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The ONLY page you need to see about getting legendary Pokémon for FREE!!!

===If you see a Pokémon you want I'll try to get the highest level I have!!! Just E-Mail me at [email protected] saying the ones you want, I'll try to buzz you back ASAP!!! IT'S 1st COME, 1st SERVE!!! IF YOU WANT ME TO GIVE THEM A HELD ITEM FOR YOU JUST E-MAIL ME SAYING SO!!!

  • 7 Shiny Arceus' (ALL SHINIES!!!!)
  • 3 Articunos (no SHINIES)
  • 3 Moltres'(no SHINIES)
  • 4 Zapdos' (no SHINIES)
  • 3 Heatrans(no SHINIES)
  • 4 Giritinas(1 SHINY)
  • 2 Darkrais (1 is SHINY)
  • 5 Manaphys (3 of them are SHINY)
  • 3 Mewtwos (no SHINIES)
  • 3 Jirachis (1 SHINY)
  • 2 Shaymins (1 SHINY)
  • 2 Kyogres (no SHINIES)
  • 2 Cressellias (no SHINIES)
  • 3 Groudons(no SHINIES)
  • 3 Dialgas (1 is SHINY)
  • 3 Ho-ohs (1 is SHINY)
  • 2 Spiritombs (1 is SHINY)
  • 2 Deoxys' (1 is SHINY)
  • 2 Shedinjas (1 is SHINY)
  • 3 Azelfs (1 SHINY)
  • 2 Mesprits(no SHINIES)
  • 1 Palkia (not SHINY)

~I also have every Fossil Pokémon known up for offers too! ---I've I Almost always given away My strong ones to people who can't beat a certain Gym, or the Elite Four, so i just give them to you anyway for FREE!!!