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Simple at the moment. Just writing down certain points. Gameset means HGSS, BW, FRLG, E, etc. Second note: _ (underscore) is not needed in the upload, just a space. However, to control confusion, the underscores are denoted in the format. Same is shown for < and >, though in those cases, remove those instead when uploading files.


  • Setup should be File:<Pokémon/Trainer/Energy><Card expansion><card no.>.jpg (or .png)


  • For Pokémon, include the EX, Legend, etc.; however, no Star (★) or Delta (δ) (they are non-alphanumeric characters)
  • If owned by a Trainer, ignore the apostrophe (') and periods (.) (e.g. LtSurgeRaichu instead of Lt.SurgeRaichu)
  • For Trainer cards, same thing: ignore the apostrophe and periods
  • Rounded corners


  • For individual Pokémon images, Pokémon_anime.png (e.g. Stunky anime.png)
  • In movies, if needed to be specified, Pokémon_M##.png (e.g. Raticate M01.png)
  • For Trainer's Pokémon images, Trainer_Pokémon.png (ignore periods and apostrophes) (e.g. Ash Pikachu.png)
  • For Pokémon moves, Pokémon_move.png or Trainer_Pokémon move.png (if there is a Trainer) (e.g. Bulbasaur Vine Whip.png, Ash Pikachu Volt Tackle.png)


  • No text in general, but especially if it's an unofficial English translation of the original
  • Adventures:
Pokémon standards: Pokémon_Adventures.png (e.g Mankey Adventures.png)
For Trainer's Pokémon, Trainer_Pokémon_Adventures.png (e.g. Silver Weavile Adventures.png)
If nicknamed, then the nickname will do, presuming no conflicts are found (e.g. Pika.png or Red Pika.png)
  • Move standards
Adventures: Pokémon_move_Adventures.png or Trainer_Pokémon_move.png (only if there is a Trainer exclusive to Adventures, otherwise Trainer_Pokémon_move_Adventures.png)
Pikachu Thunderbolt Adventures.png
Blasty Mega Punch.png (preferable, though Blasty Mega Punch Adventures.png is also acceptable)
Koga Golbat Supersonic Adventures.png (needed, as there is a Koga in the anime as well)
non-Adventures: Pokémon move_initials of manga.png (or whatever the standard is for each individual manga) or Trainer Pokémon move.png
e.g. Ash Pikachu Thunderbolt EToP.png (EToP needed as there is distinction between the manga and anime character)


  • Trainer sprites: Spr_gameset_Trainername.png (e.g. Spr BW Youngster.png, Spr BW Aloe.png)
If there are disctinctions between genders of the same Trainer class, add _M or _F at the end (e.g. Spr RS Swimmer M.png, Spr RS Swimmer F.png)
  • Pokémon sprites: (see old MOS, that's clear)
  • Game artwork:
Pokémon: ###Pokémon.png (add _gameset if not current, e.g. 158Totodile GS.png)
Trainers: <Gamename (full name, without the and and before "Version(s)")>_<Name of character (no apostrophes, periods)>.png (e.g. Black White Aloe.png)
  • Move screenshots:
If current, Move.png (e.g Tackle.png)
If not current, Move_generation.png (e.g. Tackle IV.png)
If they are different within the same generation, then the older one is Move_gameset.png (e.g. Hidden Power DPPt.png)
  • VS sprites: VSTrainername.png (e.g. VSKiawe.png)
If the Trainer has multiple VS sprites from different gamesets, then the standard gameset will suffice (reverse of normal standards - the oldest one keeps the "original name". For instance, since a VS sprite for Beauty first appeared in XY, the title for that sprite would be VSBeauty.png while the one in ORAS would be titled VSBeauty ORAS.png)
Genders are dealt with the same way as with Trainer sprites (e.g. VSRoller Skater M.png, VSRoller Skater F.png, VSRising Star M SM.png)
If the location appears in multiple gamesets, the gameset will be listed after "Map" (e.g. Orre Pyrite Town Map Colo.png)
For some reason the anime-exclusive and Ranger maps are not formatted this way though.


  • Same rules as in TCG


  • Magazines