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BBF The Pig King

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Title: Untitled
Author: The Pig King

I was in over my head. That’s all I can say. What else could be said, seeing the situation I was in? Up alone against three god-like creatures, with just three Pokemon of my own to defend myself? I was cocky, overconfident, and stupid, so very stupid.

Dialga, Palkia, and Giratina. Capturing these creatures had been my dream, and then, at the top of Mt. Coronet, I had thought I was going to reach it. The beasts shook the ruins of Spear Pillar with their roars, as I struggled to keep my balance. What a fool I was, thinking I had so much as a chance of success.

That being said, I was confident at the start of the battle. I had four deluxe Master Balls at my disposal, so capturing Dialga, Palkia, and Giratina should’ve been a cinch. I only wish it could’ve been as easy as I had thought it would be.

My first Ball went toward Giratina, my favorite of the three. I had chosen it first because, if for some reason I was only able to capture one, it would’ve been my instant choice. As the Ball flew through the air, however, Giratina glowed pink, and vanished, as if to another dimension. The Master Ball plummeted to the foot of the mountain.

I threw my next Poke Ball at Dialga. The towering blue Pokemon turned its head toward me as the Master Ball approached it, just in time for the crest atop its head to knock my second Ball to the ground.

My final two I threw in unison, at both Dialga and Palkia. This time, the Balls connected with the Pokemon, as both began to glow in unison. I grinned; I had done it. Or so I thought, as at that very moment, Giratina emerged from wherever it had gone, causing the very fabric of reality to shake. My last Master Balls shattered, leaving three very angry Legendary Pokemon staring at me.

Now, I began to realized the full scale of my situation, and tossed out three Poke Balls, sending out my Pokemon, a Blaziken, a Lucario, and a Dunsparce. From that point on, I began to focus my energy on wounding the Pokemon enough to at least frighten them away.

“Lucario! To me! Blaziken, jump on that pillar, and hit them with Flamethrower. Dunsparce, dig down, and get them with an Earthquake from below!” Lucario, immediately sensing my command, ran toward me. With Lucario so close, it felt as if our minds were one, and I was sure Lucario would need no more commands. It knew what it had to do; protect me.

Blaziken, second to begin its attack, jumped to the top of the tallest standing pillar, and punched forward. From its wrist, a blazing fire emerged, scorching the Pokemon now at eye level with it. The weeds that had begun to grow burst into flames, as did the vines wrapping around the other pillars.

Dunsparce, then, not to be left out, dug down, beneath its enemies’ feet. It shook its head back and forth violently, until the very earth surrounding it began to shake with it. Cracks began to form in the fiery ground, as the flames moved through the cracks in the rock to more weeds buried beneath them, surrounding the stone floor with flames.

The Legendary Pokemon, looking down at what my Pokemon had done, began to make their move. Dialga’s crested head began to glow blue, while Palkia’s shoulders glowed pink. Giratina leapt again into another dimension, this time leaving a cloud of darkness behind, showing that it was bound to return.

Thinking quickly, I recalled Blaziken and Dunsparce, while Lucario grabbed hold of me and leapt at least two hundred feet into the air. I looked down, gasping as I saw Dialga’s Roar of Time unleashed, alongside Palkia’s Spacial Rend, as Giratina returned with a Shadow Force.

The peak was devastated, along with at least a quarter of the mountain. As we fell back down, I gulped, hoping that I would escape alive. I called again on Dunsparce and Blaziken, both appearing before me. “Dunsparce, dig down, and use Earthquake. After that, hit them with whatever you’ve got! Ice Beam, Thunderbolt, Flamethrower, anything! Don’t hold back!”

“Blaziken, I’ll need you to get up high, and then hit them with Brave Bird from above. To get up, you can Sky Uppercut, you can jump on pillars, I don’t care, as long as you get it done. Lucario, stay by me, but hit them with as many Aura Spheres as you can, allright?”

The Pokemon nodded. Dunsparce dug down almost immediately, while Blaziken flung itself into the middle of the new mountaintop, and hit Palkia with a Sky Uppercut. Blaziken jumped a bit higher, and then came down with a blue glow, smashing downward like a boulder. Palkia’s head jerked to the side, almost dodging the blow, until it was knocked back in to place with a well-timed Aura Sphere.

Just after that, the ground beneath our feet began to shake, as more cracks appeared in the ground. Dunsparce dug toward Palkia’s feet, and began preparing for an Ice Beam. As a blue sphere hovered in front of its head, Palkia stomped down, crushing Dunsparce beneath its feet. Before Dunsparce could be crushed completely, however, the primary Ice Beam flew forward, encasing Palkia’s foot in a block of ice.

I recalled Duncparce, and sent it out again in front of me. I drew some spray from my pocked, and quickly applied it, healing Dunsparce’s wounds. Dunsparce, then, quickly dug down again, and crawled forward. It launched a second Ice Beam, freezing Palkia’s other foot.

Meanwhile, Lucario launched four Aura Spheres toward Giratina, as Blaziken hit it from above with a second Brave Bird attack. Dialga lunged down at Dunsparce with a Metal Claw, but missed, instead hitting Giratina. As it was hit from behind with several more Aura Spheres, Giratina roared, and sped forward, toward me. It opened what seemed to be its mouth, and grabbed Lucario in its teeth. Turning around, it threw Lucario at Dialga, and then jumped into the air.

It hovered there for a few seconds, and then crashed down, slamming into both Lucario and Dialga. It jumped from the edge of the mountain, and vanished to some other dimension, never to return. Dialga looked hardly fazed, although it seemed to have taken some damage, while Lucario sat on the ground, unconscious.

I cursed beneath my breath, and recalled Lucario, my chances seeming slimmer by the minute. “Blaziken, Dunsparce! Both of you, hit Dialga with Flamethrower!” My two remaining Pokemon nodded, as they let loose a blazing fire toward Dialga. It jumped above the two, leaving Palkia behind it, whose icy feet were quickly thawed by the fire.

Dialga landed right on top of Palkia, knocking the Spacial Pokemon beneath its feet. Palkia quickly rose next to Dialga, enraged. The two backed up, and began to charge toward each other, angrier at each other than at me. “Quick, while you have the chance, both of you hit them with electric attacks! Blaziken, use Thunderpunch, and Dunsparce, use Thunderbolt!”

Sparks quickly flew toward Dialga and Palkia, who, due to the water from Palkia’s melted prison, were zapped heavily, just before they collided, and then slammed together. The two turned to face me, clearly even angrier than before. I gulped.

Dialga, the first to attack, pinned Blaziken to the ground with its foot, and began to prepare a Roar of Time. As a massive ball of blue energy formed in Dialga’s mouth, Palkia picked up Dunsparce. It ran toward me, and slammed Dunsparce into my face with a Spacial Rend. As my vision faded, I saw Dialga’s attack demolish what remained of the mountain, as the two turned to face each other once again.

I came to in a hospital days later, my three Pokemon in Poke Balls beside me. I had no proof of the event other than my own memories and a missing Mount Coronet. But, I suppose, it was best that way. After all, beasts capable of such destruction could’ve easily done much worse under my command, were I able to control them. I smiled, thankful for my own life, as I realized that in losing, I had won.