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Archives:To-do list

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leaving PBR, Colo, and XD on there for now until i can verify that everything has been uploaded.
The following is a to-do list for Bulbagarden Archives. Higher powers are allowed the tasks of those below them in power. If you have any suggestions or tasks to add, please bring them up on the [[Archives talk:To-do list|talk page]].
==Regular users==
*Upload, upload, upload!
*Upload any missing back sprites from the following categories that have differences between games: (add in a proper summary template i.e <nowiki>{{backsprite|180|Flaaffy|shiny|II|Gold and Silver}}</nowiki>):
::[[:Category:Crystal back sprites]]
::[[:Category:FireRed and LeafGreen back sprites]]
::[[:Category:Diamond and Pearl back sprites]]
::[[:Category:Platinum back sprites]]
::[[:Category:HeartGold and SoulSilver back sprites]]
Useful==All tools: [ veekun] Use this to compare back sprites between games and to know which ones have differences among them.users==
* Upload, upload, upload!
** Upload menu and box sprites for the 3D console games (Stadium, Colosseum, XD, Pokémon Battle Revolution)
** Upload Pokémon Duel models
* Categorize, add meaningful summaries (using templates where relevant), and add proper licensing to all files
====Current tasks====
*Upload animated.gifs menucan spritesbe forconverted Generationto V:animated e.g.png using [[Filehttp:Ani649MS//gif2apng.png] this tool]
*The formatAdd for{{template|mva}} uploadingand is:{{template|aba}} to images of moves and Abilities in the anime and manga, respectively.
<code><nowiki>==Summary==</nowiki> <br>
<nowiki>{{animenusprite|###|Pokémon}}</nowiki> <br>
<nowiki>==Licensing:==</nowiki> <br>
*.gifs can be converted to animated .png using [ this tool]
====Ongoing tasks====
* Upload all Blackmodels for the Generation VI and WhiteVII imagesgames (e.g. [[:File:Spr 5b6x 151.png]], [[:File:Spr b 5b6x 135 s.png]])
** Upload overall the currentmissing sprites to show Black and White unanimated images (e.g. [[:File:081 s.png]])
**Upload allGet missingpermission spritesfrom users that are at least a senior administrator before uploading these images
* Upload pngover replacementsthe ofcurrent animesprites jpgsto (doshow notBlack forget2 toand inputWhite the2 {{template|delete}}unanimated templateimages into(e.g. the[[:File:081 file to notify {{ar|administrators}}s.png]])
* Upload png replacements of mangaanime jpgs (do not forget to input the {{template|delete}} template into the file to notify {{ar|staff|staff members}})
* Upload [[:Category:Images needing transparency|transparent]] or [[:Category:Images needing to be flipped|flipped]] images as needed, or request them by inputting the {{template|Transparency needed}} template or {{template|Flip needed}} template, respectively, ifpng youreplacements don'tof havemanga themjpgs
*Categorize, andUpload add[[:Category:Images properneeding licensingtransparency|transparent]] or [[:Category:Images needing to allbe flipped|flipped]] images as needed, or request them by inputting the {{template|Transparency needed}} template or {{template|Flip needed}} template, respectively, if you don't have filesthem
* Request better images that don't fit any of the above requirements through the {{template|bad image}} template
* Request movement of images through the {{template|move}} template
* Request deletion of images through the {{template|delete}} template. Ensure the said images on Bulbapedia and/or Bulbanews are properly fixed or removed before doing this.
* Fix the images on the TCG such that they go in the proper category ([[:Category:TCG fair use images|this category]] is for non-card images, whereas [[:Category:Fair use card images|this]] is for the cards only) by use of the correct licensing ([[:Template:i-Fairuse-tcg-noncard|non-card]] vs. [[:Template:i-Fairuse-tcg|this]])
* Upload TCG images properly. (doImages notof uploadPokémon anywith Farfetch'dnon-alphanumeric orcharacters Ho-Oh(excluding imageshyphens, duebut toincluding non-alphanumericspaces) characters,in fortheir others,name should removehave the non-alphanumericoffending character(s) omitted in question)the filename. For further details, see the [[Archives:Manual of style#TCG scans|manual of style]].
* Welcome users that have contributed in some way beneficial to the Archives with the {{template|welcome}} template (do not forget to put it in this format: <code><nowiki>{{subst:welcome}}</nowiki></code>)
* Some Diamond and Pearl back sprites have pixel issues. Re-upload damaged sprites with proper versions
* Update every image (depicting a move found in [[:Category:Moves (game)|this category]]) summary and replace the content with {{template|mv}}, the usage is <code><nowiki>{{mv|Pokémon|move|generation (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, or 7)|type=type of the move|target=Target Pokémon|ani=whether the image is animated in png}}</nowiki></code>.
** The template will add the proper categories, so if you see a manually-added Category (like [[:Category:Moves (game)]], both Pokémon, user and target), delete it.
** Check your browser before saying the image is not animated. If [[File:Ani001OD.png]] is not animated on your browser, no other animated pngs will be animated on your browser. Browsers that can show animated png files include Mozilla Firefox, SeaMonkey, and Opera.
==Junior admins==
*[[:Category:Candidates for moving|Move]] images (do not forget to remove the {{template|move}} template) and ensure the images are properly fixed on Bulbapedia and/or Bulbanews). Where relevant, also delete the redirected images (usually sprite redirects are exceptions).
====Ongoing tasks====
* Moving images to standard file naming notation, from .PNG to .png, etc.
:Using proper file names
:Removing non-alphanumeric characters
*[[:Category:Candidates for deletion|Delete]] images: Make sure the images are unused, especially images that switch as they are considered unused (e.g. [[:File:492Shaymin-Land.png]])
====Ongoing tasks====
*Moving files to proper filenames, the same as Junior Admins.
*Deleting unused files (mostly .jpgs)

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