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BBF Jnoo

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Title: Rain vs. Jono
Author: Jnoo

Rain had received a message for a battle offering by someone named Jono. Rain had no clue who he was, but he said he was friends with Yura, who he knew since childhood. He goes to an open area inside of a park in Solaceon Town, looking around for this mysterious man.

"Hey!" someone shouted

Rain looks ahead to see a man with brown hair and sunglasses wearing a black, leather jacket and blue pants. Rain wonders if he was the one who wanted a battle with him.

“You’re Rain, correct?” he asked. Rain nods in response. “I heard a lot about you, Rain. I hear you’re quite the trainer.”

“You heard about me?” Rain asked.

“Indeed. My name is Jono, and I’m a trainer, just like you. Do you want to battle?”

Rain was uncomfortable with battling someone this suddenly, but he knows that he would never back down from a challenge.

“All right, I accept!” Rain said. “I’ll be sure to wipe the floor with you!”

“Good,” Jono replied. “It’ll be three on three. Are you ready?”

Rain nods as he goes to a spot far away from where Jono was, while Jono goes into the opposite direction, just as far.

“I’ll let you send out first!” Jono said.

“All right!” Rain said. “Go, Drifloon!”

Rain sends out his Drifloon to battle against his opponent, whoever he was.

“Drifloon, huh?” Jono said. “Go, Riolu!”

He sends out a small Riolu, which immediately goes into a fighting stance to battle the Ghost Type Drifloon.

“A Riolu?” Rain thought, “Against Drifloon? Even I know that Riolu won’t do anything!”

“Riolu, use Iron Tail!” Jono ordered.

Riolu charges forward and jumps up with its tail glowing. Riolu swings it and strikes Drifloon, spinning it around a bit before it recovers.

“Are you okay?” Rain asked.

“Floooon!” Drifloon replied.

“All right. Use Ominous Wind!”

Drifloon spins around, releasing a powerful, ghostly wind, leaving Riolu to stand its ground and brave the attack.

“Riolu, use Bulk Up!” Jono ordered.

Riolu begins to charge up energy, releasing enough power to make the grass below it flow with the forceful winds.


Riolu then uses Foresight that hits Drifloon, but it doesn’t seem to do anything. Rain was just as confused as Drifloon was.

“Force Palm!” Jono ordered.

Riolu charges forward and strikes Drifblim hard with a Force Palm attack. Rain was surprised that a Fighting move, which would normally be immune to Ghost Pokemon, actually hit Drifloon.

“Forsight drops Ghost Pokemon’s immunities, and now it’s giving me the advantage.”

“We’ll see about that!” Rain said. “Drifloon, use Stockpile!”

Drifloon begins to gain energy to use a special attack later on. Jono wanted to take advantage of it and he wasn’t going to let him get away with it.

“Riolu, use Quick Attack!” Jono ordered.

Riolu charges with blinding speed, but Rain knew what to do.

“Use Spit Up!” Rain ordered,

Drifloon immediately fires a powerful, purple beam at Riolu that hits it hard and sends it back. Riolu slowly gets up, but it was a bit weak. Rain knew he was ready to go down at any moment.

“All right,” Jono said. “Use Reversal!”

Riolu charges up with energy and charges towards Drifloon, who was prepared to fight back immediately.

“Drifloon, use Constrict!” Rain ordered.

Drifloon attempts to grab hold on it, but Riolu grabs it first. He flips forward and slams Drifloon on the ground. Riolu jumps back, while Drifloon rests on the ground, unable to battle.

“How’s that for power?” Jono asked.

“Rio!” Riolu said.

Rain recalls his Drifloon and wonders who he should send out next. He was strong, that's for sure, but he wonders what his last Pokemon would be like.

“Go, Turtwig!” Rain said.

His first Pokemon, Turtwig, comes out with a happy smile. He sees the Riolu in front of him and knew he was ready to battle.

“Fine, then,” he said. “Riolu, use Force Palm!”

“Turtwig, use Razor Leaf!” Rain ordered.

Turtwig fires a Razor Leaf attack that strikes Riolu hard, but even that didn’t stop his attack, which manages to strike Turtwig a bit. Turtwig was sent back a bit, but he merely shakes it off.

“Riolu, use Reversal!” Jono ordered.

“Bite and throw!” Rain ordered.

Riolu powers up again and charges towards Turtwig, but his opponent bites his hand and throws him to the ground, causing his Reversal to backfire. He remains on the ground, unable to battle.

“Riolu, return!” Jono said.

He recalls his fallen Riolu as he places his Pokeball on his belt. He takes out another as he prepares to continue their battle.

“Go, Lairon!” Jono said.

Jono sends out a Lairon for battle. Rain was still a bit confused, since it was part Rock. However due to its Steel type, Grass attacks would do normal damage. Still Rain thought it was a bit unusual to have his Pokemon weak to his own.

“All right, Turtwig,” Rain said. “Are you ready?”

“Turtwig!” he replied.

“All right, Razor Leaf!”

“Iron Defense!” Jono ordered.

Lairon braces itself for the Razor Leaf attack as they strike it hard, but Turtwig’s attack seems to have little effect due to Iron Defense’s effect.

“Now, use Iron Head!” Jono ordered.

Lairon charges forward with its head glowing brightly, striking Turtwig hard and sending it back a bit. Turtwig recovers, but Lairon was right in front of him.

“Now, use Metal Claw!” Jono ordered.

Lairon’s claws begin to glow a bright white as well, striking Turtwig and knocking it back. Turtwig slowly gets up, but he was far from out.

“Pretty tough, huh?” Jono said. “You said you’d wipe the floor with me, but it looks like the reverse is happening.”

“Turtwig, use Mega Drain!” Rain ordered.

Turtwig fires a beam that absorbs the energy from Lairon to heal him. Jono didn’t want Turtwig to get as far as he did.

“Lairon, use Metal Burst!”

Lairon powers up a ball of energy inside of its mouth and fires a powerful shock wave-like beam that sends Turtwig flying off, landing on the ground, far away from him.

“Lairon, use Iron Head!”

“I have to think of something, quick!” Rain thought. “Withdraw!”

Turtwig lies on the ground with its head lowered as Lairon shoots it across towards a nearby tree.

“Bounce off the tree and use Bite!”

Turtwig bounces off the tree and shoots towards Lairon, biting one of its spikes and sending it down to the ground.

“Good job, Turtwig!” Rain cheered.

“Turtwig!” he said, cheering as well.

Lairon slowly gets up, showing signs of fatigue. Jono was impressed at his strength; he had no idea he was this good.

“Fine, then,” Jono said. “Use Metal Burst!”

“Turtwig, use Razor Leaf!” Rain ordered.

Both Pokemon fire their attacks as they hit each other hard. Lairon was hit with enough to knock it out, while Turtwig was hit hard enough to knock him out as well. Both Pokemon were out and Jono and Rain were both down to one Pokemon each. They both recall their fallen Pokemon and prepare for their last battle.

“Are you ready to end this, Rain?” Jono asked. “Because I’m more than ready to finish you off!”

“Let’s see what you have!” Rain said.

“All right. Go, Buizel!”

Jono sends out his Buizel who simply shakes his fur in reaction to his release.

“Bui!” he said happily.

“Is he serious with this?” Rain thought. “All I have is Luxio, who’s an Electric Pokemon. And he’s supposed to be really strong against a Water Type like Buizel!”

“Don’t judge me for my Pokemon. You saw how strong each one of them were!”

“He’s right. Even with the disadvantages, they still managed to take my Pokemon down. I have to think harder than ever if I hope to beat him!”

Rain takes out his last Pokeball and prepares to fight off Jono’s Buizel.

“Go, Luxio!” Rain said.

Rain sends out his Luxio who roars proudly as he takes the field. Rain wanted to make sure that he didn’t lose to this mysterious guy.

“Buizel, use SonicBoom!” Jono ordered.

Buizel jump up and flips forward, shooting a powerful wave on energy at Luxio, who braves the attack and sparks with electricity.

“I know what you want to do,” Rain said. “Use Spark!”

Luxio unleashes a powerful bolt of electricity that strikes Buizel hard. Despite the power, it didn’t seem to do too much.

“What the…?” Rain asked.

“Ice Beam!” Jono ordered.

Buizel fires an Ice Beam that freezes Luxio’s mouth as it tries to break it off.

“Bite!” Rain ordered.

Luxio musters enough strength t break the ice off of its mouth and bite Buizel on the arm. He spins around, sending Buizel along with it. Buizel rolls on the ground as he gets up to retaliate.

“Aqua Jet!” Jono ordered.

Buizel engulfs himself in a watery aura and shoots himself towards Luxio, striking him hard and sending him back a bit.

“Razor Wind, Buizel!” Jono ordered.

Buizel’s twin tails begin to glow brightly and fires a powerful wave that strikes Luxio hard and sends it backwards and onto the ground. Luxio slowly gets up, but he wasn't out yet.

"He's good," Rain thought. "I have to find a way to defeat this guy once and for all!"

"Ice Beam!"

Buizel fires an Ice Beam, but once it hit Luxio, it freezes his entire body instead of just his face. Luxio was completely immobile.

"Luxio!" Rain said with worry.

"Got him now," Jono said. "Buizel, use Razor Wind!"

Buizel prepares the attack once more and fires it, crushing the ice and damaging Luxio hard. Luxio struggles to get up, but he was almost out of it.

"Aqua Jet!" Jono ordered.

Buizel covers himself in the watery aura again. And shoots himself towards Luxio, who was still struggling.

"Bite and Spark!" Rain ordered.

Luxio gets up and takes the attack, biting down on Buizel's arm and shocking him while he's surrounded by water. They both go into a tree as they both hit it hard. They both fall down, but it didn't seem like either of them were getting up. Luxio slowly manages to stand, but Buizel was still struggling.

"Please...let this be overwith!" Rain thought.

Buizel manages to recover, but both of them were really weak. Jono and Rain both wanted to end this as soon as possible.

"Water Pulse!" Jono ordered.

"Spark!" Rain ordered.

Both Pokemon fire their attacks as they strike each other hard, both doing a lot of damage to each other. Buizel falls to the ground, unable to battle, while Luxio miraculously sits up as it rests on its hind legs for some support.

"Luxi," it said.

"Well, that....was kind of enjoyable," Jono said, calling Buizel back to his Pokeball. "I have to admit, you're pretty strong."

"Thanks," Rain said. "So were you."

They both shake hands as they both depart. Rain was excited to have such a fun battle, which made him even more excited for the Veilstone Gym battle soon. He decides to head back to find his friends so he could tell them about his battle with Jono. Now that they were through in Solaceon Town, they decide to head off to Veilstone City, for Rain's third Gym Battle.