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Template talk:Menusprite

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How to use


  1. Pokédex number
  2. Pokémon name
  3. Form abbreviation, if applicable.
  4. Generation override, only to be used if the menusprite was introduced or changed after the Pokémon's introduction generation.


{{Menusprite|386|Deoxys|S|the Generation III Pokémon games}}

643MS.png644MS.png646BMS.png646WMS.png This is the menusprite of #386S Deoxys from the Generation III Pokémon games.


A parser to fit in the extra info... e.g. Attack Forme, Unown E, Shaymin Sky Forme... In other words, for Unown, 201-E, for Deoxys, 386-A, etc. ht14 15:09, 3 November 2009 (UTC)