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m ("Target" Parameter: When used, replaces the category of the Pokémon using the move with its target. Ex: File:Magmortar SmokeScreen P7.png)
{| style="border: 1px solid #C0C0C0; background-color:#FFFFCC; {{roundy|40px}}" align="center" width="100%"
| width="24px" style="{{roundy|90px}} background: #{{#switch:{{{type|Unknown}}}|Unknown|???=68A090|Normal=A8A878|Fire=F08030|Fighting=C03028|Water=6890F0|Flying=A890F0|Grass=78C850|Poison=A040A0|Electric=F8D030|Ground=E0C068|Psychic=F85888|Rock=B8A038|Ice=98D8D8|Bug=A8B820|Dragon=7038F8|Ghost=705898|Dark=705848|Steel=B8B8D0}}" | [[File:Bag TM {{{type|Unknown}}} Sprite.png]]

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