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BBF bonspie

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Title: Taylor vs. Jupitar
Author: bonspie


“Shhh…” A girl dressed in all red with brown hair shushed a baby Shinx in her arms. “You’ll scare him.” She took another glance over the frozen bush towards the misty lake. All was calm and there wasn’t a sound. ‘He is here, isn’t he?‘ She held her breath for a while in hope he would appear before her again. He had the other day. But a while passed and in her short outfit she was freezing to death. She slowly covered her nose to prevent sneezing when a breath of air brushed against her. Ripples appeared along the surface of Lake Acuity and a spiritual being emerged from the surface. A smile appeared across her face. The being then took a definite shape, a small pixie creature. His body was grey, his head was yellow with groves along the top, a ruby on his forehead, two closed eyes, and two long tails bigger than him with three points at the end and a small ruby on each tail. He searched the perimeter of the lake in suspicion. Slowly the girl stood up tucking the Shinx in her arms and walked over to him trying not to be heard. But then she took one wrong step and a branch snapped under her feet. The creature spun around clutching his fist.

“Who’s there!” He screamed. His gaze loosened. “Oh its you. What do you want?”

“To visit you Uxie!” The girl said.

“I’m fine now shoo,”

“Here,” The girl took something out of her bag and showed it to them. It was a piece of brown crumbly cake wrapped in plastic wrap.

“What is that?” Uxie asked.

“Shinx shinx!” Shinx cooed.

“This is what we call coffee cake. My baby Shinx here loves them,”

Uxie stared at the treat, the over excited Shinx, and back at the girl. Finally with a sigh, he took the coffee cake and stuffed it in his mouth. The Shinx groaned in sorrow but the girl’s eyes lit up. Its not every day a legendary Pokemon accepts a gift from a mortal. He stuffed it in his mouth all at once and turned away.

“So?” The girl asked.

Uxie shrugged and she saw crumbs of cinnamon coming out of his mouth. She stared at him for a while until she heard the sound of him swallowing. Her eyes lit up.

“Say Uxie don’t you ever get bored out here all alone?”

“No,” Uxie answered in a stiff manor, “I telepathically talk to Azelf and Mesprit and that’s all the company I need.”

“Speaking of which,”

“Don’t you ever stop talking?!” Uxie screamed in a hateful way.

She blinked in response. “Are you using telepathy to talk to me? Or are you talking without moving your lips?” She asked thoughtfully.

“Telepathy,” He answered but didn’t leave it at that, “it’s said all Pokemon know the art of telepathy, only gifted can use it though. And even some humans can understand Pokemon without the gift.”

“They can?! Like who?” The girl asked.

“A young girl with blonde hair dressed like a Pikachu,” Uxie told her, “she visited me and was able to understand me when I wasn’t using the gift.”

“Wow Uxie you sure are smart,” The girl said.

“What’d you expect? I’m the Being of Knowledge.” Uxie answered in a snobbish way.

“That you are,” An unknown voice came from the bushes. Crusted snow fell from the bushes leaves onto the ground as a female trainer made her appearance. She was an odd looking person that’s for sure. Her hair was purple some of it was draping onto her face but most was pulled back in a bun. She was wearing a silver suit that looked like it was from space. Around her bottom right ankle it looked a little torn but was probably done on purpose. And finally she wore long white boots. She smirked a little. “Hello there Uxie you have no idea how long I’ve waited to see you. Now you either come with me peacefully, unconscious, or dead. Your choice,”

“Leave Uxie alone! And who are you anyway?” The girl asked.

“Never heard of me. Typical. Teenagers are all the same, all they care about is MTV and their precious anime addictions. My name is Jupiter one of the three head commanders of Team Galactic!”

“Never heard of them,” The girl said. Jupiter just glared.

“Outta my way kid I’m here on important business,” Jupiter turned her attention to Uxie fully this time. The girl jumped in front of him causing Jupiter to snicker. “Don’t you know when you’re not wanted?”

“I’m not letting you hurt Uxie!” The girl said.

“Shinx shinx!” Her Shinx said sparking.

“Wait Shinx-” But it was too late, Shinx used thunderbolt while still in his trainer’s arms. Jupiter laughed harder.

“And you’re suppose to be my threat?” Jupiter laughed.

The girl quickly put Shinx back in his Pokeball. “Whether I have an overexcited Shinx or not isn’t your concern I won’t let you lay a hand on Uxie!”

Uxie stared in amazement. “Really?” He asked not believing it.

“Oh so you’re playing hero now huh? Have it your way I’ll crush you then move onto the little pest,” Jupiter pulled out a Pokeball.

“We’ll see,” The girl sharpened her glare. Slowly she pulled a Dive Ball out of her belt and felt the smooth surface. “Spotlight Dewgong!”

“Dew gong!” He cried out landing on the bed of snow. He smiled in pleasure for being back in cold climates again.

“Go Bronzor!” Jupiter released the Pokeball from her hand and let a Pokemon out the girl had seen many times in her trip around Sinnoh. A battle against Bronzor would be too easy so she wouldn’t have to go to her last resort.

“Dewgong use Dive!” The girl ordered.

“Gong!” Dewgong shouted jumping into Lake Acuity.

Jupiter and Bronzor stared at the Lake’s surface patiently. “Wait for it…” Jupiter murmered.

“Bronzor,” Brozor replied.

Suddenly the unclear picture of Dewgong under the surface became clear. He leapt out of the water, aimed his horn at Bronzor and dove down at him.

“Extrasensory,” Jupiter called.

“Bronzor,” Bronzor began glowing with rings of psychic energy. Then with an unseeable power, Dewgong flinched and fell upon the snow covered Earth and his stomach.

“Now use Rock Slide!” Jupiter screamed.

“Bron-” Bronzor responded emotionlessly hurling giant rocks onto the already hurt Dewgong. Dewgong yelped in pain but had to resist fainting. If he fainted Jupiter might take Uxie. Then without his trainer saying for him to, he attacked with Aurora Beam. Bad choice. The rainbow beam shot from his mouth hitting Bronzor right in the middle of his oddly shaped body and looked like it would do a lot of damage, but Bronzor floated their unaffected of what just happened. Bronzor’s type isn’t too affected by ice.

“Dewgong what did you do that for?!” The girl screamed, “Ice isn’t effective against steel!”

“Dew?!” Dewgong’s head shot up.

“This isn’t going to end well,” Uxie shook his head.

“Use Gyro Ball and finish off that little weakling,” Jupiter ordered.

“Bronz…” He focused his attack clearly on Dewgong as he stored power. Dewgong watched in horror and tried to get his enormous body free of the rocks. It was a little too late for that. Bronzor released a rapidly spinning energy ball at Dewgong who at this point is a sitting duck. Of coarse he was slowed by the rocks causing it to do more damage.

“Dewgong!” The girl cried out.

“Gong,” Dewgong’s head fell in defeat. The girl sighed returning him to his ball.

“Yes! Good job Bronzor!” Jupiter cheered. For being such an evil person and wanting to steal innocent Pokemon she sure did have a soft side for her Pokemon. “Ready to give up yet?”

“I’m just getting started,” The girl tugged a Dusk Ball of her belt. “Go Torterra!”

“TorrTERRA!” The Pokemon screamed like a battle cry.

“This might get a little messy. Bronzor use Light Screen,” Jupiter told him.

“Brron” Bronzor started glowing green as a protective coat shielded him. “Zor,”

“Torterra use Earthquake!” The girl called.

“Torterra!” He screamed pounding the snow covered ground with his gigantic feet.

“Careful I have to live here,” Uxie called.

“Zooor!” Bronzor screamed taking critical damage.

“Finish him with Razor Leaf!” The girl cried out.

“Terr…” Torterra hissed burying Bronzor in a sea of sharp leaves.

“Zor…” Bronzor muttered in defeat.

“Oh well,” Jupiter returned him to his Pokeball. “You did a good job. Take a well deserved rest,” Then Jupiter’s hateful glare returned replacing the sweet smile she was wearing. “You may have beaten little Bronzor but let’s see you take on Golbat!” Another Pokeball flew from her hand and let out another commonly used Pokemon.

“Alright this one may be tough but you can do it Torterra!” The girl called.


“Golbat use Sludge Bomb!” Jupiter laughed knowing defeat was so close.

The Golbat made a hissing noise and attacked Torterra head on. Torterra didn’t make any attempt to move because his giant body is so hard to move. He just stood there and took the attack. Normal amounts of damage were taken but the leaves on his back turned purple. Torterra had gotten poisoned when attacked.

“Oh no,” The girl muttered in worry. She shook it off. “Torterra quick use Rock Smash.”

“Terrrra!” Torterra ran as fast as he could (which wasn’t very fast) at Golbat who was still and smug that Torterra stood no chance. Torterra leapt a few feet of the ground his stubby claws glowing white. With all his power he attacked him causing a loud crunch sound.

“Gol…” Golbat hit the ground in pain but quickly flew back to his position.

“Use Air Cutter!” Jupiter called crossing her arms. She knew how weak Torterra’s were when it came to flying attacks.

Both of Golbat’s wings glew the same white the Torterra’s claws were a few moments ago. With all his speed he flew at him slapping him with the wings in places where Torterras were their weakest (for example the middle pf their back). Torterra fell to the ground. He was weak now but could still carry on the battle. That is, until he was poisoned more. His head dropped to the ground and made a crashing sound upon impact.

“No,” The girl sighed putting Torterra back in his ball. She only brought with her one more Pokemon- not including her Shinx who she refused to put into battle-and it was weak. As for Jupiter she still had her badly damaged Golbat as well as one more Pokemon who would be her most powerful by far. “Alright. I guess I’ll have to use Beautifly,”

“No,” Uxie spoke up.

“Huh?” The girl asked.

Jupiter smirked. “I get it. Your sick of seeing this twerp trying to save you and realize you’d be better with me. A wise decision,”

“No. I mean that you won’t use your Beautifly,” Uxie nodded at the girl, “you’ll use me.”

“What?!” Jupiter screamed.

Uxie turned to face her. “Your opponent is me! Choose your moves carefully,”

Jupiter growled. She wouldn’t let Uxie beat her. Legend or no legend. “Ok useless use Confuse Ray and make it good!” Jupiter screamed clenching her fist.

“Gol?!” Golbat uttered in surprise. He had a tough time figuring out what was going on, usually Jupiter was nice to him. Following orders, Golbat sent several ray particles at Uxie. Uxie expertly dodged them.

“Ok Uxie use Psychic,” The girl called to him.

“You got it!” Uxie picked Golbat up.

“G-Golb?!” He stuttered before being hurled in different directions, against the trees, up and down, side to side, and finally sent plowing into the ground. He fainted the second he hit. With a groan Jupiter returned him to his ball.

“You call that a fight?!” She screamed. She took a good look up and laughed at both of them. “Idiots. Now that my weakest Pokemon are down, I can use the anchor of my team. Go Skuntank!”

So after 4 fallen Pokemon on both sides, the real deal has started. It started the second Skuntank hit the battle field.

“Ew,” The girl grumbled. Naturally Pokemon like this give her the creeps.

“Don’t be scared, just a few blows and he’s down for the count!” Uxie gave her a thumbs up.

“Thanks,” She smiled.

Jupiter just couldn’t stand happy moments like these. “Skuntank use Night Slash and make it powerful!”

“Taaaank.” Skuntank let out a creepy call and ran as quick as he could at Uxie. He smacked him in the stomach with it causing Uxie to take a good deal of damage.

“Uxie are you ok?” The girl asked.

“Urf. Yeah it’s the stench of that thing that was the worse though,” He coughed.

“Alright then. Use Shadow Ball!”

“No counter with Flamethrower!”

The battle went on like this for a while until Uxie got the upper hand and used yawn. After a few Shadow Balls Skuntank fainted.

“We did it!” Uxie and the girl screamed. They ran over and hugged each other.

“NOOOO!” Jupiter wailed at the top of her lungs, “I won’t let it end like this I’ll-”


Both Uxie and the girl looked up to see what was going on now. What they saw was a man standing in the opening coming from the Route before it. He was wearing the same suit as Jupiter only with a few minor differences. His hair was spiked on two sides like horns and was deep blue. As for his expression it was emotionless and so were his eyes.

“Jupiter,” He said. His voice was emotionless also.

“S-Saturn? What’re you doing here?” She asked.

“Now is that any way to speak to your superior?” Saturn crossed his arms.

Jupiter stood up straight in fear. “S-sir yes sir?”

“Commander Cyrus sent me to see what was taking you so long with the capture of Uxie.” His gaze shifted to the girl who had Uxie behind her.

“I-I won’t let you take him!” The girl shouted. Why was it that she was less scared around Jupiter than Saturn? Maybe the fact that Saturn was a higher rank and more powerful.

“So the reason your mission failed was because you were held up by this little squirt?” Saturn asked humor resting on his tone.

“She’s stronger than she looks! Even Uxie agreed to help her,” Jupiter said.

“Is that so?” He turned back to the girl, “You. What’s your name?”

“Taylor,” The girl spoke up.

“Well then, Taylor, have fun with that thing as long as he is in your possession. Next time we meet he will belong to us,” Saturn glared down on her.

“Don’t make me laugh!” Uxie screamed.

Saturn didn’t listen, he turned and left. Jupiter followed behind him.

“What a freak,” Taylor mumbled.

“Its not longer safe for me here. But there might be worse in store for Azelf and Mesprit,” Uxie said to himself.

“Uxie I won’t let them take you as long as I’m around,” Taylor said.

“Thank you. But I must warn Azelf and Mesprit as soon as I can,” Uxie told her.

“Yeah I’ld like to see any Team Galactic try and get away from the power of three really small but powerful legendaries.”