round. Ledian, Mach Punch!”

With a glowing fist, Ledian flipped backward in the air, making a large arch before shooting towards the arena floor. He spun as he flew, not immediately flying at Absol. Ledian was sure that Absol would easily find a way to counter or dodge the attack if he attacked head on, so instead he was waiting momentarily. Suddenly, Ledian swerved and shot at Absol’s back like a bullet, throwing the powerful punch. Absol tried to dodge, but the move was too quick, and he was sent flying forward. However, the dark type was not quite down for the count just yet.

“Absol, Psycho Cut!”

Absol nodded, focusing briefly. Summoning up his psychic side was a fair bit more difficult than anything else he had done so far, but do it he did. His blade started glowing violently, but it was not a normal glow - the entire blade seemed to be shifting, warping uncontrollably. Absol immediately ran at Ledian, moving like a dog hunting down a cat. Ledian quickly flew back, wings working overtime, but something about that psychic attack was interfering with his rhythm, and he was not going as fast as he should have been. At the last moment, Ledian swerved, the Psycho Cut hitting his leg and knocking him, sending him spinning through the air. The attack had hurt, but he still had not fallen.

The bell chimed for a third and final time.

Both pokemon fainted, and were recalled.

“Nice match, Ben,” Elliot said appreciatively, nodding to Ben.

“Agreed. You’ve been improving,” Ben replied.

“You too,” Elliot commented, grinning.

“Well, until next time,” Ben said, waving and turning to leave.

“Yeah. Next time,” Elliot said to himself.