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Difference between revisions of "Template:Mva"

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m (moved User:Vuvuzela2010/Template:MvAnime to Template:Mva: got these approved. Start adding them if you want)
| width="24px" style="{{roundy|90px}} background: #FFFFFF" | [[File:Bag TM {{{type|Unknown}}} Sprite.png]]
| {{#if:{{{trainer|}}}|{{#if:{{{article|}}}|{{bp|{{{trainer|Ash}}}'s {{{1|Pikachu}}}}}|{{bp|{{{trainerlink|{{{trainer|Ash}}}}}}|{{{trainer|Ash}}}}}'s {{p|{{{1|Pikachu}}}}}}}|{{#if:{{{article|}}}|{{bp|{{{article|Jigglypuff (anime)}}}|{{{nick|{{{1|Pikachu}}}}}}}}|{{p|{{{1|Pikachu}}}}}}}}} using {{m|{{{2|Tackle}}}}} in {{bp|Pokémon anime|the anime}}.
|}<!--<noinclude>[[Category:Summary templates]]</noinclude>--><includeonly>[[Category:Moves (anime)]][[Category:{{{1|}}}]]</includeonly>

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