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BBF Shinx3000

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Title: One, Two, Cue..Ball: A Trip to the Islands
Author: Shinx3000

The day began like any other. The sun came into full bloom like a flower opening its petals for the first time. The warmth in the air and the passing hoppip, meant spring was on the way. It had been a few months since the year began and our hero Dave had not long beaten the Sinnoh League late the previous year.

Feeling bright eyed and bushy tailed Dave and his 3 main pokemon, Nidoking, Torterra and Poliwrath awoke to embrace the day. Nidoking was evolved from a trustworthy, yet arrogant nidoran male he had caught in Kanto Safari Zone not long after he began his journey as a pokemon trainer. It liked him very much, but sometimes it got proud of its power and went overboard and stopped listening to Dave.

Torertta was obtained in a trade in Sinnoh. It was traded from a pokemon breeder who needed a pidgeot for his breeding purposes. This was in Soleceon town, at the pokemon day care.

The final of Daves pokemon, Poliwrath, he caught as a poliwhirl when he obtained a super rod from a fisherman he met on his journey through Kanto. It was special to him as it was taught the move metronome from a move tutor he met. It could also use the move surf very well.

Dave was at present, on one island in Sevii islands. He decided to stop there as it was such a nice place to visit. Now, a rumour was going about that on two island, a few trainers gathered to battle and one person could not be beaten by anyone so far. Hearing this, Dave knew he had to investigate. Dave and his party got a lift on a boat too two island. The boat was shaped like a big pelliper. It was owned and run by a woman called Kelly Mason. She was in her 30’s with long dark hair and wearing a white sailors outfit and life jacket.

As Dave arrived on the island, he noticed three trainers looking quite bummed out. One was a young boy with glasses and thickish dark hair. He had a vileplume and a Slugma with him, both looking worse for wear. The second trainer was a girl, looking in her 20’s with wavy brunette hair and was tall. She had a pidgeot and a marowak with her. They too looked like they been in the wars. The final trainer was a boy about 10 years old. He was wearing a red baseball cap, and blue pants and shirt. He had a victreebel and a raticate with him, both looking same as other two trainer’s pokemon.

There was a guy not far from them, a big guy with a motorcycle. As Dave camly approached the trainers, they stopped him and warned “that man is a Cue Ball, a very tough biker guy. He has very powerful pokmeon with him and he says that two island belongs to him and his fellow men. An angry look grew on Daves face as he went up to the cue ball.

“What do you think you’re doing?” shouted Dave hastily. A 6ft or so bulky man turned around, his bald head shone in the sunlight. He had terrible stubble all over his face and wore leather biker gear. “My name is Braxton, Cue Ball Braxton. I can guess why your here, to challenge me, right?” Stepping back, Dave says in a cross voice “You have no right to be here. I’ll make sure you leave your business in Kanto where it belongs. “ “Mighty harsh words for a little pip squeak like yourself” grins Braxton. “I’ll take on your challenge. You won’t beat me, but in the case that you do, I’ll leave your precious island.”

A eerie silence fell over the area where the trainers were. Braxton picks up a pokeball from his belt and in a strong voice says “you can use as many pokemon as you like. When they are all defeated, I’ll go about my business. I will only need to use my three.” So Dave nods to all the trainers and turns to Braxton. “Fine by me. Alright Nidoking, come on out!” A strong looking nidoking stands ready to face it opponent. The other trainers look in amazement. “All right then, come on out Machamp!” Cue Ball throws his pokeball and out comes a Machamp, looking like it has won many harsh battles and came of better.

“Alright Machamp, seismic toss!” commands Braxton. “Don’t do anything Nidoking, just wait” the trainers mumble to themselves “what is he doing?” and similar. Just as Machamp gets ready to life Nidoking up, Dave shouts “Now Nidoking, iron tail!” as soon as Machamp goes to use seismic toss, it is beaten back hard when iron tail hits. Machamp flies back almost hitting Braxton and finally colliding with a tree behind him. The tree was not a big strong tree, so the tree cracked and the top half falls on Machamp, crash! “Hah!” says Dave “some Machamp, huh?” and as soon as this happens, Machamp tries to lift off the tree; it manages to chuck it a little bit, but behold... its poisoned! Nidokings poison point, poisoned Machamp!

“Now Nidoking, lets finish it... Earthquake!” Nidoking looks towards Machamp and roars and uses earthquake. Slowly getting too weak to dodge attack, it hits Machamp and it’s knocked out. “Return Machamp!” Says Braxton as he returns Machamp to its pokeball. “You may have beaten my Machamp, but you’re not going to win again!” The trainers in the background look about in glee over what’s happened. “You may have raw power Braxton, but I have beaten both Kanto and Sinnoh leagues and know quite a bit when it comes to battling pokemon properly.”

“OK, will you change pokemon or will you stick with your Nidoking?” asks Braxton. “What do you think Nidoking? Feeling good?” “King! Nidoking!” Braxton looks quite pleased now. Why? “Go Alakazam!” Now Braxton has the upperhand. “Alakazam, use confusion!” Alakazam looks at Nidoking and uses confusion. Nidoking manages to avoid the attack. “Now, Nidoking, focus punch!” shouts Dave before he realises what he has done. “Hah, now Alakazam, use psychic!” Alakazam uses psychic and badly damages Nidoking. Nidoking loses its focus punch. “Now, let’s do this right! Nidoking, use earthquake” says Dave. Nidoking uses Earthquake and Alakazam gets hit. It works well, but Alakazam uses confusion again and confuses Nidoking and it faints.

Only two pokemon of Braxtons left, two of Daves, but Dave has two fully strong pokemon, Braxtons Alakazam has been hurt by Nidokings earthquake. “Getting ready to go back home yet?” laughs Braxton. “Not quite yet” says Dave confidently. “It’s time we put you in your place” Dave thinks of his last two pokemon, Poliwrath and Torterra.

He decides to use Torterra as Poliwrath being part fighting has a weakness to psychic moves that Alakazam knows. “Go Torterra, you can do it!” Torterra comes out and roars. Alakazam, now looks hard at Torterra. “Alakazam, you can win! Just keep using confusion!” Alakazam uses confusion and Torterra can’t dodge as Torterra is slow and can’t run well. It hits Torterra but does not confuse. “OK, Earthquake, Torterra” Says Dave camly. Torterra roars and uses earthquake. “Quick Alakazam, double team!” Braxton orders. Alakazam uses double team, but it’s too late. Alakazam gets hit by earthquake and faints. Only one of Braxton’s pokemon left! The other trainers look around in glee, whispering things like “He’s going to do it! This place is going to be free once more!”

Braxton looks angered up. “That does it kid! Are you ready for impending doom?” “Go Magmortar!” Out comes a magmortar spitting fire up in the air “mortar...magmor..tar” Dave calls back Torterra and looks at its pokeball in his hand “good work, you were excellent, take a long rest”

What will Dave do now? Only Magmortar is left, it looks simple now. “Go Poliwrath!” “Rath...Poli..Poli...Poliwrath!” The matchup looks simple, water against fire; you can guess who will triumph. “OK Magmortar, use fissure!” says Braxton, looking cool. “Dodge Poliwrath!” says Dave. Poliwrath jumps up and dodges the attack. Dave looks around and nods to trainers and back to Braxton. “Poliwrath, lets finish this! Use Surf!” As soon as the surf wave comes over towards Magmortar, Braxton has a plot. “Ride the wave Magmortar, you can do it!” In amazement of all the other trainers and Dave, Magnortar jumps onto and rides the wave as if it won’t do much harm to it.

“Hahahaha kiddo. Never underestimate me!” Shouts Braxton in an intimidating tone. Dave thinks of what he could do. “Hmm...aahh, yes! Use hypnosis Poliwrath!” Dave grins. Magmortar can’t dodge or be wet and faint. Poliwrath uses hypnosis and puts Magmortar to sleep. The wave hits Magmortar and disappears. Magmortar faints.

All the trainers and Dave jump for joy “yay! We did it Poliwrath!” says Dave. Looking angry, Braxton returns Magmorter to its pokeball and says “Kid, you’re not like all the others here. You have a strength that even I could not beat. I can see it takes skill to battle right. But don’t think this is the last of me and my gang. One day, we shall return!”

A short while later and the bikers have left the island. The trainers congratulate Dave and he is just glad the Cue Ball and his cronies are gone back to Kanto. He can now relax like he wanted, just him, the islands and his pokemon.