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File list
Date Name Thumbnail Size Description Versions
06:52, 29 October 2011 Ash Charmander Leer.png (file) 577 KB {{mva|Charmander|Leer|trainer=Ash|article=yes|type=Normal}} 1
20:09, 5 October 2011 Officer Jenny Blastoise.png (file) 1.08 MB Officer jenny holding her Blastoise 1
05:34, 4 October 2011 Nurse Joy Magnemite.png (file) 1.07 MB Nurse Joy's Magnemite 1
05:25, 4 October 2011 Nurse Joy Swinub.png (file) 875 KB Nurse Joy's Swinub 1
15:10, 14 September 2011 Weepinbell and Weezing.png (file) 627 KB Weezing battling Weepinbell in James' flashback in EP261. 1
15:08, 14 September 2011 James Weepinbell.png (file) 467 KB James' flashback of catching Weepinbell. 1