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Title: Insommiacs and Dreams
Author: LightningKimba

How should I start…? I was in a stadium, facing against a person I did not know, it would be an experience I shall not forget…

“Mm? Are you my opponent?” said someone, but I could not tell who it was. It was a very faint voice, for something seemed to block the sound itself.

The flashing lights, the audiences’ roar… It was immense, and made me a tad nervous.

After getting through the lights, I saw the boy, but could not really see his features, which is why I even cursed at my near-sightedness. What I could tell was… He was wearing a hat, no… A red cap.

“Ladies and gentlemen…” I heard the Announcer say, which I knew myself it was the Announcer from the feedback it gave, “We now present to you… Ash Ketchum’s opponent, William!”

“Oh look, mommy! That kid’s wearing brown shorts! They’re comfy and easy to wear!” said a child I hear in the audience, I suppose he was looking at my cargo shorts, which he thought looked nice.

I checked my blue shirt, which was still clean, and did not have any dust on it. My black sneakers still look clean, as well. Looking good, I suppose.

“All right! Pleased to meet you, William!” said what I assume was Ash, however, his name did give me a feeling of nostalgia…He had on a blue throwover, which seemed to have a white poké ball symbol on it, but the bottom half did not appear on it. He also had blue jeans, and red shoes, with black undertones. He had black hair, and I’m sure what he has on his shoulder is a Pikachu.

“Uh… The same to you, Ash.” I said, trying to seem as polite as I could. I never did have great social skills. In addition, the boy DID catch me while I was in mid-thought…

“This battle will be a 3-on-3 vs. challenge! Who will win? You, the audience, will have to sit back, and enjoy the game!” the Announcer cried out, and the audience were back with their applause.

I then noticed a monitor, a little to the right of me, showing both mine, and Ash’s face on it. It seemed to have three grayed out bars, but I did know what they were supposed to symbolize…

“Now, the trainers will each call out their first pokémon, and the battle will now commence!”

I withdrew my left hand into my black laptop bag, and gripped on to one of the pokémon I had with me for school. Unlike most of the students, I actually captured and trained various pokémon in secret. However, they looked differently colored than the pokémon I see in history books…

“Fly now, Lenalee!” I cried out, as I threw the hidden sphere from my bag out on to the stadium’s floor. The ball itself quickly grew as I released it, a trick I often do by pressing the button on the ball RIGHT after I let go of it, just as a gimmick.

Once the ball hit the ground, it popped open, and a large, green dragon with large green wings came out of the glowing red light that emerged. It had a rather long tail, with a fan-like tip. The tail was also striped with blue rings. It also had orange lens, that covered its eyes, and it had three talons on each of its two claws. Lenalee, was what I called this pokémon. The ball snapped back into my hand, as I also noticed Ash sent out what I thought was a green lizard.

The lizard seemed to have two tree-like tails, and three leaves growing from the ends of its arms, just before the hand part. It glared at Lenalee and me with its energetic yellow eyes. It also seemed to have a stick in its mouth, as it slowly got up from all fours, to bipedal.

“This is one of my friends, Sceptile.” he said, and smirked.

All my life, I dealt with mostly simpletons in my class, but he was one of the few who even dared called pokémon ‘friends’. How strange that I haven’t met anyone else with such a love for pokémon as him.

I shrugged off those thoughts, and quickly cried out, “Lenalee, Heat Wave!”

The proud dragon smiled with a devilish intent, and flapped its wings. The wings were flapping at such a rate; it blew off a very hot air in its wake, the wind aimed at Ash’s Sceptile.

“Grr… What IS that pokémon?!” Ash held his arms in front of his face, and slowly removed his right, trying to pull what I believe was his PokéDex.

His hardiness and guts rewarded him with him managing to pull out the machine from his pocket; it looked to be the III Generation of PokéDexes, with a red tone. However, Sceptile crash-landed into Ash, from Lenalee’s strong heat storm.

“Lenalee… You don’t have to shove the pokémon into the trainer.” I said to the young pokémon, as it lazily scratched the back of its head in shame, smiling.

Lenalee was a Flygon, but the lens it had over its eyes were orange, while many textbooks referred to them as red. It is strange how I caught a pokémon that is listed completely different from the textbooks. However, she did evolve from a small black ant-like pokémon, which its name I believe was Trapinch.

“Oof… That seriously hurt, Sceptile, you okay?” asked Ash, as he was getting up from the fumble that happened with Sceptile.

The Sceptile itself nodded its head, and turned to face Lenalee, with fierce choler. I think the heat only made Sceptile even more pumped.

“Sceptile, Leaf Blade!” called out Ash, as his Sceptile seemed to shift its arms into each other, as if it were crossing them. Then, the leaves that were on its sides glowed green, and as the lizard shifted its arms back into an open stance, the leaves turned into one, large, glowing leaf, one of each arm.

The lizard dashed quickly at Lenalee, and hacked away at the green dragon. Lenalee tried its best to block, but even I could see that Lenalee was having trouble trying to defend against the lizard’s onslaught of attacks. Finally, the Sceptile’s right blade managed to strike across Lenalee’s face, making the dragon topple over.

Hmm… Isn’t Leaf Blade a slightly ineffective move on a dragon type pokémon like Lenalee? Maybe I should simply act like Ash, and borrow his tactics…

“Lenalee, get up, quickly!”

The dragon hopped back up on its feet, smiling joyously. I’m surprised myself at how much energy Lenalee had for this fight.

“Now Lenalee, lift up Sceptile with your tail, and follow that up with a Thunder uppercut!” I commanded, as Lenalee swooped in on Sceptile using its superior speed, thanks to its wings. The dragon then went behind Sceptile, causing it to be stun for a slight second, then used this time to push Sceptile up using its tail.

“Now finish it!”

“No!” Ash said, he could only watch, as Lenalee flew up, and its clenched fist was charged with electrical sparks. The dragon managed to strike Sceptile precisely in the chest, using its powerful punch, and finally…

“Now, throw Sceptile straight down, and slam it!”

Lenalee did as she was told, and tossed Sceptile right into the ground, as it doved right on top of it while Sceptile was free falling in the air. A large slam came with this impact, as the dust from the impact covered the whole field.

The monitor, from what I saw, actually showed what pokémon Ash and I were using. Sceptile’s icon, however, was grayed out, while Lenalee’s icon stayed the same.

The audience started to cheer as the dust lifted, showing Lenalee standing triumphantly over the fainted Sceptile.

Ash, defeated, returned his Sceptile. But, he managed to smile. “William, I never knew anyone that actually beat Sceptile like that.”

I scratched my head while giving a fake smile, feeling flattered, but Ash said one more thing after that.

“But, that doesn’t mean you’re going to beat my next pokémon!”

I returned my Flygon, withdrew its poké ball back into my bag, and threw the second one I had. Ash did the same, but his poké balls appeared to be attached to his belt.

The audience were in awe as they saw first, a large gigantic lizard, with fierce eyes, and even more fearsome claws and teeth. Its tail’s tip had a flame on it.

They also saw my own pokémon, Rukia, who was a small fox-like and cat-like pokémon. Its ears were lopped, as its misty beauty hyped up the audience as they awaited the second battle.

“Wow… I seriously can’t believe I’m saying this, but… I’m battling Ash Ketchum.” I said in awe, from staring at the impressive sight that was Charizard.

“All right, now let’s get serious!” Ash said, as he threw his hand straight forward, and his Charizard ran at Rukia.

“Yeah! There’s no way I’ll lose now!” I yelled, and threw my hands out as well, which Rukia breathed out an immense cool air, freezing everything in its path.

Ash’s Charizard braved through the large snowstorm, trying to reach Rukia to take it down.

“Don’t give in, Charizard!” Ash yelled, trying to rally Charizard on, his own fists clenched with tension.

“Rukia, keep it up!” I cried, trying to rally on my own pokémon, which Rukia looked that it could not release anymore of its chilled breath.

Charizard was persistent, and eventually managed to get in close enough to grab Rukia’s body, and started to fly up in the air, holding it.

“Wha?” I said, looking at how much resilience Ash’s Charizard had, JUST to attempt an attack on my pokémon.

“Charizard, now use Seismic Toss!” Ash shouted, as Charizard spun in the air, cycling across the stadium’s field.

The audience were excited at this twist, as Rukia eventually became dizzy from the spinning.

“Now slam ‘em down!” Ash said, and Charizard went down into the ground, making a large dent in the field.

“Ah shoot, I’m down to my last pokémon already?” I coughed, and noticed, after the dust cleared from the impact, that Charizard itself was knocked out from the attack, with Rukia.

“Heheh… Why don’t we finish this off with one last attack?” Ash said, as he returned his Charizard into its poké ball.

“Just one strike? That’s it? Cool.” I said, as I returned Rukia back into its poké ball, a bit discouraged that I couldn’t nail a second win.

“Now folks, this decides it! Both opponents agreed on making the last match, a 1-on-1, Winner Takes All, match! Are you fired up?!” said the announcer, which the audience responded with their cheer.

I withdrew Rukia’s poké ball back into my bag, as I grabbed my last pokémon. Ash himself seemed to let the Pikachu that was already on his shoulder take the stage. The pokémon itself was basically a yellow mouse, but with red cheeks, and its ears’ tips were black.

I then threw out my last poké ball, containing one of my favorite pokémon, Haseo.

The giant dog appeared as soon as the ball hit the ground, with its orange fur, containing black stripes, flowed beautifully through the air of the stadium. It stared as Ash’s small mouse pokémon with intensity.

“So, just one simple attack, huh?” I said, chuckling at this last match.

It’s just the intensity, just so close to winning… Only needing to hit my opponent with one last attack…

“Volt Tackle!” Ash yelled.

“Flare Blitz!” I commanded.

Haseo and Ash’s Pikachu took off at high speed, Haseo blazing across the field in a fiery aura, and the Pikachu in an electric aura. When the two collided, even I could not foresee the victor of this battle…