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Clearly, based on recent events, we need to start laying out a defined policy specifically for the archives
'''Archives policies''' in general are statements issued by Bulbagarden Archives that have varying scope and power. They fall into four categories:
* Policies - these are strongly binding recommendations and can be considered law.
* Guidelines - these are non-binding recommendations for administrators and users.
* Processes - these outline formal processes on Bulbagarden Archives such as dispute resolution.
* Statements - these are official statements on things such as fair use.

Please also review the policies of [[bp:Bulbapedia:Policy|Bulbapedia]] and [[n:Bulbanews:Policy|Bulbanews]] appropriately.


==Blocking policy==
: ''Main article: [[Archives:Blocking policy]]''

A summary of the offenses which can lead to blocking include but are not limited to:
* Vandalism
* Malicious page editing
* Link hijacking
* SPAMming
* Edit or Revert Wars
* Advertising
* Violations of other Archives policies

==Username policy==
: ''Main article: [[Archives:Username policy]]''

The username policy outlines what is and what is not permissible in a username on Bulbagarden Archives, and the Archives regulations on bots.

==Image use policy==
{{Archives:Image use policy}}

==Manual of style==
: ''Main article: [[Archives:Manual of style]]''

The Archives manual of style dictates the size, filetype, and other preferred conventions used in selecting, processing, and uploading images.




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