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Difference between revisions of "User talk:Relicant"

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367 bytes added ,  16:54, 6 August 2013
:: Can't we put the promotional materials into a seperate category? If we put them in a category which mainly displays cards a particular artist has illustrated it will make the entire category look unorganized. --[[User:Relicant|sorry]] i'm [[Special:Contributions/Relicant|dead]] -- [[User Talk:Relicant|Relicant]] 22:29, 5 August 2013 (UTC)
:::The category wouldn't look unorganized. If anything, it would be ''more'' useful. Viewers searching for images illustrated by person wouldn't want them split. Additionally, it would be easy enough to see exactly which of the images were cards and which weren't if they only wanted to know which cards were illustrated. The only exception would possibly be {{bp|Ken Sugimori}}, simply because he does so much of the official artwork otherwise.
:::Additionally, it is rather rude and inconsiderate of you to go [[User_talk:Kogoro#Categories|behind a staff member's back]] when you were told, by the Head of TCG mind you, to stop an action related to cards. I have jurisdiction over TCG on all three Bulbapedia, Archives, and Bulbanews. Unbeknownst to you, I had already been talking to Kogoro, trying to decide the best course of action for this new category idea, and I had already told you much of the decision we landed on together. Your disrespect for Staff was what landed you a month block on Bulbapedia. You should try to learn your lesson and respect those who are more experienced and know what needs to happen here before you land yourself longer blocks. ''[[User:Maverick Nate|<sup style="color:#00008B;">'''Maverick'''</sup>]][[User talk:Maverick Nate|<sub style="colorcpolor:#00008B;">'''Nate'''</sub>]]'' 16:04, 6 August 2013 (UTC)
So, instead of having a category called "Cards illustrated by X", make a "Illus. by X" category (except in the case of Sugimori)?
Also if I'm disrespectful towards staff here, do I just get a longer block on Bulbapedia? Fine by me. --[[User:Relicant|sorry]] i'm [[Special:Contributions/Relicant|dead]] -- [[User Talk:Relicant|Relicant]] 16:54, 6 August 2013 (UTC)



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