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User talk:Pattyman/Archive 1

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Improper tagging and various shenanigans: new section
::::That was a one time thing. Ataro did not start or approve an image move. It should come down to whether or not you can edit Bulbapedia. If you can't edit to change the links, don't move the images. It's the user's responsibility to do so. --[[User:PsychicRider|<span style="color:#78C850;">'''P S Y'''</span>]][[User talk:PsychicRider|<sub style="color:#F85888;">'''ライダー'''</sub>]]''[[Special:Contributions/PsychicRider|<span style="color:#C4E673;">'''☮'''</span>]]'' 21:52, 25 March 2011 (UTC)
::::ok. Things can be confusing at times, but it becomes temporary. [[User:Pattyman|Pattyman]] 21:58, 25 March 2011 (UTC)
== Improper tagging and various shenanigans ==
Hi, whereas I appreciate the hard work you're doing, you need to start checking before deciding to do what you do. First of all, <span class="plainlinks">[ this]</span>, I'm not going to object about the categories, which are correct, but about the {{template|move}} tag... ''We Don't Really Need Stuff Named Like This'', it's improper grammar, the filename alone is correct.
Second, [[:File:CassidyDP.jpg|this]] (this will be brought back to life) has no links in here, but <span class="plainlinks">[ this]</span> '''does''', as you see, it's linked to an user page, and they still might want it, it's not really cool to delete them. Third, but related to second, <span class="plainlinks">[ this]</span>, alright, it is a jpg, but as you can see, it's being used by a crapload of users. No. Fourth, you keep on re-uploading .jpgs as .pngs, an issue you've been having a lot, try not to do that anymore. [[User:Masatoshi|<span style="color: #224a9a"><b><span style="color: #2b5fc7">M</span>asatoshi</b></span>]][[User_talk:Masatoshi|<span style="color: #118eb2"><sub><small>''talk''</small></sub></span>]] 03:25, 6 April 2011 (UTC)

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