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Template talk:Aba

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Would be good to see some documentation for this template. Here's my findings, which I'm putting here as the template doc is protected:

  • 1st parameter = user Pokémon
  • 2nd parameter = ability
  • trainer = trainer who owns the user, if omitted it's assumed this is a wild Pokémon
  • article:
    • for owned Pokémon, if present (e.g. "yes") will cause it to link to the specific Pokémon article (e.g. "Ash's Pikachu")
    • for non-owned Pokémon, should specify the article corresponding to this specific Pokémon (e.g. "Mew (M08)")
    • if omitted, this means there is no article for the specific Pokémon, only the species
  • trainerlink = link to the trainer page, defaults to the same as trainer
  • target = Pokémon on the receiving end; only affects category
  • manga = if present (e.g. "yes"), this is an ability used in the manga; otherwise just the anime
  • epname/roundname = name of the episode or round
  • code = epicode
  • nick = Pokémon nickname (e.g. "Sparky")
  • copy = move used to copy the ability
  • ex:
    • if "orig", means only shown in the original Japanese version
    • if "eng" or "dub", means only shown in the English dub version
    • if omitted, means shown in both versions

Hope that helps someone else :) Kidburla (talk) 10:30, 27 October 2017 (UTC)