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Simple at the moment. Just writing down certain points. Gameset means HGSS, BW, FRLG, E, etc.

  • TCG
    • Setup should be File:<Pokémon/Trainer/Energy><Card expansion><card no.>.jpg (or .png)
      • For Pokémon, include the ex, Legend, etc.; however, no Star or Delta (they are nonalphanumeric characters)
        • If owned by a Trainer, ignore the aprostrophe (') and periods (.) (e.g. LtSurgeRaichu instead of Lt.SurgeRaichu)
      • For Trainer cards, same thing: ignore the apostrophe and periods
    • curved edges
  • anime
    • for individual Pokémon images, Pokémon anime.png
      • in movies, if needed to be specified, Pokémon M##.png (e.g. Wigglytuff M01.png)
      • for Trainer's Pokémon images, Trainer Pokémon.png (ignore periods)
    • for Pokémon moves, Pokémon move.png or Trainer Pokémon move.png (if there is a Trainer)
  • manga
    • Adventures
      • Pokémon standards: Pokémon Adventures.png
        • for Trainer's Pokémon, Trainer Pokémon Adventures.png
      • move standards: Pokémon move Adventures.png or Trainer Pokémon move.png (if there is a Trainer)
  • games
    • Trainer sprites: Spr <game initials> <Trainername>.png
    • Pokémon sprites: (see old MOS, that's clear)
    • Game artwork
      • Pokémon: ###Pokémon.png (add _gameset if not current, e.g. 158Totodile GS.png)
      • Trainers: <Gamename (full name, without the and)> <Name of character (no apostrophes, periods)>.png
    • move screenshots
      • if current, Move.png
      • if not current, Move generation.png
        • if they are different within the same generation, then the older one is Move gameset.png (e.g. Hidden Power DPPt.png)
  • TFG
    • Same rules as in TCG