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The junior administrator group is the most basic staff group. These users have the ability to move files, among other trivial privileges.
Some users may be granted temporary access to the junior administrator tools; the following sevensix users are not temporary.
{| width="70%" style="margin:auto; {{roundy|10px}} border: 2px solid #000; background: #C2C5BE;"
{{AdminCell|MisterE13|Bulbapedia Junior Administrator|Hiatus|June 26, 2011|bp=Junior Administrator}}
{{AdminCell|Pattyman||Around|January 22, 2011|}}
{{AdminCell|Pokemaster97|Bulbapedia Senior Administrator<br />Bulbanews Writer|Active|March 17, 2013|bp=Senior Administrator|bn=Writer}}<!--
|- style="text-align:center; vertical-align:top;"
{{AdminCell|Vuvuzela2010||Inactive|August 1, 2011}}-->

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