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User:Eastern Goldfinch

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This page is my sandbox. Please forgive me if this page is used incorrectly.

EP005 Digger.png
EP013 Bazooka.png
EP008 Team Rocket Red Ball.png
EP012 Bombs.png
EP019 TR Speedboat.png
EP019 Super Secret Stun Sauce.png
EP027 Team Rocket Hanggliders.png
EP032 Sticky Strings.png
EP035 Underwater Bomb.png
EP037 TR Cannon.png
Gray Missile.png
EP045 Recorder.png
EP047 Stretcher Catcher.png
EP054 TR Growlithe Van.png
EP054 TR Gas Equipment.png
EP054 TR Megaphone Voice Changers.png
EP059 TR Missile Launchers.png
EP062 Team Rocket UFO.png
EP063 Gym Platform.png
EP079 Voice changer.png
EP081 Propeller as Food Stall.png
EP095 Goggles.png
EP095 Seadra Boat.png
EP097 Glue Missile.png
EP101 Horseshoe Magnet.png
EP101 Grabber.png
EP101 Electromagnet Machine.png
EP104 Lock.png
EP104 shock protectors.png
EP104 Energy Weapon.png
EP115 Tent.png
EP116 TR Camera.png
EP121 Wooden Boat.png
EP124 R Clamps.png
EP133 Meowth Piggy Bank.png
AG150 Egg Mecha.png