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No, it's not. Why just you choose the images? I had the idea of a screenshot to each episode. Why continue using NextOn images only? The best thing to do is choose one of episode images to show. NextOn images may be used while there are no episode screenshots. And I will continue reverting the images; my DP004 image has Subomi and my DP005 image has Naetle. Taylor

Why don't use my images?

It naturally means I'll can upload a new version of my own DP image (Forest of Hesitation! Shinji Again!)

Hello, Aywanajp. Can I upload a new version to your eighth episode image? (this one)

Really nice idea.

Okay, you can. Taylor

No, I didn't worry. I'll just upload a new version (this one)

Sorry but Gureggru image is mine. Now read this:

sorry how I acted, I was recently blocked indefently on Wikipedia due to the same problem ( uploading images, reverting merges of Pokemon episodes) , I don't want it to happen on this site also. Lets make a team you can upload the head image and I can upload a image what I want and it can be on the episode page somewhere.

Upload your images with other names and put them in the DP pages ^^ Taylor
I uploaded your Mimirol image