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Please read the checklist when you upload media files, and be sure to tag and categorize all images. If you're confused about the requirements for uploading files, have a look at this guide. --—darklordtrom 10:46, 27 July 2009 (UTC)

Thank you! I was wondering how to make images part of different categories. -Kamikarasu

Well, I see you've been experimenting, but next time use the SHOW PREVIEW button instead of save page so that we don't have to see your messing around. I'd recommend doing this before every edit you make, so it can be perfect the first time. Using the correct licenses helps to put the right categories in, too. See how I fixed it? In addition, make sure you actually use the images you upload on Bulbapedia. This isn't an image hosting site. Unused images may be deleted. —darklordtrom 09:02, 28 July 2009 (UTC)

If you're talking about that image of Sheimi from Movie 11, I actually used that screenshot for the profile picture of Movie 11 Sheimi (the character) on the site. I'm not using this site as an image hosting site--I take hundreds of snipped screenshots from each movie, and I'm actually not using the best screenshots I took. I'm planning to make a site of my own, and I want people to know that I took the screenshots once I make my site. (as opposed to uploading all my images here first, in which case people will assume that I simply took them from Bulbapedia.) I'm not experimenting--every time I upload a screenshot, I look through all of the screenshots first and take a while deciding which one I think would be the most fitting for pages on Bulbapedia. For instance, all of the screenshots of Movie 11 Giratina I uploaded (save for the first one) have been hand-picked carefully for quality and made transparent, and have either been used ON THE ARTICLE about the movie Giratina, or I've attempted to use them for the article but it didn't seem to work. I'm only uploading a few pictures on BP--small, crisp, noise-free PNG's to replace some screenshots. Please don't assume that I am incompetent and apathetic to the site just because I am a newcomer and don't get everything right the first time. Kamikarasu

Trom did not mean anything negative from his comment. We are extremely grateful that you decided to upload clear screenshots of bad images. This really helps. He's just trying to inform you of the rules we have to make the Archives a clean place, and suggest ways for you to be more efficient with your editing. Also, he added that sentence about unused images because you caught us at a difficult time. Over the years Bulbagarden has had a wiki, no one has ever cleaned out the archives. No that we realized how much junk was clogging this up, we are having a tedious, time consuming time cleaning out images. He just wanted to make sure that each image has a purpose, because many people upload images because "Dawn looks so cute" or "I want 20 images for my personal use". He just wants to make sure you know what is going on, and that the Archives doesn't get any more cluttered than it is. Like I said, we love that you are uploading better images than the ones we have. It's very helpful and we hope you keep it up. Thanks! Maverick Nate 01:38, 31 July 2009 (UTC)

Oh, okay, thanks. I understand--I go to these archives alot to save pictures to my computer; there's a lot of treasure, but it's buried under a heap of garbage. Sorry if I sounded like a putz, Trom. Are moderators the only ones allowed to clean up the archives, by the way? I'd be willing to help out.

Speaking of the quality of images, I've been noticing a lot of HIGH-res Platinum Sugimori artwork. For instance, this website has had horrible-quality jpeg's-turned-png's of the DPt starters in their Platinum artwork for about a year, and then, about a month ago, all of a sudden, there's VERY high-res artwork of them on the archives. I look all over for Sugimori artwork--on official sites, unoffical ones, and I've never seen this high-res platinum artwork anywhere else. Where does it come from? The quality is so perfect and so many of the high-res Platinum images don't have any noise on them. Does somebody on this site request them from Sugimori personally? --[[User talk: Kamikarasu|Kamikarasu]] 02:05, 31 July 2009 (UTC)

We need all the help we can get. If you really want to help, I'll find things for you to do. I am unsure on how other users get such good artwork. From what I can tell... people extract the images from swf files. I'm not to sure what that means, but you might. Maverick Nate 02:41, 31 July 2009 (UTC)

I believe I know what it means, but I have no clue how to do it. But thanks for telling me, because, come to think of it, I think I can think of some old japanese websites that would have good extractions.

By the way: your card scans are probably the best I've seen. They're really clear and crisp. However, just to make sure that all of your scans come out as clear as, say, your Vending Machine card scans, might I suggest that you save them in PNG formats? Because sometimes saving images as JPEGS lowers the quality drastically.

Thanks for letting me help, by the way! I'm to look through the archives and root out bad images, becuase it's almost certain that I'll find really good images in the process. --[[User talk: Kamikarasu|Kamikarasu]] 04:33, 31 July 2009 (UTC)

They weren't mine. They were donated by someone else and I uploaded them for her.
When you replace an image, make sure to put {{delete}} somewhere on the old image page. It helps us when we have to find the bad ones to delete. Maverick Nate 05:36, 31 July 2009 (UTC)