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User:Immewnity/Guides/SWF extraction

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Have you ever been on a site that uses Adobe Flash? Have you come across something that would be nice to have, but you don't know how to get it? Well, here's your answer.

Ever seen something uploaded that says something like "Flash/SWF extraction"? Well, this is how you can do the same.

NOTE: For this tutorial, I will assume that you are attempting to extract the Ho-Oh and Lugia artwork and the HeartGold & SoulSilver TCG logo from the HeartGold & SoulSilver "instores" Flash file on [1] via a Windows machine. In time, this file will be inaccessible from the page, thus rendering this tutorial's example unrepeatable. However, the method in finding the content will stay the same.

What you'll need and where to get them

For all sections

Extracting everything

Extracting shapes (get larger shapes faster)


Decide what you want to extract. If you want to extract images, download Flash Decompiler Trillix. If you want to extract shapes, you have two choices: Flash Decompiler Trillix or Flash Exploit. Both have advantages. If you want the shape to be smaller in size, though smaller in resolution, choose Flash Decompiler Trillix. However, if you want huge shapes, though making a larger file size, choose Flash Exploit. Also, if you would rather have the shapes be an SVG, choose Flash Exploit.

Install the selected applications. The installations shouldn't take too long, but it may take a few minutes. Now, you're ready for action!

Finding the file

"The other day, I came across some awesome Ho-Oh and Lugia artwork plus the HeartGold & SoulSilver logo on Poké How can I download it?" --Aye May Ditup

Here's how, "Aye", if that is your real name. Open up the website in question, in this case, is what you'd want. Now, click the ABP sign that looks like this: adblockplus.png . A box should pop up, generally at the bottom of the screen. 11_02_09_AdblockPlus1_610x486.jpg

Now comes the search for the file. As this is a Flash file, the extension will be swf. Generally, the filename will reflect the data; in this case, . Save the selected file to wherever you'd like.

Extraction with Flash Decompiler Trillix

Open Flash Decompiler Trillix by going into (All) Programs -> Eltima Software -> Flash Decompiler Trillix -> Flash Decompiler Trillix. Click Open at the top left and find your file. In the My Tasks dialog, click the + icon on the left of your file.


Click "Images". Thumbnails of each image in the Flash file will pop up.


You said you liked the Ho-Oh and Lugia art, right? Well, are these your art?


Great! Now just check the boxes and click 23mlon5.png . If the box doesn't pop up automatically, navigate to My Documents -> FD Trillix -> Extracted on (date) -> hgss1_instores -> Images. Guess what's there? (bigger than you thought, huh?)


Click "Shapes". Thumbnails of each shape in the Flash file will pop up.


Find the logo. It should look like this:


However, you can't just check and extract these to PNG. No. You have to size it, print screen, crop, and save. How in the world do you do that?

First, double-click the shape (the logo, in this case) and click the maximize (Fit to Player window) icon at the bottom, to the left of the resize slider.


This will make the shape as large as possible. If you want the shape smaller, then use the resize slider instead to your liking. Then, press print screen, paste in your favorite image editor, and crop the shape out. Save, and you're done.

Extraction with Flash Exploit

NOTE: This extraction does not always work. Open Flash Exploit by going into (All) Programs -> Flash Exploit -> Flash Exploit. As there is no need for a login, click 2jfljdg.png . Go to File -> Open and select your file. Once loaded by da kitty (da kitty may take a while), click the icon next to shapes.

Now, remember back from FDT what the shape number was for the image?


In this case, 99. Scroll down to find Shape ID: 99. You may be wondering "What the Furret is this? The logo's messed up!" Mess around with the buttons below the preview. (This may not always work. In this example, the extraction didn't work. It works for the TCG logo, however, that is in the same file. Odd.) Now choose Export -> to SVG (Frame). Save it wherever to your liking.

Now you have the image... as an SVG. Now what? I WANT IT AS A PNG!!!

Conversion to raster (PNG, JPEG, TIFF)

There are many ways to convert a vector to a raster. My favorite way is via . Click Browse... and navigate to your SVG. Then, choose the filetype of choice. In this case, I'll choose PNG.

Now, choose the size. Only put an amount in one box unless you know the shape's aspect ratio. I'll choose 5000 pixels as the width. Give it a second and voila, your file is ready.

NOTE: Sometimes the file will turn out blank. Choose a smaller pixel amount.

In conclusion

Bitmap images: Flash Decompiler Trillix
Shapes: Try Flash Exploit; if fails, Flash Decompiler Trillix.