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TCG GB deck.png Game sprite of {{{3}}} - [[:bp:{{{4}}} ({{{5}}})|{{{4}}}]] card, from the [[:bp:{{{2}}} (GB{{{1}}})|{{{2}}}]] set of .

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This template generates a summary and categories for card sprites of Pokémon Trading Card Game and Pokémon Card GB2: Here Comes Team GR!.


This template uses six unnamed parameters.

  1. The value "1" or "2", representing the first or second TCG GB game.
  2. The set name, such as "Colosseum" or "Evolution".
  3. The card number as shown in-game, such as "A01" or "E01".
  4. The card name, such as "Pikachu", "Ditto", "Bill", or "Grass Energy".
    • The image is categorized according to this parameter. For instance, if this parameter is "Pikachu", the card will be added to Category:Pikachu. This can be prevented using the parameter 6 below.
  5. The information between parenthesis in the Bulbapedia name. For Bulbasaur (Base Set 44), this parameter would be "Base Set 44".
  6. Optionally, use "-" as the last parameter to prevent categorization based on the card name. For instance, this prevents "Scoop Up" sprite to be categorized into "Category:Scoop Up".


The card sprites are added to these categories:


Example 1

  • Image:

TCG1 A01 Nidoran.png

  • Code:
{{GBcard|1|Colosseum|A01|Nidoran♂|Base Set 55}}
  • Result:
TCG GB deck.png Game sprite of A01 - Nidoran♂ card, from the Colosseum set of Pokémon Trading Card Game.

Example 2

  • Image:

TCG2 A01 Bulbasaur.png

  • Code:
{{GBcard|2|Beginning Pokémon|A01|Bulbasaur|Bulbasaur Deck 1}}
  • Result:
TCG GB deck.png Game sprite of A01 - Bulbasaur card, from the Beginning Pokémon set of Pokémon Card GB2: Here Comes Team GR!.