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Hello, I'm Birdie. ;)

I live in Finland.

I'm a dude. And you can call me Alex.

You find me in YouTube: Rewwgh RosesOfTomorrow

Favourite things

Pokémon(s): I like 'em all, but Oddish is pretty cool. Types: Grass, Bug, Psychic. Games: Platinum, HeartGold and Emerald. Trainer class: I like them all, especially girls. =D Movie: The Power of One. Starter: Treecko and Turtwig. Eevee evolution: Leafeon or Espeon. Character (Animé): May. Character (Game): Ethan Music (Game): Route 111 Desert

Games I own

-HeartGold -Platinum -Diamond -Pearl -Ruby -Sapphire -Crystal -Gold