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Addendum to the second X and Y ruling.
m (Protected "Archives:Messages from the Council" ([Edit=Allow only administrators] (indefinite) [Move=Allow only administrators] (indefinite)))
m (Addendum to the second X and Y ruling.)
# Uploading screenshots taken from other fansites is not permitted and will not be tolerated under any circumstances.
# Before uploading any sprites, including Custom/fan-made graphics, includingand fan-made recreations of in-game graphics, are not to be uploaded without publicly viewable approval from a member of the {{ar|Advisory Council}} must be contacted. Capture card owners will be asked to provide a unique screenshot for safety reasons.
Violations of either of these rules, in regards to X and Y uploads, will result in an immediate temporary block to the violating party/parties, of a duration no less than three days. We would like to thank you for your understanding during this trying time.

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