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BBF natty-tha-north

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Title: The Finale
Author: natty-tha-north

After struggling through the elite four, I finally reached the champion. As I approached the last room, I felt the sweat start to trickle down my face, and noticed the goose bumps on my skin as I started to shudder, “just remember Rio, this isn’t just fight alone, you and your pokemon have both trained vigorously for this, so don’t let fear be the reason for their loss.” Master Kiyo’s last words to me before I left for the Sinnoh league. As I opened up the door, I swallowed my fear and entered……

Rio: Cynthia! I am here to challenge you for your title as champion, do you accept?

Cynthia: I’m Surprised you made it this far, But after watching your fights I can tell now Together, you and your Pokémon overcame all the challenges you faced, however difficult , you've triumphed over any personal weaknesses, too. The power you learned... I can feel it emanating from you. That's enough talking. Let's get on with why you're here. I, Cynthia, accept your challenge as the Pokémon League Champion! There won't be any letup from me!

As I readied myself, Officer Jenny suddenly run into the room with a panicked look on her face…..

Officer Jenny: Cynthia, your gonna have to suspend the match, there’s been an incident at mount coronet, Cyrus is there with Mars and Jupiter

Cynthia: Can’t it wait?

Officer Jenny: No, Palmer’s son and a kid named Lucas are trying to fight them are we speak, if we don’t act now one of them could get hurt

Cynthia: you’ve never seen them in action before have you, have a little faith in……

Officer Jenny: We can’t be sure

Cynthia: Hmph, very well, I’ll meet you there, it would be unfair to turn my challenger down and make him fight through the elite for again

Officer Jenny: But…

Cynthia: just go, my Garchomp will get me there fast enough

And with that Officer Jenny left. “we’re gonna have to make this a 3 on 3 battle instead of a 6 on 6, as you can see I’m short on time” Said Cynthia. I nodded my head as drew out a Friend ball from my bag, “Tyrouge it’s time” I said to the Friend ball just before I released. “Go Lucario” shouted Cynthia as released her pokemon. I decided to make a move before she could react to get an advantage “ Tyrogue, Fake Out” I commanded. Cynthia smiled menacingly as she shouted “Lucario dragon pulse”. Tyrouge’s Fake out connected but it Lucario shrugged it off, and proceeded to hit Tyrogue with dragon pulse as it jumped back. “Lucario, finish it off with psychic” commanded Cynthia and I watched as Tyrogue started to lose control of his body. I started to remember how I first met Tyrogue….

Kid 1: That stupid Tyrogue keeps trying to stop us, it should know by now that my Drowzee will always beat it no matter how hard it tries

News had spread around town that Master Kiyo had left his dojo to talk with Bruno of the elite four about making his dojo a gym and had left Tyrogue to take care of the dojo whilst he was gone. Unfortunately a group of kids kept trying to cause trouble and Tyrogue couldn’t fight them well as one of them had a psychic type with them. I decided it would best not to confront the kids myself so Tyrogue could still keep his honor so the when night came I approached Tyrogue at the dojo and said to him “Most people believe that fighting types have no chance against psychics because of their weakness, but can train you to be able to combat all your weaknesses. Do you want my training?” “Ty” responded Tyrogue as he nodded his head. “I’m not gonna give you all sorts funny training methods, my methods are straight to the point, your gonna battle against psychic types all night until I figure out a way for you to beat them, or your strong enough to over power them, once you start you must promise not to stop until I say so, you still in”. “TY TY!” responded Tyrogue as he nodded his head again. So our training begun, the first pokemon started with was my Grumpig. “Grumpig, use power gem attack” I command, Tyrogue done it’s best to avoid the attack but was skimmed by the edge of it. It was from there I knew that Tyrogue was going to need a lot of training to get up to a good standard. “Ok now Grumpig battle how you like against Tyrogue, I’m gonna take down some notes and see what I can come up with”. Through the night I watched as Tyrogue was continuously knocked out by Grumpig, luckily I had a lot of super potions and revives to keep him. As I watched I was able to tell that Tyrogue was alert to everything around him, meaning he could use the environment around him well and he was always very careful about how he fought and his surroundings”. 3 hours into the training I decided that both pokemon needed a break “take five you two” Grumpig happily ran to me as I had Oran berries ready for him to eat. Tyrouge was not to keen on resting though and I watched as he ran towards the weight at the end of the dojo. “Tyrouge, save your energy for training I said” Tyrouge shook his head and proceeded towards the weights. “Grumpig use confusion to move the weights”. Grumpig tried as hard as he could to do the task but he struggled as the weights were too heavy for him to move. “That’s It!”, I know how to counter psychic types”……

Back to the battle, Cynthia sighed as she said “This was too easy”. “Tyrouge, Curse!, and keep doing it until Lucario lets go”. Lucario’s grip on Tyrouge as the curse made him heavier and heavier until the strain was too much. “Interesting” said Cynthia, “but now your Tyrouge will be to slow to…..” “MACH PUNCH TYROUGE” I shouted. Cynthia gasped in disbelief as Tyrouge sped towards Lucario, hitting him at blinding speed and knocking him out. “First round goes to Rio” shouted the announcer. Cynthia and I both prepared our second pokemon. “Kamonegi! Another for the slaughter!” I shouted as I released my pokemon “Win this one Garchomp” shouted Cynthia as she released her pokemon. I decided to take a second to think before I made a move so I did not make the same mistake twice. “Garchomp, Brick Break” said Cynthia “Kamonegi, Block it and Tear into pieces”. Farfetch’d carried out the command perfectly as he blocked it and use slash to hit Garchomp for a critical hit. I was now glad that I helped Farfetch’d win that hard leek/stick. “Now use Air Slash to make flinch”. Garchomp avoided the attack by flying into the air, I knew what was coming now, “Garchomp, Giga Impact” said Cynthia. A flashback came to me as Garchomp prepared it’s attack……

I was going through route 43 to see if I could find the red Gyarados that was at the lake of rage and on my way I saw a group of Farfetch’d fighting each other for ownership what seemed to be a normal leek. I just shrugged my shoulders as I knew this was normal behavior for Farfetch’d, what didn’t expect was a Japanese Farfetch’d to be fighting amongst them. Even more surprising was that this Farfetch’d was fighting without a leek, using struggle, and winning. I decide it would be worth watching this Farfetch’d battle and I even considered catching it. As the Farfetch’d grew weaker due to the recoil from struggle, it eventually had to rest and this is when I decide to throw a poke ball at it. I know it was and underhanded move but at the time I was desperate, I knew I wanted Farfetch’d as my first pokemon, but Farfetch’d dodged the pokeball and used struggle on me, knocking itself out. Any normal person would’ve been seriously injured from attack like that but fortunately master Kiyo had trained me well enough to fight on par with the strongest pokemon. Seeing the Farfetch’d on the ground I had a strike on conscience and a change of heart so I gave my one and only full revive which I had in a martial arts competition in mahogany town (which had a surprising amount of ninjitsu practitioners). “Let me train you Farfetch’d, I’ll teach you a technique that will win you that leek” That technique was……

“Farfetch’d Now!, Life-Risking Tackle”. This was a true test to see who was the strongest out of the two. Farfetch’d charged with double edge and Garchomp pressed on with giga impact, as they collided, there was a loud crash and then silence, it appeared that they had both survived the hit, I could see Farfetch’d was preparing to do double-edge again whilst Garchomp was recharging it’s energy but then I noticed something. Farfetch’d had broken it’s wing using double-edge. I already knew I had to throw in the towel, Farfetch’d was willing to kill itself to grasp victory and it was my responsibility to make sure it was okay. “Farfetch’d stop, this victory will mean nothing to me if your not alright at the end of it”. Ka……..Ka… Kamonegi” responded Farfetch’d as I called for nurse joy to take Farfetch’d to the pokemon centre. Second match, Cynthia! Exclaimed the announcer.

Third round was up and I already knew who I wanted to fight for me. “Cacturne Go!” I shouted “last round Spiritomb” said Cynthia. We were both fired up and ready to battle. “Spiritomb use sha…”said Cynthia as I interrupted with “Sucker Punch”. I could see now that I had already caught her Spiritomb off guard “Now follow it up with a needle arm”. Spiritomb was knocked off guard again and this time he flinched. Now was my chance “Cacturne use Sandstorm” I commanded. Now we had Spiritomb where we wanted and I knew this was Cacturne’s chance to use that move he recently learned…….. (Another flashback)

Gardenia: Thank You for letting me meet your Cacturne, I’m sure Cacnea has learned a lot Rio: Did he err, try and eat you at all Gardenia: ha-ha no, Cacturne’s only ever do that if they are wild, or underfed Rio: Ah, That explains why he tried to eat me when I first met him, unfortunately for him I’m stronger than I look Gardenia: (shocked) I’m not even gonna ask, by the way your I managed to teach your Cacturne that move you wanted it to learn Rio: thanks, it will really help against the elites

And that move was….

“Cacturne, Swords Dance” I said. As I said that, Cynthia’s Spiritomb managed to get up-close to Cacturne “it’s over, silver wind” said Cynthia. Cacturne was hit pretty badly and only managed to survive by gripping his focus sash. “Spiritomb one more time, Silver wind said Cynthia” Cacturne Managed to avoid the second hit by hiding in the sand storm but I knew Cacturne was not strong enough to take out Spiritomb in the next hit. “I won't let this end yet! This match is too fun to let it end this easily” said Cynthia “Spiritomb Shadow Ball”. “Destiny Bond Cacturne” I said as I knew Cacturne couldn’t dodge it.

It was the end of the battle and both our pokemon were knocked out. We both smiled and shook hands. Just then Cynthia got a message on her phone. “Looks like I won’t be meeting Dialga after all, maybe that Lucas will even become champion, By the way sorry, but you can only become champion if you win, and not by draw” said Cynthia. “It’s okay, it just means we need to train harder, and maybe next time we will win” I responded. On my way I left to train once again. “Sayonara”.