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BBF grotle06

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Title: Battle of a Lifetime
Author: grotle06

I walked onto the battlefield. I had made it to the Battle Pyramid. Clutching my three Poke Balls eligible for entry, I took my place. I'd heard what Brandon could do. The referee made the inevitable announcement. "Challenger Chris, your final battle has come. Quake with fear against the awesome might of Pyramid King... Eduardo!"

I hadn't expected that. Eduardo was my friend. He knew which Pokemon I had. With a glint in his eye and a smirk on his face, he said, "Let's start it, then! Porygon-Z, I choose you!" There was no turning back now. The battle had begun.

I was so numb from the shock, I could barely hold my Poke Ball. Nevertheless, I did it, and with my cry of, "End it quick, Ilex!", my Torterra appeared on the field. "Porygon-Z, use Tri Attack!" I remembered that Tri Attack never misses, so I watched it hit Ilex. Obviously, a bit of damage had occurred, but the status effects had been avoided. "Ilex, hit hard with Razor Leaf!" As my Torterra's leaves flew through the air, I couldn't help noticing Eduardo's Porygon-Z looked a different colour to that on my Pokedex...

I woke up to the sound of Eduardo shouting, "Porygon-Z, use Conversion 2!" That was annoying. 2 of my moves became not very effective. It was now that I regretted teaching him this, but I screamed, "Ilex, try a Rock Climb!" "Pah! Rock Climb? That's an HM, you twit!" "I'm not doing it for the damage! There's another effect!" I informed him. Ilex smacked into his Porygon-Z with great force, and my hopes were used. Porygon-Z was confused! "Yes! Now Porygon-Z might hurt itself!" "Never mind that, Porygon-Z, use Hyper Beam anyway!" Porygon-Z blasted a beam of light our way. "Ilex, dodge it now!" Ilex jumped out of the way, causing the Hyper Beam to bounce off of the Pyramid wall. On the way back, it banged into Porygon-Z. "No! Porygon-Z!" Unfortunately, it was still battle ready. Remembering the Conversion 2, I issued my final command. "Ilex, finish it with Earthquake!" The ground split, and Porygon-Z fell to the floor. "Porygon-Z is unable to battle! Ilex is the winner!" the referee shouted.

"Porygon-Z, return! OK, now show 'em how it's done! Empoleon, go!" "OK, Ilex, return! Finish his battle, High Volts!" My gleaming, star Luxray materialised. Empoleon didn't stand a chance! "He he he..." Eduardo murmured. What was he hiding? "Empoleon, show your hidden power... Earthquake!" "Earthquake...?" "TM, anyone?" he asked sarcastically. I could only watch as my heavily trained High Volts fainted to a big penguin! "High Volts is unable to battle! Empoleon wins!"

"High Volts, come back! 'K, try again Ilex, and use Razor Leaf! As I was saying these words, I regretted it, remembering Empoleon's half-Steel type. "Empoleon is part Steel type, dumbo! "Yeah, try telling me something I don't know...!" It may well have been only Normal effective, but it looked like it hurt! What I saw then I couldn't believe! Eduardo threw it a Full Restore! "Hey, Eduardo, the rules sa--" "Rules, rules! My Pokemon's in danger, I help it! I won't have a board tell me what to do! Empoleon, Drill Peck!" "Ilex, dodge and use Earthquake back on it!" Ilex sure delivered. The cracks were so big that Empoleon fell into them! "Ilex, I said Earthquake, not Fissure!" "It knows Fissure?" "Torterra can't learn that, idiot!" "So-reee...! Just get it out!" "Your Pokemon's in danger! Do what you said you do! Help it!" Eventually, Eduardo shifted his butt and saved his Empoleon. "Now, Ilex, finish it with Frenzy Plant!" "No! I wasn't ready for that! "All's fair in love and war, Eddie!" "Empoleon is unable to battle! Ilex is the winner!" "Yeah! You've got 1 left!"

"OK, Chris," Eduardo said menacingly, "You may have defeated those small fries, but now is the shark of my party!" I winced. He loved to crack jokes at inappropriate moments.

"Be afraid, Chris, be very afraid. Bow before my latest Pokemon... Missingno., I CHOOSE YOU!!" An extremely strange Pokemon came out, that looked like half of the colours I was wearing and half of Eduardo's clothes in a backwards L shape. I tried to look it up in the Pokedex, but it gave me that of a Rhydon! I heard Eduardo, over Dextette's voice, shout, "Missingno, use Sky Attack!" I goggled. Surely it couldn't fly? "Grrrr... Ilex can't do anything after that Frenzy Plant... Ilex, switch out!" "Ignore it, Missingno.! Keep charging!" "Come on out, Blastoise!" My Blastoise, imported from Kanto, was trained when I was rather young, so its moveset wasn't quite as good as my others, but my God, it's strong! "OK, Missingno., do it now!" Missingno. went flying up, and slammed down onto my Blastoise! It looked bad, but no damage appeared to be done! "Blastoise, I don't know what that is, but fight it anyway! Hydro Pump!" The jets of water slammed into Missingno., fainting it! Even I was surprised!

"Wha... Wha... Missingno., uh, return...?" Eduardo said. "May I just ask where you got that?" "The coast on Cinnabar Island, why?" "Ah... See, you're not meant to be able to get it. That's why it was so weak." "Master Chris," the referee chimed in, "Missingno. is unable to battle, you are the winner! Your prize, as standard, is the Brave Symbol." "Yes! Guys, we did it! We got the Brave Symbol!" "And as is also standard, we ask if you would like to be a new Frontier Brain! So, what do you say?" "Sorry, but my journey has way to go!"