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BBF fishyfool

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Title: Cold Shoulder.
Author: fishyfool

Such arguments between rivals can spring from just about any situation, from the rather generic quarrel between whose starter Pokémon is better or the claims on the pretty female travelling partner with a nice ass, to the decision of who gets dibs on exploring the cave that had appeared a few day ago on the beaches of the scenic naval route that ran between Dewford and Petalburg in the Hoenn region.

Currently, said rivals were discussing the battle terms in a friendly manner, as siblings are wont to do: Three-on-three, no time limit. The prize: Checking the new cave out, as well as a kiss from their pal (cue slaps and moans as cheeks developed red patches) and smugness over the other. With her two Pokémon marking the battle arena via a pair of pillars formed from the natural sands and the ice within, the boys took their position while her Alakazam, a humanoid Pokémon with handlebar moustache and frail build, floated by her side as her aide.

“Since you two always seem to argue, let the battle begin!” she called out without much emotion, and the eerily united sounds of hands grabbing containment spheres and releasing their individual battlers ran through the silent island.

“Greenwing, let’s rock!”

“Everwind, to war!”

The balls released the occupants as the relative newcomers studied their foes. Greenwing gazed up from his position, finding the grainy land beneath his tan exterior comforting as his eyes, shielded from the elements by a pair of crystalline red domes, locked with his master’s brother, a boy of middle teenage years, with the same shade of auburn hair as his master, and his lucid cobalt eyes, before turning to Everwind, who was a reptilian beast of the same build as the Flygon, only this being lacked wings, instead relying on his oversized jaws and perpetually leering eyes to intimidate the average Ratatta, not a hard feat for a Feraligatr.

Before an order could be made, however, the girl held up a hand as ten eyes turned to her as she gave her proposal of making it a double battle, to which the group agreed and a pair of other flashes revealed the infamous starter Pokémon the brothers had.

Everwind’s partner, by definition, was a anthropomorphic lizard, with his two stubby horns and eternally lit tail making a fearsome combination with his draconic wings, as red as burning coals as the Charizard gave a friendly blast of flame at Greenwing, who retaliated with his own short burst of fire, neither scorching missile meeting the other or the target. The Flygon’s partner gave a sigh as it casually sauntered beside him, his spinal fin seemingly mutated from his back while his claws, easily a foot in length, were grinding against each other and the edgy amber eyes flitted between his grey-eyed trainer and his brother, and the two Pokémon which were his opponents.

“Everwind, bring your power up with a quick Dragon Dance, then chomp on that oversized shark with a nice Ice Fang! Hypotherm, Fly up and divebomb onto Greenwing with a Body Slam!”

“Greenwing, let’s show Everwind what we’re made of. Use that ThunderPunch you learned earlier to sock him before he dances then start a Sandstorm with all this stuff to aid Greyfang. You should take to the air and Dragon Rush Hypotherm before he slams, buddy.”

With no hesitation, Everwind inhaled as he called upon his ancestral lineage to perform the same ancient ritual dance between the beasts of his time as his limbs throbbed with the power of dragons, focusing on the Garchomp at the time, who was taking a short run to lift off as his ally did too. Too focused he was that he never noticed the crackling electricity on the claws of the desert mirage as the statically-charged fist thumped into his belly, causing the crocodile to hiss in pain as he staggered back, his jaws locking in mild paralysis, just as his vision diverted to the skies as his original quarry, cloaked in blue flame and crimson energy, charged towards Hypotherm, who suddenly dived at the dragon below, flapping his wings at the sand and kicking clouds of the substance up only to give a screech of pain as the impact of the Charizard knocked him off balance and onto his back, wincing as it was pinned under the weight. As the Mach Pokémon landed safely, frowning at the miss, it gave a primal roar as Everwind sank his fangs into the flesh, infusing the wound with icy energy that caused the Garchomp to tear up as it shook the ravenous reptile off and inspected the painful wound amidst swearing from both sides.

“Damnit! Don’t let that little bite affect you, Crunch him back! Then nail Hypotherm with Dragon Claw! Everwind, unleash your righteous Outrage!”

“Not on my watch, we have the advantage! Take Garchomp out with Ice Beam, then turn that cold around and hit his ally. Hypotherm, get back and counter Greyfang’s move with your own Dragon Claw.”

Angered, Greyfang turned his head, his fangs brimming with dark powers as he snapped down on the Feraligatr’s arm, making him release the charging ice beam prematurely as the poorly-charged orb of ice energy seeped into the wound of the dragon, overpowering his nervous system and causing his consciousness to lapse as he fell on top of the Big Jaw Pokémon, effectively crushing it beneath as the red finned monster’s eyes dilated in shock and both parties fell. Without a partner or enemy, the Charizard turned his attention to the single remaining enemy as both sides brimmed with an energy residue felt even by Alakazam as the two rushed each other, the large insectile dragon striking with his claws and tail cloaked in draconic energy and the lizard Pokémon blocking and parrying with his own phalanges masked in the same energy, but in the end both dragons fell back, their bodies marked with welts and slices and them puffing heavily as the new replacements on each side emerged from their holdings. On Greenwing’s side was an amethyst scorpion, his arms attached to his head and his spiteful eyes staring the opposing phantom down, the gaseous form of a grinning face seemingly chained to a large rock with a sizable cleft in its midst.

“Reaper, think Nasty Plots and drop his dragon with a Dark Pulse. Hypotherm, keep Drapion away from Spiritomb by Fire Blasting him.”

“I’m surprised at the choice, but as such, you’re not winning. Try and hit Charizard with your own Fire Blast, Greenwing, before Dark Pulse hits! Scorn, should Charizard survive, Night Slash him and X-Scissor Spiritomb!”

The girl looked at her psychic partner, who nodded peacefully, notifying her that the psychic link between him and her other Pokémon, a Froslass seeking solace in the cave away from the blazing sun, was still active, before frowning and opening his eyes quite a width as his powers picked up a blurred idea from Reaper, the darkness of the ghost blotting much of the Psi Pokémon’s powers of perception but letting the evil plan loose as it arrived at a conclusion and smirked evilly, just as a sudden flare of heat ran past him as a kanji missile of solid fire screamed towards the Drapion and the simultaneous sound of a pained roar as the Charizard fell from the flames spewed by Greenwing as his eyes squeezed shut in exhaustion. With no hesitation, he ignored the grunt of pain by Scorn and burped out a string of demonic loops in a pulse that drove into the Flygon, putting him out of his misery before Drapion shook the flames off him and scampered at the ghost his claws aglow with bug energy as he brought them crashing down on the Forbidden Pokémon, a scream of 108 tortured souls echoing through the beach, unnerving all in the area as a few Wingull flew in terror from the nesting trees overhead, searching for a more peaceful spot.

“Reaper, demolish him with a Shadow Ball.”

“Take him down with Sludge Bomb, Scorn.”

As the battling Pokémon faced each other down, Drapion focused on his azure pincer spots to create a group of hardened blobs of noxious energy, while Reaper charged the shadows into a large orb before letting it loose as the group of biohazardous missiles barraged at him, both attacks bypassing each other and striking the foe, Drapion blaring as the orb exploded on him sending wraithlike winds through the area while the Spiritomb sank backwards, a cacophony of pained yelps as most of the bomblets splattered over him, and as the dust cleared, the ghost had retreated into his rock while the scorpion had keeled over in pain.

“What the-“

“We drew?”

The surprised loons ran to their fallen friends, before shaking hands in a show of true friendship as a small spittoon of energy peeked from the split rock and fidgeted with the claw of Drapion with a note of a good fight, just before a horrified scream rang out from the cave and crushed the spirits completely as the Froslass was sent spiralling out, mist billowing from the mouth of the cave as the trainers fell back and Alakazam stood, ready for battle as he stared into the septet of lights that glowered ominously from the fog...