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Generation ii

Now that all of the Generation ii pokémon have been released, shouldn't someone upload the models for the new pokémon?

Notes on naming convention

A while back, Niantic redid a bunch of the sprites, with the new batch called "Addressable Assets". Since mass re-uploading would have to be done, I decided to use this as a chance to fix some dire naming convention issues here. To note:

  • Initially, we never assumed Niantic would keep adding costumes nonstop. A lot of suffixes that we came up with became inconsistent, often clashing, and I ended up making random letters to compensate. (The "G" for flower crown never meant anything.)
    • 025S is Summer Pikachu in GO, but it's Sinnoh hat Pikachu in the main games. 025W used to be Beanie hat Pikachu (W for Winter), but then World Cap Pikachu came out a year later. Had to do some re-uploads to account for this.
    • The new "Addressable Assets" actually show the internal names for each of the costumes. While these names are not 100% accurate (i.e. Winter 2018 forms weren't released until 2019), they are largely consistent, and at least guarantees no guesswork on our end.
    • If the Pokemon's costume already exists in the main games (i.e. Pikachu in a World Cap), we use the same name "GO025W.png". Otherwise, name it based on Niantic's Internal Name.
  • Previously, there was no space before the "f" for female sprites, contrary to conventions for other games. This became super awkward when Safari Hat Pikachu became "GO025Saf.png" for male, and "GO025Saff.png" for female. The first batch of female sprites missed the space, and I just mindlessly carried that over.
  • Addressable Asset names can be found here.

And these were the GO sprites I ended up re-uploading (or uploading for the first time):

  • All female sprites. (They were missing the space before the "f".)
  • All Addressable Assets (except for a few recent ones uploaded in my absence.)
  • All Costumes (most Costumes got new models in Addressable Assets, the few remaining needed the name change)

TehPerson (talk) 23:53, 3 January 2022 (UTC)